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Marriage and abstinence

Marriage and abstinence

First, the source of marriage and abstinence:

Thumb: According to ancient Roman literature, wearing the ring here can help you achieve your wish and move toward success.

Index finger: the finger indicating the direction, wear the ring here means that personality will become cheerful and independent, most suitable for people in the free industry to wear.

The middle finger: Next to the ring finger is the finger that is most suitable for wearing a wedding ring. The ring is the most able to create a free and refreshing atmosphere on it. It can make you inspired and become more attractive and heterosexual.

The ring finger: Since ancient Roman times, it has been customary to wear a wedding ring on it. According to legend, this finger is connected to the heart and is best suited to make sacred vows. There are important acupuncture points on the ring finger, and the ring can be moderately pressed on the muscle, which has the effect of calming emotions.

Little finger: The little finger conveys a sexy message, and the ring will have unexpected things happen on it. It is especially recommended for intuitive and fashion related workers.

Second, the significance of marriage to abstinence:

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Now, the popular saying in China is that the left hand represents "marriage" and the right hand represents "love". Therefore, the newcomers currently married are wearing rings on the left ring finger.

Index finger: Left hand-unmarried(has a lover, intends to get married) Right hand-in love(not considering marriage)

Middle finger: left hand-engagement(famous flower has owner, has been engaged) right hand-love(heart has belongs)

Ring finger: Left hand-newlywed(end of love) Right hand-single(not yet in love)

Little finger: Left hand-not married(can love) right hand-singles(not love)

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