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Bride triangle face makeup skills

Bride triangle face makeup skills

Due to the lack of softness in the face of an equilateral triangle, the makeup technique for a bride is not only for the facial makeup, but also for the hairstyle and costume. It is the most stable face shape visually.

Regular triangle face: the typical feature of regular triangle face is that the forehead is narrow laterally, the mandible is wide, and the line from the lower jaw to the lower jaw is relatively straight. The overall face shape looks like a regular triangle with a narrow top and a wide bottom. The girl of this kind of face shape, can give a person simple and honest, guileless feeling, but lacked the beauty of a few women and intelligence.

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1, foundation: after the use of basic foundation, to use shadow color and bright color modification. Had better choose the dark shadow of cream shape or liquid and carry bright color, can appear more natural, true. Dark shadow color can choose deeper than foundation pink ground one or two powdery bottom, daub is shown slightly wide mandible place, color wants to transfer slowly open. It passes up to the cheekbone, forward to the cheek, and down to the chin. In order to increase the facial stereoscopic sense, the nasal profile position should also use shadow color for convergence, from the bottom line of the eyebrow down to the nasal wing.

2, eyebrows: give a person a feeling of wealth, matters a little soft eyebrow, eyebrows can grow some.

3, eyes: can use dark eye shadow, eyeliner length can be elongated. In this way, the focus of the whole face focuses on the eyes, achieving a certain effect of modification.

4, cheek is red: the color of cheek is red can choose bright light department, strengthen the breath of youth further. Pay attention when you brush your cheeks. Use a diagonal brush to make the cheeks taller and longer.

5, lip: use powdery bottom to cover labial peak place first, what draw this part is more downy when drawing labial line next can.

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