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 What a congratulatory message is written by a friend:

 1. The red plum turns on the snow, and Lang rides the bamboo. Happy wine banquet guests, Rui snow greets the new. The suona blows the joy and the firecrackers are auspicious. Knock on the head, heaven and earth and high hall. The winter cold cave is warm, the love is bitter after the sweet. Wish you a happy new marriage!   2, you are born of a pair, create a pair of land, and now join together, in the future need more tolerance, care for each other, bless you!   3, in this happy season, may God guide your marriage, such as the river flow into the sea, become one, no longer is two, and rushing, endless!   4, the petals fly, the butterfly chasing, the jubilant celebrations in the waving; blue sky blue, white white clouds, thousand purple million red dream with each other; Yan whispering, sea European singing, a new pair of new people forever health; spring light, gentle breeze beauty, thousand li fragrance around around.   5, I wish you two love, love, love, love and love.   Read more at:peach bridesmaid dresses | cadbury purple bridesmaid dresses

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