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Bridesmaid dress what color is generally good

1, gray system   Gray colors rarely appear in Chinese weddings, but if new people dare to boldly try new things and their parents are less involved in weddings, try using gray as the bridesmaid's dress colors. The gray dress is very suitable for outdoor lawn weddings. It only needs a little treatment on the fabrics and details of the dresses. It will sweep away the grey dullness and oldness, but it will also highlight the temperament.   2, the green system   Green symbolizes freshness and vitality. It can bring hope, good luck and vitality to people. It is a very fresh and natural color. White-skinned bridesmaids wear white gowns even more, but if the bridesmaid's skin is yellowish or dark, it is best to avoid choosing this color. In addition, wedding customs are different everywhere, it is best to understand in advance the evasion of marriage customs to avoid misunderstandings.   3, purple   Purple is a noble color, but also a very bright color, purple bridesmaid dress is very suitable for the wedding held in autumn and winter. When choosing the purple line as the bridesmaid dress, it is advisable to use everything from simple styles and details, otherwise it will give people a heavy feeling. Yellow-skinned bridesmaids are not suitable for purple dresses. 4, pink, rose red   Read more at:short bridesmaid dresses uk | bridesmaid dresses uk

23/06/2018 10:06