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 Travel to take wedding photos how to choose appropriate clothing and clothing travel more perfect

Wedding photos are an essential part of wedding photography. Nowadays, many couples prefer to take wedding photos while traveling. Do you know how to choose clothes for wedding photos? How can you choose the right wedding dress? Check it out with the editor.   How to choose the dress for wedding photos in tourism -- bridal gown   1. Bride's wedding dress selection   The bridal design of general studio and bridal studio is enough bridal chooses, so this problem is not big. Mainly some special size bride, because of the particularity of size, choose marriage gauze is difficult, if you order a is, however, best can in case one thousand, anyway, also want to wear on wedding day, a fitted dress will be more confident, let the bride when taking pictures taken one day have a good mood.   In choosing a wedding dress, because it is good location, can choose a big tail wedding dress, also can choose short strapless gown with may, according to the characteristics of the setting to adjust the choice of the wedding dress.   2, shoes   If the height difference between the bride and the groom is large, it is more appropriate for the bride to prepare a pair of high heels or flat shoes. Tourism for their wedding photos are on location, so the bride must prepare a pair of good walking shoes, in the tourist destination is not flat cement road, tennis shoes, slippers, flat shoes, such as is right choice, marriage gauze covering the invisible, don't have to worry about taking pictures don't look good. The bride can also bring a pair of beautiful sandals or shoes, which can be changed to take pictures during some activities that require foot exposure or when wearing a short dress.   Make sure you don't wear too many clothes   Travel photography new life with more or less are taken to a group of two, newcomers can prepare some more features of lovers, or according to garment design and color is tie-in, anyway, new look match is the key.   Tie-in experience: the dress of wedding gauze of travel photograph chooses a few bright-coloured, design has echo of dress can compare go up lens. Chosen men's clothing, and then according to men's clothing styles and colors to match would be better, because the boy's clothes: why didn't the girl, so beautiful brides, don't choose yourself beautiful clothing and ignore the first man and your collocation, after all, this is a wedding photos oh.   4. Accessories selection   Girls deserve to act the role of is protean, general studio and studio will prepare a lot of deserve to act the role of commonly used in the store for new people to choose, if the bride hope can be a bit different, can also bring their beloved jewelry box, who might be more stick and the temperament of the bride. But it is important for the bride to take care of her precious accessories.   5. Clothing color   The dress of shallow color wedding dress suits to shoot exterior scene more, the bride must avoid to choose heavy, and show the dress of body fat. The bride herself should prepare removable shoulder strap underwear or invisible underwear. The color should be coordinated with the prepared coat, and the wedding dress should be light color (flesh color).   Read more at:navy bridesmaid dresses | silver bridesmaid dresses

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