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Attention to underwater wedding photography

Attention to underwater wedding photography

Points to Note Before Shooting

1. You must eat before shooting. Underwater shooting is very exhausting. Newcomers must supplement their energy during shooting to ensure that the shooting is normal. The same can not be eaten too full. This will cause physical discomfort after launching., produce vomiting, Chest tightness can be a symptom.

2. The wedding dress will become heavy after it is under water. When choosing a wedding dress, you must select a wedding dress that is not transparent after soaking in water and cutting important parts. Remember to select a wedding dress with a loose skirt. In the water, excess weight will increase the body burden. The layers of the skirt will float in the water and lose the original beauty.

3. Makeup choice to choose waterproof, so as not to take off makeup during the shooting process, not only delay the shooting process but also consume physical strength.

4. Communicate with the photographer about the desired effect. What is difficult to avoid in the water is to produce a large number of bubbles. If you want to create a dreamy effect, there is no problem with bubbles. However, if you like high-definition products, you must avoid bubbles. Therefore, you must communicate with the photographer in advance., Let the photographer understand the desired effect.

5. In the absence of Daiwajing, people in the water can say that their eyes are tighter than anything, so they want to take photos of natural open eyes in the water. It is necessary to pay attention to their own physical limitations and the persistence of their eyes in the water(it can also be said to be willpower). Before performing the shooting, the newcomer can be advised to practice at the washing table at home for a while.

6. Prepare eyedrops to prevent dry eyes and avoid wearing contact lenses.

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Points to Note in Shooting

1. Both new people must be able to swim, and they must practice natural posture in the water. The limbs can be stretched as much as possible.

2. How to show your love in front of the camera. This can be seen in the elegant mermaid swimming posture or a dedicated kiss. Of course, the shooting process should show a happy expression of enjoying everything.

3. In the shooting, you can consider taking some alternative and novel props to increase the interest of the shooting process and the richness of the work!

4. When the newcomer is shooting in the water, he must relax his body. The limbs must be stretched out as much as possible. His eyes must be opened. Special attention must be paid to watching the lens. Otherwise, he can not shoot the face for half a day. It's a waste of energy.

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