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Autumn bridesmaid dress

Autumn bridesmaid dress

How do you wear the bridesmaids 'dresses for the fall?

Early autumn, the weather is no longer sultry, many girls also began to consider their wedding date, especially closer to October Golden Week. The autumn bride, you and your girlfriends must be happily talking about what kind of dress they wear, to be your maid of honor. Style variety, girls are definitely the most difficult question for bridesmaids to choose a dress, everyone has their own ideas. This article is for you to find the most suitable maid of honor dress in the simplest way.

One: Bohemian style

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The Bohemian style on the wedding dress is always full of personality, whether it is fine lace, or lovely flower patterns, all have beautiful beauty. The Bohemian style is diverse in color and casual in style matching, making it more suitable for the different girls of the bridesmaids.

Two: Same style, different styles.

In order to ensure the tidiness and visual beauty of the bridesmaids, you can choose the same style of dress. If you want to avoid monotony, you can change the style, such as different necklines, color changes, etc..

Three: Printed dresses

The girl and the flower are always the most attractive, and the maid of honor dress choice with different patterns of dress, will make the maid of honor look cute and elegant, in the overall modeling effect will be varied and colorful.

Four: Golden sequins

Gold is definitely the color of the fall, wedding arrangements or wedding gowns are perfect for adding gold elements, and on the bridesmaids 'gowns, those who like to shine, luxury and dignity are satisfied. Of course, the golden dress is also suitable for a more retro wedding.

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