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Choice of a bridesmaid's dress

The bridesmaid's dress is also a beautiful scenery! But remember not too much around the eyes, stole the bride's limelight Oh! Here's how to choose a bridesmaid's dress!

Wine red is a very feminine color, not only makes the bridesmaid temperament outstanding, but also with the atmosphere of the solemn wedding atmosphere. Bridesmaids in burnished gowns will bring more romance to your wedding; Light blue is a calm and elegant color. Combined with white wedding dresses, the bride will look more elegant and quiet. The blue bridesmaids 'dresses are perfect for weddings in spring and summer.

Green is undoubtedly the best endorsement of spring, and its fresh and elegant tone is also very suitable for the selection of dresses. The lightweight light green is more widely used in the rest of the land, and is also very suitable for large-scale applications; Purple bridesmaid dress elegant with gentle, yet romantic, can be a very good wedding scene, create more romantic atmosphere.

The different bridesmaid dresses with different shades of gray make the bridesmaid dresses and the bride's wedding dresses match each other, and they have a sense of hierarchy. Pink is bright and eye-catching, and the effects of different shades of brightness will also vary greatly. At weddings, it should be noted that the area of pink should be inversely proportional to its brightness and brightness

First, about the length. If the wedding is indoors, for more grand occasions(such as churches), when the bride chooses a tuxedo wedding dress, the bridesmaid must also wear a more formal dress.

The specific requirements are: The skirt is long to the top of the shoe, but the skirt can not be too large than the bride, otherwise the host will also affect the walk.

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If it's an outdoor wedding(such as a lawn), the maid of honor can choose a short dress to create a romantic atmosphere. It's best to cover the knee slightly. Because there are many things to help the bridesmaid on the wedding day, so, the dress must be convenient to walk. It is best not to choose a one-step skirt or a skirt that is dragged to the heel, because it is inconvenient for such a skirt to walk. A little over the knee is the length of the action that will not be affected.

The bridesmaid's dress style is between the evening dress and the casual dress. Don't choose the long money to mop the floor. This is too grand and can focus on the tuxedo. In order to avoid clothing too Orthodox or too casual, you can add fashion elements to the details. If you wear a suit jacket with fashionable lace lace, the coat is equipped with an alternative small Suspender, bright, with beads, colorful Splice, sexy chest can be.

Then it's about the seasons and the weather. Traditional bridesmaid dresses are usually short dresses. But if the bridesmaids wear those short summer dresses in winter, they 'll freeze. Because the bride can stay in the air-conditioning room all the time, but the maid of honor needs to walk around and go outside to help the bride prepare something. Therefore, it is recommended that if the winter wedding, you can consider preparing that kind of sweater for the bridesmaids. Or a shawl!

Well, have you learned?

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