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Wedding photo selection process

Wedding photo selection process

TAB has been a lot of new headaches, took many photos, but the real into the books and take home the actual amount is limited, looking at pictures about the same, large amount of also don't know how to choose, choose too much to worry about whether budget exceeds bid again, small make up knew all of these problems are very trouble, combined with a number of Suggestions and remind, brides are to organize a selected piece of process is introduced, and convenient and can be used as a reference in the future ~ we couple

I. preparation before film selection

1, budget,

You must first think of the final total budget is how much, try to control their budget bottom line, so as to avoid the total expenditure of the late wedding budget overspending

2, the candidates

Generally speaking, 2-4 people are recommended in the process of film selection. Generally, couples are sure to go together, and then you can take your best friend or brother with you

3, time,

Prepare enough time in advance to choose a picture, don't hurry to choose, so may not choose a good picture, generally choose a picture to 3-4 hours, slowly careful screen out the most suitable for your wedding use and memories of the photos

4, items,

Prepare a small notebook, and then take a few pens, in the choice of their own division, which photos are used to do layout and posters, and distinguish the number of photos of different types of style, try to ensure that each style is good photo selection, convenient record and accounting

Second, the process of film selection

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1. Quickly view all photos

2. Choose the photos you like

3. Determine the final photo

4, personal control

Iii. Communication after film selection

TAB, determine all the pictures you want, if you have beyond part, you're ready to talk to sales price, don't they say how much the price you pay, must strive for the discount, wedding, after all, there are many places are need to spend money, as far as possible the beyond part of the price down, really can't see studio can give something else, and then determine which photos need them how to make good can

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