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The meaning of Chinese wedding

Chinese wedding is the essence of our traditional culture, Chinese people have a lot of traditional ideas, so a lot of people like Chinese wedding. Actually, every prop in Chinese style wedding, every flow, the culture breath that refracts a kind of long absence.

It is said that the earliest marriage relationship and wedding ceremony in China started from fu xi's marriage and nu wa's matchmaking. In the "tongjian wai ji" records, "the ancient men and women do not have, too hao began to marry, to li PI for the ceremony. After that, the "couple skin" mentioned in the article gradually became one of the classic betrothal gifts. Coincidentally, the couple described as "couple" is also this word, but whether related, but did not check the relevant information. History last week is the era of Chinese etiquette epitomized, many rules, principles have been handed down since then, the complete wedding ceremony is about then began to take shape.

At that time, the wedding ceremony was called "hun li", and the word "hun" was used because people married at dusk. At dusk, the sun will set and the moon will rise. It is one of the five rites and is a milestone in one's life. The previous milestone ceremony should be considered as men's hair-pinning ceremony or women's hair-pinning ceremony.

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Faint ritual more attention to the meaning of "marriage" this matter, feel represents a couple of righteousness, loving life, so the process is simple, quiet, and most of all is a couple of things: "eat to total prison, GeJin and 酳", and then hand in hand into the bridal chamber. At that time, this set of etiquette was relatively serious, and there was not much noise. The bride's house stayed lit for three days to express her missing for her daughter, and her husband's house stayed quiet for three days to comfort the bride who had just left home. It is said that the "hun fu" used in the hunli is the "black color", which represents the color of heaven in the thought of the five elements and is quite sacred. Then on the second or third day after the wedding, she would go to visit her uncle and aunt and report to the family temple.

Chinese wedding is the essence of Chinese traditional culture, red sedan chair, phoenix coronet and rank of rank, worship the heaven and earth, lift the lid... Every prop and every process reflects a long-lost cultural atmosphere.

Chinese wedding is one of the quintessence of traditional Chinese culture, blooming in the long history of a dazzling style, it is a kind of inheritance, but also a kind of development. Marriage can wait, the wedding can not play. In China, which pays more attention to the development of culture, and in the new generation that pursues individuality and creativity, "pursuing the cultural root and paying attention to traditional folk customs" has become the new "fashion" of modern people.

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