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Wedding photo style

Wedding photo style

1. Traditional Chinese opera theme

China's national opera, whether singing or appearance is very attractive eyes. In terms of the types of drama, Peking Opera, yue opera, pingju opera and yu opera are the best and most photographized. At the same time, you can combine fashion and Chinese classics together, then your wedding photos are the most beautiful.

2. Romantic weather theme

Rain or snow is about the theme of love, which is a typical theme of Korean wedding photos, whispering your love in the drizzle, for you to hold up the umbrella of care, are good wedding photos theme. Snow is a classic Korean romance, especially the first snow in the recent hit drama my love from the star. You can also order beer and Fried chicken for wedding photos.

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3. Fantasy style theme

Realistic but have dream feeling again, artistic conception is outstanding, use pp paper to make. Lake scene, there are early morning fog. Put the main prop in the right place, put some leaves on the ground, and 'plant' some plants that match the background. When taking dreamy style wedding photos, smoke is placed behind the characters to connect with the lake in the background. Use outline light to illuminate the character while showing the effect of smoke. Fleeciness long hair, the modelling of large scale lets a girl look the only aesthetic feeling that kind breaks away from reality. Simulation of the morning sky fog, rendering out of reality of the dream. When attune, draw tone one part green, give priority to with violet attune, always and mass-tone attune inharmonious color should desalt.

4. Theme of returning from a long voyage

Wedding photography to shoot the seascape wedding can try such a plot, play a return from a long journey of the navy or sailors, and persistent waiting for the love of the encounter, such a meaning is how beautiful, of course, we from the name of the wedding theme deliberately understand, the need to create their own unique scene.

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