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European and American bride hair tutorial

European and American bride hair tutorial

The bride's hair style is very important, both in the wedding photos and on the wedding day. European and American bride hair tutorial, only you can become the focus of attention in the wedding.

Step 1: clean, dry your hair, and rub it on your favorite use protect hair product, then in 1 square inches, the hair into smaller area, within a small area first comb hair, made a radian medium hair curling iron, after being satisfied that a wisp of hair, then to deal with a small area.

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The 2nd pace: after finishing all hair to coil, replace a comb with finger, comb each curl from hair root to hair tip fleabiness, let them look like the curl that grows naturally kind of nature, at the same time you also can discover oneself dish sends modelling to become fuller at the same time. The hair on the forehead should be combed back.

The 3rd pace: gather up all hair after the head, in the position that is about 1 inch from the top of the head, tie up a slack horsetail, the color of hair rope had better keep consistent with the color of your hair, horsetail is not tied too tight, can destroy otherwise the fleeciness feeling of hairstyle whole.

Step 4: coil the bottom half of the ponytail around the base of the ponytail, tuck the ends into the rope, and secure it with a metal clip that matches the color of the hair.

The 5th pace: to make the positive result of bride hairstyle looks more natural, after dish good hair bun, comb with sharp end the hair that carries place of one part of top of head, put apart serves as bang, the part that remain can do again very hot roll processing, comb fleabiness hind fasten terminal and hair bun again together.

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