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Suits of different sizes

Suits of different sizes

The most typical features of an inverted v-shaped man are narrow shoulders, a slightly larger belly, and a dumpy appearance. Don't worry, a two-button suit with a low or deep opening will make your body look slimmer.

Men with this type of body usually have shorter legs, so pay attention to elongating proportions to make yourself look sharper. Pinstripe and white stripe can make figure forceful visual illusion, as far as possible with a crisp shoulder design and clothes to bring balance thick waist line.

Thin rod shape

Slender shape man makes people feel thin, no strength, suggest using two buckle/double-breasted suit your body crisp up (button sealing position higher will be better); Choose bright color or plaid patterns can let your charm point move up to chest and neck.

Opt for a slim, formal suit with padded shoulders, but don't assume that exaggerated padded shoulders will make you look strong. Instead, they will make you look thinner.

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The most obvious feature of a v-shaped body is a broad upper body, but the thick chest and shoulders that you spend a lot of time working out at the gym are likely to be significantly wider than your hips, so be careful when wearing them.

Opt for a two-button suit with deep openings, which won't tighten your strong biceps, and keep the cuffs and holes loose. If the lower body is not as strong as the upper body, change to a trouser suit that fits your legs.

In fact, men's body shape is much easier to dress than women's, because men's body shape generally tends to be more streamlined. Get your shape right and you'll know what style to wear:

Choose the right suit to accentuate your body.

And effectively modify size.

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