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How to choose wedding dress and dress?

How to choose wedding dress and dress?

International classification: A, H, ball, fish tail

First, the current trend of fashion, the international most popular style is A, H and fishtail, these three for the designer to express themselves

And the silly ball has been almost completely abandoned, purr, a moment of silence, after all, ball is the ancestor of the wedding dress profile, she

Her another name is called princess model, just as the name implies is princess formal attire, has seen the classical movie will never be strange.

Two, the specific analysis see below

First of all, let's talk about the difference between A shape and A ball shape. These two are easily confused. Many brides can't tell them apart. The outline of the skirt of type A wedding dress is drooping in A straight line, but after adding the outer skirt support, it becomes A ball. The outline is like A balloon, and the curve is smooth.

So having a skirt or not is the key to the distinction between the two.

At present, the wedding dress is not added to the skirt, you can see the big skirt is very peng peng, is a layer of fabric up, this kind of wedding dress model weight said 20 jin is not too much, especially Elie Saab home these several.

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Frankly, the A shape and the ball shape are the most unflattering styles. No matter what kind of body shape you are, you can be tall, short, fat and thin. Waist? Leg thick? Lower body proportions not coordinated enough? All right!

And A model also cent is big A, in A, small A, the fabrics with different collocation again, get model, sleeve is long, waist line height, procrastinate end, the leeway that can offer A choice is really very big. It's also my strong recommendation that most brides start with this type, and it's absolutely right.

2. Moving on to the h-shape, which is a little bit more demanding. First of all, you have to be tall enough, at least 170cm, to be well-proportioned, not too broad in the shoulders or too wide in the crotch.

This style of wedding dress, Chinese brides will rarely choose, because the grand up.

The international version of the wedding dress is more like a dress upgrade version, who would want to wear a dress to get married? The americans and the French, on the other hand, chose more. The pursuit of casual beauty.

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