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12 zodiac most suitable wedding dress style

Different constellation should have different character, different constellation bride also should have different temperament. Twelve constellations most suitable wedding dress style can clearly for you to analyze you exactly suitable for that wedding dress, these beautiful wedding dress pictures can improve your aesthetic appeal, will make you beautiful bride.

Aries bride

In order to match Aries this kind of naive, dreamy personality, overly complicated style and decoration is not suitable for Aries bride, it will cover up their lovely and do not do temperament. On the other hand, a bright wedding dress with a fresh, simple cut (or even a high-waisted dress with a hint of a child's outfit) will make the Aries bride shine without making her feel uncomfortable.

Taurus bride

For the Taurus bride, there is almost no need for a wedding dress designer or a beauty guide to give her too much advice. She already has a pretty good idea of what her wedding dress will look like, and it's common for Taurus brides to be involved in the design of their own gowns, because the average rental dress doesn't quite fit the bill. Of course, this must be within the scope of economic ability to permit, otherwise, the practical Taurus bride is not willing to sacrifice the quality of the honeymoon, but only for a beautiful Japanese wedding dress.

Gemini bride

Be fond of creating style of Gemini, in the choice of marriage gauze, is also a "claim", all of the Gemini the bride's wedding dress shop may go around half of the city, at the end to find a "feeling of the" white gauze, this white gauze is not necessarily the most expensive material, but it must be the brightest and most can produce sound in the crowd, but the bride-to-be Gemini will still have a bit not satisfied, potential hope this white gauze "more conservative" or "classical" again, this is a typical Gemini's dual personality.

Cancer bride

Cancer brides in the choice of wedding, will find that all the classical style vintage wedding dress and their gorgeous match is so. Nostalgia is a very important part of the cancer personality, they identify with the ancient value, the ancient beauty. So classic and the ivory marriage gauze that has nostalgic simple sense is their love most, classic long gauze and the bud silk of inwrought also can make cancer adds wonderful doubly. On the choice of formal attire, light aureate and style restoring ancient ways can behave cancer bride most distinctive temperament, let a person forget aureate and Philistine associated relation completely. Pearl jewelry is the most suitable for her jewelry, because she is more than any star woman can show the beauty of pearl connotation, pearl also brings her good mood, let her think of and bridegroom love that night moonlight.

Leo brides

She's a big fan of designer labels, so when a Leo bride tells you she's paying astronomical prices for a designer's "simple" dress, don't assume she's vain or pretentious. She may have spent a lot of money on every detail of the wedding, but the fact that she CARES about taste, not price, is a sign of the typical Leo personality, which, of course, is one of the reasons why she always shines.

Warm temperament, is the Leo bride must pay attention to when choosing wedding dress, don't let your noble temperament cover up your warm affinity. If you're not personally averse to red, a bright red dress and bouquet will serve as a great foil to your warm personality.

Virgo bride

Comely beautiful person, always people is right the first impression of virgo, perhaps because of their chaste, dignified appearance, wear white gauze to always be particularly appropriate and moving generally speaking. But if you think a virgo bride can pick her favorite dress easily, think again. Because their aesthetic is so rigorous, anything they consider "too quirky," "too trendy," or even "too complicated" will go out the door.

But believe their sunshine, the gorgeous wedding dress that chooses in the end is twinkling certainly wisdom aesthetic feeling, of course, this also is concerned with the temperament of virgo bride itself. Virgo is especially suitable for straight hair of elegant and free from vulgarity, but many brides in the hairdresser's instigation, will be ironed or comb hair too complex, make the beauty of the deduction points, this is quite a pity.

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Might as well straight hair is put down, match the cap form gauze of a agile, what you can give out is like the perfume lily in your hand general comely and decorous. In the premise of "wisdom beauty" below, do not forget "economy" your headgear is tie-in, the formal attire that shows a shoulder deserves a necklace, or the dangle with a pair of perfect pattern is enough, virgo pair of bright eyes already more moving than any jewelry.

Libra bride

When choosing to marry sang, libra faces this "lifetime has only" decision, also think repeatedly certainly decide hard. Therefore, if she had once settled on her ideal white veil, no one else would have to worry about her, for it would have been the most suitable, if not the most beautiful, for her peculiar sweetness.

Shy violet, will bring good luck to libra bride, diamond jewelry will foil the light of her purity, the libra bride there was the most practical advice, that is the day before the wedding and wedding before listen to some soft music or watch a good book to ease the mood, they will make you a more natural, in the wedding.

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