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London honeymoon travel guide

About London:

London is the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the largest city in Europe. It is tied with New York as the world's largest financial center.

London is on the plain of southeast England, across the Thames. After the 16th century, with the rapid rise of the British empire, the size of London also expanded rapidly.

London is the political, economic, cultural, and financial center of the United Kingdom and a world famous tourist destination with a large number of scenic spots and museums. London is a diverse metropolis with a cosmopolitan population, a melting pot of RACES, religions and cultures. Over 300 languages are spoken.

Best season to visit London:

July to August is the peak tourist season in London. Daylight hours are particularly long during England's golden summer (especially long, with more than 9 p.m., daylight), and the tour lasts several hours longer than in winter. Summer activities are also colorful. Of course, in such a peak season, some hot spots inevitably have to wait in line. Airline fares also vary slightly according to the low and high season of travel. Overall, flights are most expensive between July and August, followed by August and September, and again between April and may. Some tourist attractions are closed or shortened during the winter months.

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London dress guide:

The four seasons of London are comfortable, cool summer, the highest temperature is about 27 degrees, suitable for wearing long or short sleeve T-shirt, trousers or long skirt. Winter minimum temperature of 5 ℃ or so, coat and cotton-padded jacket is necessary, and warm products such as gloves, scarves. Because of the rainy weather in Britain, the stormwear with a hat is more practical, and it is recommended to carry an umbrella outside.

London consumption level:

As the capital of the United Kingdom and a popular city for travel, London has a high level of consumption, especially the cost of accommodation, which accounts for a large proportion of travel expenses. The main course is between 12 and 25, depending on the class. Most of London's museums and galleries are free to the public.

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