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Picture of Korean bride's morning makeup and hair style

Picture of Korean bride's morning makeup and hair style

1, in the bride of a temperament long hair style, relaxed dew forehead hair style plus the top of the head fluffy processing to create a very elegant

And temperamental feeling comes, the ornament that the Burgundy hair color that grabs an eye adds temperamental forehead to act the role of has character character very much.

2, relaxed the design that shows forehead hairstyle draws the outline of a chic fashionable feeling, fleeciness dish sends hairstyle design to reveal a fall big

Square state comes, the hair color temperament that grabs an eye likewise shows skin white.

3, the braiding hair style that melting flat bang hairstyle adds temperament makes a chic small and pure and fresh temperament. And a ponytail

Natural have temperament, whole modelling wen wan is fine and.

4, if you like the simple bride style, might as well try this style, simple long hair style, match

On the ornament that the hair ACTS the role of draws the outline of a chic fashionable feeling to come, and relaxed dew forehead hairstyle is very grab an eye.

5, the bang with delicate hair is blended in modelling among reveal a chic grace to come, relaxed dew forehead hairstyle adds temperament

Dish sends modelling to draw the outline of matchless fashionable feeling to come, relaxed dew forehead hairstyle adds the design of modelling quite grab an eye.

6, the design that relaxed dew forehead hairstyle adds low hairstyle to make give full temperament to feel. The ornament that gauze draws the outline of

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Chic vogue and one side of individual character, hair color nature has temperament.

7, simple Korean bride hair style, brown hair color background, simple and generous dish hair ornament hair ornaments, with

Lace dress dress, very elegant classical flavor.

8. The most classic design of a Korean style bride's hair set, the high bangless hair bun with exposed forehead is fresh and clean, and the hair with brown highlights

Silk most show skin white, with a strapless wedding elegant and charming.

9. For the bride with a fleshy face, this style shows the queen's style, and the middle part of the temperament Outlines a chic fashion sense

Come, bouffant low bun dish hair adds the hair ornament of crown to appear clinking have temperament.

10, delicate low bun dish hair adds pliable hair silk design to reveal the one side that gives individual character and vogue to come, luxuriant hair is acted the role of dozen

Build the one side that gives individual character and vogue, look from flank highlight the wen wan that gives a bride and temperamental feeling.

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How to wear wedding rings

I. origin of wedding ring wearing:

Thumb: according to ancient Roman documents, wearing a ring here can help you to achieve the wish, the road to success.

Index finger: indicates the direction of the finger, the ring will be worn in this refers to the personality will become cheerful and independent, the most suitable for people in the free industry to wear.

Middle finger: inferior ring finger suits to wear the finger of marriage ring most, the ring is worn on its can build the atmosphere of freedom bright and hearty most, can let you inspiration emerge, become more attractive, have opposite sex predestined relationship.

Ring finger: worn since ancient Rome as a wedding ring, the finger is said to be connected to the heart and best suited for making sacred vows. And there are important acupoints on the ring finger, the ring can be worn on its moderate pressure muscle, have the effect of stable mood.

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Little finger: the little finger conveys a seductive and sexy message. The ring will bring unexpected things to the wearer, especially to those who are intuitive and engaged in fashion.

Ii. Significance of wearing wedding rings:

But now, the domestic popular saying is, the left hand stands for "marriage", the right hand stands for "love", so currently married couples are in the left ring finger wearing ring.

Index finger: left hand -- unmarried (already in love, planning to get married) right hand -- passionately in love (not considering marriage or not)

Middle finger: left hand -- engaged (engaged) right hand -- in love (in love)

Ring finger: left hand - newly married (in a relationship) right hand - single (not in a relationship)

Pinkie: left hand -- unmarried (but in love) right hand -- bachelor (not in love)

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Notes for bride's makeup try

The time that tries makeup had better be arranged in the best time that tries makeup in a month before the wedding, should arrange in oneself a month before the wedding. Because in this one month, the fat of the face won't produce big change again, be helpful for makeup artist the modelling of facial ministry. This problem is especially acute in spring, autumn and summer. During these seasons, due to the different working and lighting environments, some new employees have to travel, go on business trips and so on. Over a long period of time, your skin may turn dark and red. And a month before the wedding, these activities will settle down, the person's skin color, also adapt to the climate at that time, the color will not change. In addition, as it is approaching the wedding date, what kind of clothes to wear on the wedding, to this time will also be carefully prepared. Therefore, it should be the best time for the bride to try on makeup within one month before her wedding.

Note 2:

It is best to wear a wedding dress or wedding dress to try on makeup color matching is very profound makeup art. Therefore, the bride in the wedding to wear what color, style of clothing, when trying on makeup is also best to wear. The average bride prepares at least two pieces of clothing on her wedding day: a white wedding dress, a formal dress or a Chinese costume. Experienced makeup girl, can according to your face, the color of the skin, the length of the hair and color, the height of the figure and the color of the dress, design for you more harmonious, satisfactory makeup look. If the bride within a month before the wedding, has not got the wedding dress or has not rented the corresponding clothing, that at least when trying on makeup, must wear a similar color with the wedding dress makeup, in this way, in order to maximize the restoration of the wedding day bride makeup, but also to ensure the quality of makeup.

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Note 3:

After the bride makeup finalizes the design, again purchases the accessories many brides, early on own accessories has been ready. Brides wear them when they try on makeup. But because the bride often does not have what experience, the deserve to act the role of the course that oneself choose to try makeup to wear later, differ with the effect that imagines quite far, must buy no longer. Therefore, it is recommended that brides purchase the accessories according to the effect of the makeup after the trial is completed. Because when trying makeup, experienced makeup girl also can put forward a few to buy a proposal for the bride, because they are the expert of makeup respect, see much inspect wide, their proposal often is very important, it is the best reference that brides.

Note 4 for bride's makeup try:

Finalize the details of the wedding day with the makeup artist, including:

1. The specific place and time the makeup artist arrived that morning.

How long does it take to make up in the morning? (at this time, it is very important to decide when the wedding car will arrive at the parents' home.)

Who prepares the bride's head flower? What other accessories should the bride prepare?

4. Are the makeup of the bridegroom, bridesmaid, best man and the bride's mother provided by the makeup artist and the specific fees?

The time it takes a makeup artist to change into a second outfit. (this time is important for toasting arrangements.)

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Round face bride hairstyle design

Very pure and fresh a bride dish hair modelling, the curl coil rises, loose hair bun highlights feminine flavor, the short bang of broken bridge nature in cent covers forehead, highlight soft and beautiful and tranquil appearance, the flower is adorned only beautiful upgrade, pink tender makeup look, super show tender bride hairstyle.

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The bride's shawl hair style is also very simple and popular. The round-faced girl wears long curly hair with partial parting. The asymmetric cheeks and slightly curly hair can well decorate the facial features, elongate the facial lines, and make the hair band look pure and generous.

Exquisite braid hair style is marriage gauze all the time according to the bride in modelling infantile, the palm red long hair of the cape, two side use add braid to make, pure beauty is relaxed, need anadyne to adorn only, very impish flavour.

Elegant bride is long hair, tender big wave is wanton send out a vogue mature lasting appeal, 28 minutes bang also suit the bride of round face, hair top pure white head gauze, explain romantic nobility.

Korean type air bang is a girl dress up as tender a magic weapon, to inherent fleshy face mm, also can try, fluffy and melting bride dish sends, deserve to go up but person roll bang, lovely suck eyeball again.

Of course, this style is suitable for the bride with a round face. The extremely elegant round bun, with a noble crown, creates a European style retro style.

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What's the 30th anniversary

The couple's 39th wedding anniversary was called the "pearl wedding".

In western legend, the pearl is a drop of dew on Venus; In ancient India, the pearl was seen by the gods at dawn

Dewdrops change into dew; In Persian mythology, the pearl was considered a symbol of light and hope by the eyes of the gods

Into tears; Chinese folk also have "thousand years clam essence, feeling moon born bead", "dew drop into the bead" and so on... So, use jen

The nobility of bead, quietly elegant, pure it is to gift marriage, it is the most beautiful blessing.

Ii. Wedding anniversary speech:

1, thirty years, in a person's life, not too long is not too short. But 30 years of marriage in a person's life, but

It can't be said to be ephemeral. The past 30 years have not come easily. The past 30 years have been filled with hardships along the way, and we have accumulated a good memory

The feeling of flowing life warmth. Because without you there would be no marriage, no happiness. Today we are

Thirty years of marriage anniversary, therefore, I would like to say with a grateful heart to my wife after thirty years of marriage

Thank you!

Time flies, and you have been together for 30 years. Today is our wedding anniversary, I want to thank you: thank you

You, for the happiness of our family, quietly dedicated, and no regrets, how valuable! Thank you,

Forgive and accept my husband's bad temper, thank you honey; Thirty years of marriage, slowly moving towards simplicity and plainness,

As long as our hearts always have the same 30 years ago that adhere to the next 40 years, 50 years, 60 years...

In one hundred. No matter the road ahead in hardships; Also will not leave you, I will raise you to walk down, our marriage one

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Will be happy!

In these 30 years of marriage, you bring me is infinite happiness and joy, let me feel every day love package

Surround, be moved by affection. My life is so wonderful, romantic and happy because of you. He's a little bit of a man

Sea of people, the fate of this life, the fate of the previous life, god let us meet this life, is thousands of practice to love. In today's

This wedding anniversary, Thanksgiving words too much, I want to say, you are my heart forever favorite.

4, the water in the flow, the fish in the swim, love you do not need a reason, the wind in the wind, the rain, I want to hold you close,

To have feelings, a romantic line. If one day you feel tired, as long as a turn around, my blessing on your side

No matter how far away no matter how many years, my love is all around you guard you! I will always love you, dear wife.

5, the world's ups and downs. Like the mixed feelings, have been sad and painful, but also too fast joy and happiness, but fast

Joy is more than pain, happiness more than sad. Pain and happiness, but what brings us more is the romantic happiness

Memories. Love in life, love in plain, love needs our heart to feel, with a lifetime of time slowly experience.

Let us in the future days, holding your hand, grow old with you, to weave more happy life. Dear, Jane

Happy anniversary.

Thirty years of marriage

1, there are eight words between husband and wife, that is: trust, understanding, tolerance, tacit understanding. Now I use these eight words to wish

Blessed your love, I wish you a happy life, conjugal love forever. Happy marriage for 30 years.

In a flash, you've been married for 30 years. On your 30th wedding anniversary, may your love be more beautiful

With more beautiful; More fragrant than ointment; Sweeter than the honey that drips from the hive; And more precious than most precious treasures!

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What was the sixteenth wedding anniversary

What is the 16th wedding anniversary

What's 16 years of marriage? Generally speaking, a marriage of 16 years is called a "sapphire marriage". In America, it's 45 years

It could be a sapphire wedding.

Why is it called a sapphire wedding? Because sapphire is a kind of high-grade gem, it is one of 5 big gem, be located in diamond, red treasure

After stone, in third place. Sapphire is September and the birthstone of autumn, it and ruby have "sister gem" say. sapphire

Stone with its crystal clear beautiful color, ancient people covered with mysterious supernatural color, is regarded as an auspicious thing.

The 16th wedding anniversary

Because there are stars, the night will not be dark; Because one day, the sea is blue; Because dream, life is full of expectations; because

With you, my world is a ray of light!

2, this life with you, even if there is no matter how big the wind and rain, no matter how big the unpleasant, I have to go through every spring, summer, autumn and winter with you,

I love you.

3, happiness is: rainy days for you to hold up a small umbrella; Happiness is: hold your hand and you spend the sunset; Happiness is

You are always happy!

In the past, meet, meet thousands of miles to meet. This life, love, love really sweet love. Best wishes, best wishes, best wishes

Give to you. Happy, family, family harmony good husband and wife.

5, a grain of sand has a world, a flower has a heaven, when your eyes fall on the phone, my blessing is you

Whether you are busy or idle, my love will always be by your side. Happy 16th wedding anniversary, dear wife.

6, if god let me make three wishes, the first is this life this life with you, the second is with you in the next life

And the third is to be with you as long as you live.

Three, married for 16 years

1, hand, let the flowers of life in full bloom; Accompany, make life full of happiness and desire; Smile, let happy forever stay beside; There are

The love, life is everywhere fragrant, dear wife, wish our love ten thousand elder!

2, love is the soul of love, I am the embodiment of love, you and I will heart to heart, to inseparable, love you is my life most want

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Responsibility! Happy 16th wedding anniversary, wife.

Happy moment, half is with you, half is in a dream; Painful moment, half is to depart, half is silent

Thinking of you! I wish you knew that there is someone who CARES for you and misses you all the time!

4, quarrel or bicker, happy or angry, you will always be the best lover in my heart! And now it's gone

After 16 years, I still love you, my wife.

5, life waiting is not a simple and pale oath, but countless plain days together, help each other

! 16 years have come, still be far all one's life!

6, marriage is god set up, a happy marriage is god's grace; May our god take all the blessings of heaven and hide them in the earth

Blessed are we and our families!

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Sanya wedding photography guide

Sanya wedding photography strategy first step,

Determine the approximate shooting time, at least two months before the wedding shooting.

Sanya wedding photography second,

Choose the right wedding photography studio on the Internet to determine the shooting set and price. When choosing a wedding photography studio, see whether they like the style of shooting, and then communicate with customer service, understand the details of the service they provide, make a decision after comparison. The time that seeks advice should understand dress is full-court free try on, free choice, cosmetic (include false eyelash, set makeup fluid) whether free use, act the role of article whether to wait for these to want to be reflected on the contract.

Sanya wedding photography attack the third step,

After determining the filming set is the first set of prepayment of 20% of the price of the deposit, the customer service will pay the deposit for you to send a contract with the official seal, at this time your reservation has taken effect.

Shooting instructions:

1. Please make sure to pay off the balance payment before taking pictures, so as to arrange taking pictures for you more smoothly.

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2. In order to ensure that the staff can keep a good and relaxed mood and concentrate on serving you and you, and to ensure the shooting quality of you, no friends or relatives are allowed to accompany you on the day of shooting. If you need to bring family members, relatives, friends or pets, please discuss with the customer service staff of our company in advance, do not bring them without authorization, so as not to affect the operation of the shooting team.

3. All processes are provided by appointment. Please keep in touch with your exclusive customer service staff so that your shooting process can be smoother.

4. Bring your own special items that are helpful for shooting or that you think are very memorable. Like wedding rings; The movie tickets; Dolls and so on. You can also bring your own props according to different scenes, such as flowers and so on.

5. It will take no more than three days from photo taking to sample selection, and it will take about 40 days from sample selection to collection. Please make an appointment for your photo taking in advance according to the time required by the wedding photography studio. If you need to make products urgently, please communicate with the customer service before booking.

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The meaning of marriage dowry

I. what is dowry?

Money or goods that a woman brought into her husband's home on marriage. Also called "accompany makeup", "dowry". After fix close, the wife prepares dowry namely, some large family still specially brew when the daughter is born, load wine cheng, bury in hearth ground pit, say "daughter red", wait for marry day, let relatives and friends share. Dowry poor rich disparity, different thickness.

2. After receiving the gift, the female family shall send the dowry to the male family one day before the wedding at the latest. Dowry is a symbol of a woman's family status and wealth. Dowry can be divided into "sending" and "greeting". "Send makeup" it is dowry of female home will send to male home, besides the person that carry makeup, female home can ask a few relatives and friends to follow take care of, the number is more on behalf of the woman's family background is thicker. After the dowry is carried to the man's house, the man's house will invite friends and relatives to come out and greet them, which is called "greeting makeup".

Two, what is the marriage dowry:

In the dowry, in addition to precious jewelry and gold ornaments, there are many symbols of good omen. Make bucket with spittoon grandchildren, hope the daughter opens branch to spread leaf, son sun is full hall. With the red ruler for the descendants of the ruler, there are vast acres of fertile land; The vase represents flowers with wealth and rank; Copper plate and shoes mean the same as the old; The girdle of the silver foreskin is of a thousand ares; Scissors have fingers butterfly double fly; Dragon and phoenix quilt, bed sheet and pillow a pair, blessing conjugal love lingering; Tablet sugar is a metaphor for sweet happiness; Dragon and phoenix chopsticks are used for food and clothing, which means abundant food and clothing (a letter inside the bowl can replace 72 sets of clothes for dowry).

Iii. Evolution of wedding dowry

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In recent years in order to comply with the trend of doing enough etiquette, details from simple, there has been a work of exquisite micro dowry on the xafs, with the original as the blueprint, the design is more rich in Chinese characteristics festive shape, selection of camphor wood appropriate festive traditional customs, the marriage of the people's favorite.

How much is the dowry?

The dowry was mainly determined by the wealth of the bride's family. Rich accompany some more, not quite rich give a bit less, also do not have what rigid regulation.

The prices of the gifts are different. Some of them are high-grade and some are middle-grade, so the prices are different. General woman accompany have: bedding, decoration, electrical appliances, jewelry, etc. The better ones come with furniture, cars, etc. The man shall prepare jewelry and clothes for the woman and shall also give her cash. The amount is also determined by the man's family circumstances, but generally not less than 50,000.

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Underwater wedding photography notes

Notes before shooting

1. Always eat before shooting. Underwater shooting is very energy-consuming

Can ensure that the normal shooting, the same can not eat too full, so after the water will lead to physical discomfort, vomiting

Vomiting, chest tightness can be symptoms.

2 wedding dress in the water will become very heavy, choose wedding dress must choose thin cut important parts of the water opaque

Wedding dress, remember to choose the skirt is such a wedding dress, in the water will produce excess weight to increase the body burden, skirt

Layer upon layer gauze is placed can float in water, lose original aesthetic feeling.

3. The choice of makeup should be waterproof, so as not to take off makeup in the process of shooting, which will not only delay the process of shooting but also consume physical strength.

Communicate the desired effect with the photographer. One of the things that is hard to avoid in water is the amount of bubbles that you want to create

As a result, bubbles are fine, but if you like the clarity of the finished product, you have to avoid bubbles, so be careful

Prior to the new and photographer to do a good job of communication, so that the photographer to understand the effect of the shooting.

5. In the case of ordinary people without wearing frog glasses, their eyes can be said to be closed in the water, which is more tight than anything else, so they want to be in the water

To take a picture of yourself naturally opening your eyes in the water, you need to pay attention to your physical limits and the persistence (or will) of your eyes in the water

Force). Before the implementation of the filming can suggest that the new wash basin at home for a while to practice.

6. Prepare eye drops to prevent dry eyes. Do not wear contact lenses in the water.

Notes during shooting

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1. Both the couple should be able to understand water, and should practice in the water can still put on a natural and relaxed posture, the body can be as far as possible.

2. How to show deep love in front of the camera, which can refer to the two people's elegant mermaid swimming posture or focus on a deep feeling

Kiss and so on, of course, the filming process to show the joy of enjoying everything.

3 in the shooting can consider to take some additional novel props, increase the shooting process of interest and the richness of the work!

4. When shooting in the water, the couple should relax their body, stretch their limbs as far as possible, open their eyes and pay special attention to the lens

Otherwise, you will not be able to get a full face for a long time. Wasting energy.

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Introduction of snow wedding photos

Who says you can't take wedding photos in winter? With his beloved embrace in the world of snow, bath

What could be more romantic and special than the falling snow? In the cold with your fervent love

Love, write a romantic love song with snow scene. Winter snow wedding photos are also a good choice. Snow wedding photos

Although the shooting conditions are difficult, but as long as the new willing to adhere to, the wedding photos will be very beautiful.

The new people who take wedding photos on location in winter agree that it is a very foreign thing to take wedding photos on snow, no more than snow

More can reflect the characteristics of winter. But how to shoot snow wedding photos, because of the cold winter weather, and lead to a lot of new

People can't stand the temperature, which makes the pictures look not so good. How to shoot snow wedding photos need to consider

More questions, is the new patience and photographer skills of the test. It's not just the photographer who has to work hard to make sure good pictures are taken

As a result, couples also need to be able to tolerate the cold air.

The biggest difficulty with snow wedding photos is exposure, because the snow reflects light so much, even with modern cameras

But after all, the effect of compensation is not pure natural good. There are also a lot of cameras that have snow mode, which is a little bit

It's kind of like a point-and-shoot camera, but it doesn't work in a lot of light variations, and wedding photographers rarely use it.

But if not, the exposure of the photos will be high, a lot of waste. The way to overcome this shooting pattern is to

Lighting, although it is outdoor shooting, lighting is essential, and as long as the lighting Angle is correct, the shooting out of the exposure

The rate will be much lower.

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New people in the shooting, be sure to bring enough clothes. The bride had to wear a thin dress for the shoot

Wedding dress, so in the shooting and gap, add clothing is necessary, otherwise it is easy to frostbite. In winter, the temperature is low

Worry about your makeup because it's sweaty, but worry about your makeup because it's not natural, especially your eyelashes

MAO. Had better use the false eyelash with stickiness stronger, do not brush overweight eyelash to cream above, once eyelash falls otherwise, on the face

Because of the contamination of eyelash creams, your makeup will want to be changed afresh. Be sure to bring a warm moisturizer and rub it on your arm

It looks a lot better.

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Summer best man costume

The shirt of white simple sense is the best man outfit that never goes out of style, with delicate wrist watch collocation your childe breath is very, lower body puts on the cream-colored trousers of recreational model to match dark blue velvet leather shoes, mix build a style quite give prize, and let a person feel very approachable.

Summer best man costume ii

Light blue shirt is permeated with languid lazy go vacationing beach amorous feelings, the ornament of printing butterfly tie is taking playmate's humor and wit, tie-in khaki color contracted trousers is decorated give big long leg, the small design that turns over fold pants foot is full of flavour.

Summer best man costume three

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The sapphire-blue groomsman shirt reveals the distinctive dressing taste, and the exquisite printing design at the collar adds a sense of luxury. The combination of black pants reflects the gentleman and high-end dress, and the combination of brown leather shoes with carved patterns deduces the modeling texture to the extreme.

Summer best man costume four

The pink best man shirt can set off the romantic and beautiful atmosphere of the wedding. The milk color wave pattern design is fresh and elegant, showing the clean temperament. It is matched with blue polka dot trousers and silver sneakers, and the style is full of fashionable highlights everywhere.

Summer best man costume five

The plaid shirt made of white and blue not only plays a great role in modifying the male figure, but also gets rid of the traditional bondage of the white shirt and develops another fashion path for the groomsman. Such dress even if is tie-in khaki recreational pants, also still pure and fresh, good-looking.

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Wedding dress customization process

1, make an appointment

In order to avoid the time conflict between you and other customers and provide you with better service, please make an appointment with the online customer service before you come for fitting.

2, reception

The professional and intimate dress consultant will provide you with the overall matching Suggestions according to your temperament and figure and considering the wedding venue. Enjoy VIP service throughout, high cost - effective dream dress, absolutely make your trip.

3, try it on

Our consultants will assist you to make you feel at home in fitting.

4, measure

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After you choose the best style, the professional dress designer will help you measure your detailed size. For the most important day in your life, to create your "perfect wedding dress".

5, delivery,

We will deliver it to you within the specified period. If there is anything unsatisfactory, we will be happy to make changes for you at any time.

6. Package for pickup

Pick up at the store or express delivery to the specified address. Each piece is standard with a high-end hanger.

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Know how to wear wedding dress and matters needing attention

The bride wedding dress style wedding dream already a long time of important clothing, every bride has a belongs to own dream wedding, hope to walk in a beautiful wedding dress in your own wedding stage, the most beautiful bride, so in order to the day we can meimei appeared on the stage at the wedding, the bride should understand most is the tees and the matters needing attention for wedding dresses.

One, the dress

1. Wipe the floor clean or put a clean carpet on the place where you will try on the wedding dress, unwrap the wedding dress bandages, inner buckles, etc., and spread them out in a prepared place. With the help of others, step into the wedding dress from the top of the wedding dress with bare feet, and slowly lift the wedding dress.

2. Lift the wedding dress to the right height and start to fix the wedding dress. Two of them help to lift the wedding dress to prevent the wedding dress from falling off.

3. When the wedding dress is put on and the bride is comfortable, since the wedding dress is heavy, two people can help to lift the skirt, and one person can help to hold the balance and put on the shoes.

Two, wear wedding notice

1. In order to keep the wedding clean, wear a good wedding dress makeup, at the same time pay attention to foundation, lipstick and so on will not touch the wedding dress.

2. When wearing high heels, you can carry the skirt of the wedding dress with one hand, which can prevent high heels from tripping over the wedding dress or damaging the wedding dress.

3. You need to take a sewing bag when you wear your wedding dress. As some wedding dresses may not be specially customized, you can temporarily modify the waist circumference of your wedding dress by sewing bags.

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4. When wearing the wedding dress, drink water or drink should be spare straw to prevent liquid dripping on the wedding dress.

Three, wedding dress taboo

1. Choose the right match, don't copy, and follow the guidance of professionals

2 wedding day makeup should not be too thick, should be given priority to with natural and fresh

3 wedding dress style should match with the hair, do not dress messy hair

4 head yarn selection, can not only look good, to consider the overall collocation, otherwise there will be no overall coordination, each show each wonderful, it is quite a failure. Advice still needs to be taken from professionals

5. The hair on the forehead should not be too long, it will give a heavy feeling, and it is not energetic.

Brides who are still worried about trying on their wedding dresses can try the above methods, which may help you.

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What are the cultures of weddings

Why does the bridegroom stand on the right of the bride?

First of all, the western wedding is male right female left, this is according to the Roman war period when men go out to wear a sword, especially with

Wife or fiancee go out such as the enemy left hand to protect the right hand against the enemy's history continued. Another theory is that because of ancient times

The Anglo-Saxon bridegroom was always ready to step up and protect his bride from being snatched away. At the wedding ceremony,

The bridegroom let the bride stand on his left, once the rival in love appears, he can immediately draw out his sword with his right hand, and fight off bravely

The enemy.

Then, when Chinese style wedding male left female right, why? In ancient China, the left was regarded as superior, the right as inferior, the left as superior, and the right as superior

Inferior, feudal society male superior to female inferior, therefore rank. Although men and women are now equal, this position still remains.

Which finger should you wear your wedding ring on?

Under ancient Roman law, couples must wear the ring on the fourth finger of their left hand. Next time remember, it is against the law not to wear it on your left hand


Does the groom have to throw things like the bride at the wedding?

If it is necessary to throw, the groom can throw the ring with the bride's stockings, which is a traditional western wedding custom, and the bride with flowers

Same meaning.

How did the honeymoon come about?

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Legend has it that the island of Ireland has been inhabited by the celts since ancient times. There is a national custom, newlyweds wedding night, by the ministry

The chiefs of the tribe held a ceremony to give wine. The wine is made from honey. Because the bees are industrious and united, to

The characteristics of a nation; And honey is sweet and moist, symbolize again newly-married men and women henceforth life is perfect happiness. The wedding night drank the elder

Given honey to drink, should also continue to drink a drink made of honey, continuously for 30 days, which happens to be a

The time of the month is called "honeymoon".

Why are wedding cakes layered?

In the west, when a couple got married, friends and relatives had nothing to give

The person is a cake, then the place that receives gift follows guest's arrival, more and more cake, when cannot put, have to

Lay the cake on top of each other.

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Type of Chinese wedding sedan chair

Sedan chair is a special sedan chair used in traditional Chinese wedding, and it is also one of the indispensable festive elements in traditional Chinese wedding. So what are the types of Chinese wedding sedan chair? Let me take a look at it.

One, the type of Chinese wedding sedan chair

One, the type of sedan chair

(1) ancient sedan chair

The types and styles of ancient sedan chair are various, and vary slightly according to the customs, wealth and status of the owner. Ordinary people marry with the general is two people carry sedan chair, cover the curtains of the sedan chair are selected red silk, and embroidered with rich flowers, phoenix sunrise and hundreds of auspicious patterns such as figure, compose with gold, silver, to foil the lively and festive atmosphere. The family circumstances riches and honour household commonly USES the big sedan chair which four people carry, the sedan chair's attire and two people carries is dissimilar. To the end of the qing dynasty, in the then Shanghai and other large cities, many women have refused to sit sedan, such as carriage and other vehicles. In the early years of the republic of China, the rickshaws (commonly known as rickshaws) imported from Japan were relatively light and fast, so they were widely used among the people, and sedan chairs were gradually replaced.

(2) hard-wearing style

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Sedan chair has "hard clothes" and "soft clothes" two. Hardcoat refers to the sedan chair's whole body is a wooden structure, similar to the shape of four corners of the top of the pagoda eaves. It is popular in the south of China.

(3) soft clothing style

Soft style sedan chair is popular in the north of China. It is draped in red drapery around the frame, and these red draperies are called dais.

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