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Can bridesmaids wear black shoes? What should bridesmaids wear

Bridesmaids should pay special attention to the dress on the wedding, not to be careless, that bridesmaids can wear black shoes? Below we will introduce the dress of bridesmaid in detail what should notice, hope can help you!   Can bridesmaids wear black shoes:   Can bridesmaids wear black shoes? Actually, small make up think is ok, want whole collocation to coordinate only, do not rob a bride to steal the limelight, do not make a noise to seize the Lord can.   Besides, what shoes do bridesmaids wear? In fact, small make up feel tie-in high-heeled shoes is the most appropriate, because, it not only can increase your height, let your body become slender and shapeless, but also can foil your noble and elegant temperament, your posture is more beautiful, moving.   If you are a fan of flats, opt for pointed or embellished vamps to compensate for the lack of heels.   2. If you don't know what shoes to wear, you might as well consider metallic shoes.   Warm colors like pink, coral, orange, and cream are best paired with gold, bronze, or copper, light green.   4. If you like warm colors, you can choose pink, orange and cream dresses. Then you can wear gold, bronze and light green shoes.   Finally, opt for dresses in cool colors like purple, gray and white with silver shoes, which will also shine.   What to watch for in bridesmaid dresses:   1. First of all, the dress of the bridesmaid should be as simple and generous as possible, such as wearing a sweater with a short skirt and boots in winter and a dress with high-heeled sandals in summer.   But, when choosing color, want to compare white and black as far as possible, because, general bride can wear white wedding dress, so, bridesmaid should avoid white dress, lest bump with bride dress. Black is a taboo color, and it's best not to wear it at weddings.   2. Secondly, the makeup of bridesmaid should not be too much, light make-up is appropriate. In addition, pay attention to the bride's height, if the bride is shorter, then try to wear flat shoes, so that the bride will not steal the spotlight.   3, the workload of bridesmaid that day is very big, so, must wear a pair of comfortable shoes, if the friend that is used to wearing taller more shoes, can continue to wear high heels, if the friend that is not used to wearing high heels, can wear flat heel shoes, such not only comfortable, and still can foil the temperament of the bride, all its beauty, and happy but not for?   Editor's conclusion: can bridesmaids wear black shoes and what should they pay attention to? In fact, the dress of bridesmaids is very simple.   Read more at:navy bridesmaid dresses |dusky pink bridesmaid dresses


 A more literary wedding wish wishes for marriage

 A talented man and a beautiful woman are married. They are happy to have a family. Ha ha, isn't this a good poem? ! Congratulations on your wedding! Congratulations!   Let my brothers be like Isaac, honest and brave, faithful and obedient, like eagles that spread their wings and soar; May my sister be like rebekah, gentle and kind, diligent and virtuous, like a fruitful vine!   Clearly a thousand years ago; Countless accidental accumulation of the inevitable, how can not be the result of three stones on the elaborately engraved? Take care of this fate with your heart, bless you, forever with one heart, true love forever.   The highest level of two of a kind is that it is relatively free from boredom. I wish a new couple love each other sincerely and make an appointment forever! Congratulations on your wedding!   What never fades is mutual concern, is endless deep love! Love also because of this moment of integration and more warm and better! May you grow old together!   The flower good month circle, happy matter repeatedly, bless your marriage unbreakable, love unbreakable! Peace and beauty, grow old together.   You are born a pair, the earth make a pair, now together with each other, in the future we need each other tolerance, mutual care, bless you!   Let your two live together in peace, as the precious oil poured over Aaron's head and over his whole body. Like the dew of hermon upon mount zion; Love and care each other, understand and understand each other, work together to build a happy christened home!   May you love each other, understand and care for each other, and share the pain and joy of the future. Best wishes for a hundred years.   Heaven and earth marry so that people, must first love the bride with bitterness, with all diligence and diligence, and then its success! Congratulations on your marriage and best wishes for your union!   I wiped Aladdin's lamp and the lamp god came out. So I said to the lamp god, please let my brother and my sister-in-law have everlasting love and love. Grow old together!   May love fill your sweet life so that every day after tomorrow will be as glorious and joyful as today.   It is known that xiaolou today spring breeze happy, the former friend has become a new husband! I wish you a long and happy life, like a river spring water inexhaustible!   Read more at:white bridesmaid dresses | orange bridesmaid dresses


The latest refined and civilized wedding programs are recommended

The bridal chamber is now a number of lively programs after the wedding, that as relatives and friends how elegant the bridal chamber, let the bride and groom spend the happy and lively bridal chamber has the game? Here's what we recommend for the latest wedding ceremony.   The latest refinement of the bridal chamber shows 1-3   1. Love cup   Take 2 identical cups, fill one of them with wine and cover the mouth of one cup with plastic wrap, then pull out the film slowly on the mouth of the two cups and ask the bride and groom not to finish the two cups of wine together and not to spill them. Tip: as long as one of the couple pushes the glass away a little, the other just drinks it hard.   Sweet communication   Prepare each 6 of the same colour cream mixed together, a total of 12 split between the bride and groom in his mouth, and then asked can't help to let the bride and groom respectively by hand in the mouth finally present same color cream (such as the groom's mouth is full of red roll, and the bride's mouth is full of milky candy) tip: the game is the bride and groom to cooperate with each other, can open your mouth to let each other, and cooperate with each other each other need candy "send" in the past.   3. Solve the knot   No hands, no mouth! The concentric knot can be made by the guest, but it should not be too wound, otherwise it may make the new person's jaw become disjointed. The rope after the completion is suggested to be abandoned, unless it can bear the taste of mixed saliva.   Read more at:chiffon bridesmaid dresses uk |champagne bridesmaid dresses


 Wedding gifts are given with sincerity, not at will

 First, pay attention to when giving wedding gifts, do not put donkey's lips on the horse's mouth, let people feel you are not at will to fill up, but not a little sincerity.   Second, be careful not to fall for the "evil" and let the new person think you are deliberately provocative and disagreeable.   Third, when giving gifts, it's best not to give them to your wedding. The so-called "return with a peach to lee", "li" and "peach" can be quite costly, also can be slightly more expensive, but absolutely cannot be similar, cannot the other party send you a crystal necklace, you also return a crystal necklace to her. It makes people wonder if you were born in charge of accounting, calculating, and unhuman.   Fourth, pay attention to the gift grade. Expensive wedding gifts don't necessarily have a taste. Don't give homemade gifts that look grand but are actually shoddy.   Fifth, pay attention to the gift has no special meaning. Wedding gifts are sure to be associated with a happy marriage, long life and early birth of a son. A random gift that isn't tied to any of these will make you wonder if it's a memento of joining an event and turning around.   Sixth, pay attention to whether the gift is a few years old. Unless be famous big brand is special classic, the style that is talked about by people to now, still send the new style that gives out at present, otherwise the person is likely to suspect you are to turn over the thing in the case bottom to give a person.   Seventh, be careful not to give gifts on the surface. There is a girl who often plays basketball. People naturally think that she likes things related to sports. If she gave her a pair of sneakers when she got married, it would make her laugh and cry.   Read more at:white bridesmaid dresses | orange bridesmaid dresses


 There are differences in the amount of money for a wedding check

  1. Free marriage check-up: free marriage check-up is applicable to men and women who have their marriage examined in a local designated hospital. Free check-ups of the premise condition is to want to go for the parties to bring relevant information to the local community centre for man or woman is "to apply for free pre-marital medical examination registration card", and to the designated hospital, with this card can be free check-ups. Free marriage check-ups are generally required three months before marriage boarding or one month after marriage registration.   There are differences in the amount of money for a wedding check   2. The premarital check-up fee is about 200-300 yuan (the charge varies from region to region). The charge of marriage inspection is mainly for the wedding inspection in different places, or for the wedding inspection in the local non-designated hospital. Therefore, the corresponding fee is charged according to the marriage inspection project.   Go for content   1. Physical examination (including blood pressure, secondary sexual signs, genitals, etc.)   Blood routine examination   Routine urine tests   4. Chest X-ray   5. Hepatitis b surface antigen examination and transaminase   6. Syphilis screening   Neisseria gonorrhoeae screening   8.HIV(AIDS) screening   9.ABO blood group and Rh blood group detection   10. Female gynecological examination and vaginal secretion trichomonas mildew examination   11. Female gynecology (uterus and appendix)B ultrasound   There are eight main items of women's pre-pregnancy examination:   1. Reproductive system: trichomoniasis, mildew, mycoplasma chlamydia infection, vaginal inflammation, gonorrhea, syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases were routinely screened by leucorrhea. Whether have gynecological disease, if suffer from sexual transmission disease, very good first effective treatment, then be pregnant again, can cause miscarriage, premature birth risk otherwise. This is a normal vaginal discharge test, and most women don't feel it, but relaxation can make you less sensitive.   2. Gynecological endocrine system: 6 items including follicle stimulating hormone and luteal survival hormone. Ovarian disease such as irregular menstruation is mainly diagnosed.   3. Urine routine: it is helpful for the early diagnosis of renal diseases. 10 months of pregnancy is a great test for the mother's renal system.   4. Oral examination: if the teeth are painful during pregnancy, the treatment is very difficult considering the effect of medication on the fetus. The suffering is the pregnant mother and the baby. If there are no other problems with the teeth, just clean the teeth. If the teeth are badly damaged, tooth extraction is required.   5. Deteratation kits: including rubella, toxoplasma gondii and cytomegalovirus. Between 60 percent and 70 percent of women will be infected with rubella virus. Once infected, especially during the first three months of pregnancy, it will cause miscarriage and fetal malformation. Check by intravenous bleeding.   6. Liver function: liver function examination currently has two types of size and function. Besides the complete set of hepatitis b, major liver function includes blood glucose, choleric acid and other items. If the mother is hepatitis patient, after pregnancy can cause fetal premature birth and other consequences, hepatitis virus can also be transmitted directly to the child.   7. ABO hemolysis (for both men and women) : including blood group and ABO haemolysis drops, to avoid the occurrence of hemolysis in infants.   8. Chromosomal abnormalities (for both men and women) : genetic diseases are examined for couples of child-bearing age who have a family history of genetic diseases.   Read more at:navy bridesmaid dresses | pastel bridesmaid dresses


 How do you wear a wedding dress with a small chest to make you the most beautiful bride

 I. underwear selection is important:   Underwear has always been a woman's favorite, choosing good underwear to take wedding photos has always been the focus of wedding photography. Choose 1/2 cup or 3/4 cup for a wedding photo to effectively concentrate the small chest, make it look round and upright, and take the perfect wedding photo.   1. Underwear cup   Bride when choosing underwear, must first look at the cup, for the bride chest be small, selecting a cup a little thick, can choose the sort of half or one third of the cup, the cup size with the right line, because too big cup can make the chest looks very empty, affect the beauty of the picture.   2. Underwear color   Many brides fret about the color of their underwear before they take their wedding pictures, worrying that it doesn't match their wedding dresses. To choose the color of the underwear is the most safe is white and nude, so under the lens of pictures, underwear will hide very natural, the bride of chest be small underwear must be simple, should not have adornment.   3. Underwear style   Choose photos underwear, the main is to choose a strapless bra, whether indoor photography or outdoor clap, strapless bra is very easy to match clothes, for the bride of chest be small, you can also choose plastic underwear, underwear will be let the chest look very type, tie-in coat, can show the chest aesthetic feeling.   Never wear a small chest like this:   It is suggested that too exposed and too tight a top should not be worn for wedding photos. The choice of collar shape is the key, the design of lapel is very suitable for the bride with small chest, but the high collar and v-shape collar should be avoided as far as possible. Choose a soft but not baggy cut that works well with a smaller bust. Choose two pieces to go with your wedding dress.   Iii. Wedding dress selection:   The bride that bosom is small takes wedding gauze photograph to choose the wedding dress that has special pattern on the chest, can increase divergent effect. A dress with a pleat or tie on the front will make the chest look larger. Opt for a textured piece of fabric or a cross-stitched wedding photo top to give the top look fuller. A suit with shoulder pads will make the chest look more stiff and worthy of a wedding photo. Opt for a wider full-length dress with a shirt or knit to enhance the look.   Read more at:cadbury purple bridesmaid dresses |one shoulder bridesmaid dresses uk


Create your own wedding dress

 Gemini girl: white and beautiful wedding dress style   D active Gemini is always not easy to play, to create special preference style, on the choice of wedding dress, also should be a "claim", all of this and that the princess in the swan lake auger tower image and Sweden - princess auger tower was changed into a swan devil rhode barr, in the evening to return to human form. Only when someone really loves her does the magic go away. Princess ojetta will have to rely on wisdom to win a new life in the face of many difficulties. The mystery of the angel and the nobility of the princess coexist. The Gemini bride always exudes charming elegance and welcomes a new life with everything new   Cancer girl: a pale gold dress with a trailing wedding dress   Cancer brides prefer vintage wedding dresses with a classical flair. Nostalgia is an important part of the personality of cancer, so the classic ivory wedding dress is their favorite, and the lace tulle with embroidery will make the cancer double. At the same time, the pale golden tux is the best expression of the unique temperament of the cancer bride.   Leo girl: the bold and hot wedding dress style   The Leo bride, a brand advocate, will pay an astronomical price for a designer dress, and they will spend a lot to care for every detail. This interest in taste and price is the epitome of Leo's personality and the reason why she is always attractive.   Read more at:bridesmaid dresses uk | cheap bridesmaid dresses uk


 Western wedding decoration skill details show atmosphere wedding

 A romantic western-style wedding has long been favored by new people, but the western-style wedding to the wedding arrangement requirements are very high, especially the wedding decorate on small details, become a wedding failure directly. Western wedding decorating skill is quite important to the whole wedding, these decorate skill to be able to show western wedding romance only beautiful incisively and vividly.   Western wedding decoration skills   Western-style wedding has become a dominant today's wedding, western-style wedding is a romantic only beautiful in every detail is given priority to, the west has a high requirement on the wedding arrangement, they are very pay attention to the environment and manners, and so on the details of negligence may be a whole wedding's biggest failure. In the western wedding decoration skills to be in the wedding supplies up and down full mind, with details to move the hearts of the people.   The first is the floral decoration   The decoration of western-style wedding table flower is a bright spot, but the design of table flower should not be too high, otherwise it may block the communication of line of sight when guests are talking. If circular table, put a flower to act the role of the role of the central part of the table is enough, the size of the table flower should be designed according to the scale of the table. In the center of the table besides the decoration of flowers, you can also add other decorations such as candlestick, which will not make the wedding too monotonous. Long form or the space of square table is bigger, these small elements can be used more on these two kinds of table.   Read more at:cheap bridesmaid dresses uk | bridesmaid dresses uk


Find a good day into the palace of marriage

 The marriage and fate of the people of the Dragon   Marriage: Dragons are dragons, but their dragon nature makes them always want to command their families. They are of course good intentioned conductors. They can adjust the marriage atmosphere very well, the marriage is very smooth, they can play their serious personality, and they attach great importance to their marriage concept. He runs a marriage.   Fate: the fates of the happy Dragons of marriage are not so bad. Although there may be occasional slight fluctuations, the dragons can adjust themselves very well so that they can get on the right track and have a good marriage behind them. They are very easy to succeed, but it is not to be too stubborn to listen to others. Ideas   Read more at:chiffon bridesmaid dresses | teal bridesmaid dresses


Choose earrings according to the shape of the bride'

Choose earrings according to the shape of the bride's face. Choose earrings according to your face shape to make you look smaller.   Choose earrings and long faces according to the bride's face shape: if you are confident about your body shape, opt for long earrings. If you are not confident in your body, then recommend large round earrings.   According to the shape of the bride's face, choose a round earring face: it can be matched with long earrings and pendant earrings to create a visual effect of stretching up and down, and it looks more mature and beautiful.   Choose earrings and oval faces according to the bride's face shape: oval face, the traditional standard face of Oriental women. Wearing earrings in any shape works well, but be careful that the size of your earrings matches your overall look. Since oval faces have a softer outline, it's best to choose earrings with similar contours, such as pearls, drops, circles, or eggs.   Choose earring square face according to bride face shape: appropriate chooses ellipse, flower shape, heart-shaped earring, can very well alleviate and decorate facial diamond Angle.   According to the bride's face choose earrings heart-shaped face: is the face of the chin is pointed, can choose the sort of bottom width, upper narrow earrings, is used to balance the feeling of the pointed chin, water droplets form, triangle or stud earrings are suitable.   Choose earrings and a small face according to the shape of the bride's face: the most photogenic face, hehe. Use earrings of medium size, preferably no more than 2-3 cm from earlobe.   According to the shape of the bride's face, choose earrings with a large face: do not use round earrings, it is best to wear larger earrings or triangular or drip earrings to reduce the width of the cheeks.   Read more at:white bridesmaid dresses uk | orange bridesmaid dresses


 Under the dome is the best place to go on a lung-clearing honeymoon

 It's time to get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city and take a breath of fresh air from your honeymoon. Today I'd like to share some of the best places to go on a lung-clearing honeymoon, and if you're a natural and healthy traveler, check it out.   Under the dome is the best place to go on a lung-clearing honeymoon   Shaffsavan, Morocco: psychedelic in blue mountain city   Filled with blue and white sand, like a fairy tale house, the street everywhere can see colorful spices foil the entire city, come to Morocco must not miss, because this is one of the most beautiful city in Morocco.   Under the dome is the best place to go on a lung-clearing honeymoon   Lake tahoe, California and Nevada: the largest alpine lake in North America   Touch the sky while touching the heart of lake tahoe ski resort. Lake Tahoe (Lake Tahoe) is the highest elevation of the Lake, one of the four seasons scenery transform is very attractive, very few natural wonders like Lake Tahoe is extremely rich in beautiful and linger, the blue water, golden beaches, granite peaks and tumbling waterfalls make the region a photographer's paradise.   Read more at:short bridesmaid dresses uk |cadbury purple bridesmaid dresses uk


How to make happy sugar unique creative sugar temptation

Every time I go to a colleague's wedding, I bring either ferrero or Hershey's chocolate. All is too ordinary, ideas and joyful is a part of the wedding ceremony, now more and more young people like to pursue creative alternative wedding, so how to make joyful is different? Creative candy will definitely make your wedding special and give your friends and family a warm memory. If you can arrange the style of candy according to the theme of the wedding, it will be more thoughtful!   How do you make a candy special   Strawberry flavor milk candy, pink department of small romance. The cute feeling of super pink, with a little green color, can achieve a kind of color matching romance, beautiful beyond words.   The latest fashion candy, take you to appreciate the sweet romance of the wedding. The candy of the ring modelling is full of originality, lovely modelling is very novel, and match on the wedding, it is really the best choice.   Peanut nougat candy sweet delicious snacks, the most classic taste, the mouth has chewy, sweet taste diffuse. The clever blend of milk and coffee is irresistible. A bite is full of romance.   Cotton candy, is a classic legend, has a beautiful and appropriate name, also has a variety of shapes. Heart-shaped marshmallows are ideal for the classic wedding candy. In your mouth, the melting sweetness is a special sweetness for your wedding.   Of course, different wedding should choose different sugar, the romance of sugar can always express the legend of the wedding, sweet taste permeates full of love, giving guests different surprise.   Read more at:">navy bridesmaid dresses | pastel bridesmaid dresses


 Seven important points in the spring wedding photo shoot are key

Spring is the season of the most suitable for photography, the temperature is moderate, flowers open, like in the spring so take wedding photos of the couple is not a few, here let me take a look at the spring picture taken note, share the seven important points, help you to take good photos.   1.   When taking wedding photos, try not to eat first when you are not hungry, because when you have a meal, you will want to sleep in the spring, and you will smile less naturally.   Notice for wedding photos in spring   Spring is the season of renewal, when men take wedding pictures and shave off your beards in the morning. If you have beards, please fix them. Nose and ear hair should also be trimmed.   3.   Spring is a season of easy colds, especially when brides are prone to physical problems in the spring. It is difficult to cooperate with the photographer when the situation is in bad condition. Be sure to drink a few of your plate roots a week before you shoot, and watch out for the drugs that can strengthen your body to keep you in the best position for the shoot.   Read more at:cheap bridesmaid dresses online |bridesmaid dresses uk

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