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 Romance is the most attractive

1, the most common in China's wedding is the bride of the simple natural twist design, of course, will be stained wine red hair fashion points go in fashionable design, delicate and crisp dish hair styling with a delicate crown make hair more add very noble temperament.   2, very romantic temperament wind industry a new summer bride hairstyle design, use the same relaxed without bang modelling design, best fit this delicate half a firm type bride hairstyle design and the top of the head also show the bride's romantic temperament most delicate hair wind.   3, a noble temperament type bride hairstyle pictures, wind in this hot season choose such a relaxed and show the bride twist of temperament also is pretty good oh, towering twist design combined with noble crown shape more add grace your QiGan bride.   4, if you interested in go is not to look at this simple random temperamental bride hairstyle pictures, simply will be fashionable side hair modelling design, combined with the fashion of the big volume design and delicate hair perm collar modelling, romantic aesthetic the eyes.   5, very retro style of a bride modelling design, want to go national wind type wedding brides can see oh, using the points and modelling design is fashionable, coupled with the simple natural brown hair color with red tassels eardrop more add very elegant wind restoring ancient ways.   6. The bride-to-be who irons wavy hair can try to do a bouffant hair style of the bride. The slightly messy hair of the bride-to-be is very voluminous.   7, this kind of spread the twist is very suitable for the bride-to-be do a pure and fresh and the bride's hair style restoring ancient ways of spring and summer, gradient pick to dye highlights the administrative levels of hairstyle, fine weave formidable match wreath around, is a goddess.   8. A style of long hair style of the bride with full sennvue style, with side parting of long hair tied in a casual low bun, with long oblique bangs and thin face, and fluffy hair tie-in and hair decoration fresh and sweet.   9. First of all, the hair style of a Chinese bride with a temperament is designed. The whole style is mainly made of Chinese red.   10, the bride that has Europe type wedding quite designs relaxed hairdo without bang hairdo design appears matchless vogue below the ornament that braid hair, the eyebrow heart of silvery white drops in the middle is very elegant charm.   Read more at:silver bridesmaid dresses | dusky pink bridesmaid dresses

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