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The picture of the bride with short hair is sweet and spontaneous

 1. The wavy hair moves naturally along the cheeks, covering the excess meat on both sides. The full flower wreath is slanted on the forehead, presenting the casual sweetness.   2. The short hair is designed with small curls to create a fluffy and fashionable look. As long as the hair is matched with white veil, it is a fashionable bridal hair style.   3. Side parting and short shoulder-length hair will curl the hair tail back and match with the simple white bridal hair decoration, so as to complete a simple and generous bride hair style with short Korean hair.   4. The oblique bangs and eyes have excellent decorative effect. The perm has obvious layers and is very fashionable. Cover with white gauze to become the most beautiful Korean style short hair bride hairstyle.   5. Side parting short curly hair on the side with white flowers, creating an asymmetric beauty, appears very beautiful.   6. The short hair with side parting has a strong sense of asymmetry and looks very fashionable.   7. The short hair with inner and outer curls creates a unique layer. The beautiful radian makes people intoxicated.   8, compared with the traditional long veil, as shown in figure of the light and the veil is more suitable for short hair the bride, in the cheek, let the bride looks a hazy beauty, hair notoginseng points, on one side of the hair amount less don't again a big peony flower, let the bride is very beautiful.   9, this hairstyle head is generating a large volume of texture, tie-in highlights hair color, hair will itself administrative levels were so, forehead bang before processing let the bride show smooth forehead, give a person a kind of natural and graceful beauty.   10. The bride with short hair will make her bangs wavy, perfectly highlighting the side lines of the bride's face. The asymmetrical design and the hair decoration with thin lines make the bride look sweet and delicate.   Read more at:one shoulder bridesmaid dresses | dusky pink bridesmaid dresses

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