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 Powder cake drying method

 Use a moisturizing primer and moisturizing foundation before applying makeup. Such on powdery cake can make makeup look lasting, achieve facial skin moisture oil balance, do not take off makeup easily.   1. First, dip the powder into the right amount with the powder puff, about one third of the powder puff, and apply pressure to the powder.   2. Apply the powder from the inside of the cheek to the outside. Dip the powder in step 1 once. Rub the smile muscle first.   3. Dip the powder in the same way, wipe the upper eyelid first, wipe it with a light tap, do not exert too much force, and then extend it to the temple. Do not need to dip again in the corner of the inner eye powder, eyelid is thin, wipe with the remaining powder will be more natural.   4, each to wipe out an area to dip in powder, from double brow wipe up, from the bottom to wipe the forehead, pay particular attention to Bob position, can't wipe massiness, avoid and scalp color color difference is obvious.   5. Wipe from the center of your brow to your nose from the top down to cover the pores on your nose. For the nose, mouth and other small places, we can fold the powder puff in half, dip in the appropriate amount of powder cake, and gently press in these areas.   6. When wiping the lower part of the lips, the powder should be folded and rubbed in half after dipping into the powder. The powder will not be so thick when applying makeup, because the skin around the lips is darker and the powder is too thick, which makes it look obvious. When applying the powder at the top of the cheeks, it should extend to the neck and ears to achieve overall skin tone coordination.   7. The color of the neck neck should be consistent with the color of the face, otherwise the color difference will be embarrassing. In the neck position besmear powdery cake, use clean powdery puff next gently push even, downy, let powdery bottom more tie service, perfect immaculate makeup look finished.   Read more at:one shoulder bridesmaid dresses uk | plus size bridesmaid dresses uk

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