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 Precautions for taking wedding photos of Chinese traditional costume

  The popularity of more and more Chinese wedding photos makes the style of Chinese wedding photos become more and more diversified. Many bride and groom can choose Chinese style ancient costume wedding gauze photograph, that new people ancient costume modelling shoots marriage gauze photograph what need to notice, how can ability shoot good result? Might as well come to know the attention that takes wedding gauze of ancient costume.   Matters needing attention for wedding photos of Chinese ancient costume: choose suitable clothes   As we all know, ancient costume is quite complicated. If you like simple new people, you can choose cheongsam. If you're a petite girl, it's best to go for a simple style and a lightweight, old-fashioned look, or you'll get a bit of a drag. After the dress is selected, try not to do too ostentatious actions, and try your best to highlight your own beauty, not the beauty of clothing, because we want to shoot people, not clothing advertising.   Matters needing attention of wedding gauze of Chinese style ancient costume: integral modelling   Shoot old outfit wedding gauze photograph makeup had better be light, do not be too enchanting, hairstyle also should cooperate integral modelling style. Generally speaking makeup stylist knows the makeup look of ancient costume is appropriate pink is tender not enchanting, unless your integral modelling wants enchanting. The hair style of the bride and groom is very important in the wedding photos of ancient costume. It is also the center of the whole style. If the hair style is not good, it will seriously affect the overall effect of wedding photos.   Matters needing attention for wedding photos of Chinese ancient costume: communicate well in advance   New people must remember, it is not a person for their wedding photos, wedding photos of newcomers in ancient costume, but also need to communicate with the photographer, let the photographer to fully understand your need, can according to your style made good effect.   Note for Chinese costume wedding photos: be involved in the role   As a modern people, we will put on the costume for their wedding photos, there will be a feeling on the stage singing opera, so new people must throw contemporary feeling, dug up his classical beautiful side, otherwise not make a good effect. Ancient women are very gentle and reserved, if you want to be sexy, you must grasp the scale.   Some matters needing attention of above is taken photos of Chinese ancient costume, heart again when shooting new people nervous of avoid by all means, to relax the mood, adjust their own state, then you can clap a satisfactory wedding photos.   Read more at:dusky pink bridesmaid dresses | cadbury purple bridesmaid dresses

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