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Shoot romantic wedding photos

 How to choose wedding dress 1: how many sets of clothes   The couple determines the number and style of wedding dresses, dresses, ancient clothes and casual clothes according to the set number of wedding photos. When ordering wedding photos, the store will typically specify the number of suits for both the exterior and the interior. Therefore, when choosing clothes, it is doomed not to seek perfection, need to choose. This is about to beg new people before booking wedding photos, is a general outline, know you probably want to take a few clothes, and then select the corresponding package, in order to avoid when choosing clothes, in a quandary.   How to choose wedding dress for the bride   The wedding dress is the most important when taking photos, so the bride should carefully choose the style of the wedding dress. And the wedding dress inside and outside should be different. For example, if you choose white yarn with large trailing, you can choose small trailing yarn indoors. Choose to wipe chest outdoor, indoor can choose condole to take, want to reflect the style that gives different is good.   The bride chooses the right wedding dress according to the scene she chooses. What take wedding gauze photograph wants is integral effect, character and scenery are united in wedlock, ability takes aesthetic feeling. For most people, the choice is usually scene first, then clothes. When choosing where to take a photo, you need to have the right clothes. For example, in the lush woods, it is suitable to wear a small fresh wedding dress, but not for the solemn atmosphere of the main wedding dress.   How does the bride choose her wedding dress   Generally speaking, white gauze all won't be very contracted, after all is the marriage gauze photograph of serious matter. But it is necessary to accentuate the curves of the waist and chest. If you are not sure, you can also ask the dress assistant for reference. Also, you have to try it on to see the effect. The wedding dress doesn't feel at all when it hangs there.   The bride's choice of wedding dress and dress should be combined with her appearance and body features. The same clothes on different people will show different effects. So choose clothes according to your own characteristics. For a slim bride, opt for a slimmer dress, preferably without vertical stripes. And the rich bride can choose loose and luxurious wedding dress, or the dress with a brighter color, to show the rich and the rich.   Read more at:black bridesmaid dresses online | gold bridesmaid dresses uk

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