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How do short brides take fashion wedding photos

  1: try not to choose too long wedding dresses. If choose the short dress with knee above, can appear leg more slender, perhaps more add clever. The wedding dress that short person suits includes to wipe bosom, curve to wipe bosom, tall waist, fishtail type, with gauze, satin face material is given priority to, with bowknot allele adornment, this kind of marriage gauze can lengthen the body of bride; Or A dress with A bodice, high waist and a-line, made of satin, lace, embroidery and beads. It is also a good choice to apply the breasts with thin gauze, embroidery and printing. It can not only lengthen the height of a short bride, but also make the upper body look slender.   2: the color of wedding dress chooses light color to fasten as far as possible, light color has enlarge the visual effect of the area, can add your length from the vision, avoid everybody to cast the eye to your person.   3: shoes should be measured, after all, short is not a sin, but the way you walk affects a person's temperament.   4: the design of bridal dress chooses to fit relatively as far as possible, solemn and elongate line.   The tall bride takes wedding photos   1. Wedding dress selection   Tall bride wedding dresses, I will pay special attention to the choice, although because of the reason may be what to wear good-looking, but relatively tight and fishtail wedding dress the effect will be better, so the bride can be slender body to the limit. And the wedding dress that resembles princess skirt or big skirt place had better not choose, because such meeting produces the visual effect of bulk too big, affect the aesthetic feeling of marriage gauze photograph.   2. Hair accessories   Generally speaking, tall brides should not make their hair too high, and keeping it down is a common technique used by hairstylists. Only the perfect combination of hair and clothes can make a tall bride look less obtrusive but more beautiful. The choice of shoes should be comfortable, so that they can be photographed in the best condition. In addition, taller brides are more likely to choose larger handfuls that match their height to make them look more glamorous.   3. Shooting style   For tall brides, it is important to choose the right style for wedding photos. So which style is best for tall brides? Small make up recommend is Korean style wedding photos to you, because of Korean wedding photography pursuit of style is diverse, and whether it is a beautiful, classical or fashion, personality, style, such as to be able to present a couple between the nature and state of happiness.   4. Taking photos   Pictures of posture is also important, the bride and groom in common shot, nestled in the arms of the bridegroom, it can not only highlight the sweet happiness, effect will be more natural. Tall bride photography had better choose held high or a standing photo a sitting posture, of course, if is single wedding photos taken the bride that can fully display your perfect curve. The slender leg is tall weapon, choose a skirt to reveal your beautiful leg, can make your wedding photo more outstanding.   Read more at:white bridesmaid dresses |orange bridesmaid dresses uk

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