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In June 2018, how does the newest bride-to-be massage leg can thin leg, massage crus

  Sent 10 yuan coin size of essential oils massage oil or thin leg as for palm, then around the palm overlap each other, the palm rub hot, and then use both hands by slide push right calf legs from down to up front, side and back, make hand massage oil or thin leg oil smear evenly on the calf. Only from the leg near the ankle while slide push up gently knead crus, bottom-up can slide push gently knead crus 10 times, with his hands in turn thumbs up from the base of the calf press crus inside about 10 times, this method can improve the phenomenon of lower leg edema, thin leg essential oil can also help better skinny legs.   First, pour out the massage oil or leg oil about 10 yuan, rub the palm into the palm and apply to the skin on the right thigh. Then put his hands into a fist, at both sides of the right thigh root, after the use of his fists on the knuckles from the thigh root, slide by slide push to the location of the thigh near the knee, and then use the fist down the leg, the skin to make a fist knuckles and knuckles appressed thighs, back and forth several times. The left thigh is massaged in the same way as the right thigh. This massage will not only slim down your legs, but also help reduce soreness.   Every night after bath, after bath while the leg blood circulation to speed up, the daub on the leg with baby oil or olive oil lubrication, then use the back scrapping plate, wooden comb, or sleek spoons etc, adopt the method of scrapping, hard to shave the legs, first from the ankle has been up to the thigh, each leg at least 50, can promote the blood circulation, to the role of edema, thin leg. Use lean leg oil instead of baby oil or olive oil.   Read more at:white bridesmaid dresses |orange bridesmaid dresses

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