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 The back of the chair is the key point that cannot be ignored in the wedding scene arrangement. The design of the back of the chair has the effect of making the finishing point to the whole wedding theme. So be sure to pay attention to small details. This article has brought the wedding chair back decoration pictures for your reference, and the back decoration matching skills to share with you.   Colorful striped back decoration   Wedding chair back matching skills   Wedding chair back matching skills -- echo the theme   Since it is the wedding site layout, it must echo with the wedding theme, so that the perfect combination with the theme. If choose flowers back decoration, you can according to the size of the wedding banquet scene environment to determine the size of the material, if the wedding chairs before haven't decorate to have the design feeling very much, that is about to ask professional floral designers to special design, otherwise likely redundant texture gild the lily. The most important thing is to agree on the theme of the wedding regardless of the color or scale.   Ribbon the back of the chair   Wedding chair back matching skills -- the addition of romantic elements   The wedding itself is a very romantic banquet, so the wedding site layout is also not romantic elements added. Attention should also be paid to this detail in the decoration of the back of the chair. For example, some ribbons, ribbons, feathers or beads are small accessories, the right combination is likely to be a stunning effect. It also highlights the romantic atmosphere of the wedding.   Colorful ribbon chair back decoration   Wedding chair back matching skills - a variety of floral decoration   Many people think that if they choose one kind of flower material, they cannot choose another kind of flower material. In fact, this idea is wrong. As long as appropriate collocation is ok, unless too complex collocation. The layout of the wedding, the couple, if the condition allows, can each table back to decorate different flowers, such seating, guests can also according to the types of flowers to find their own position. But try to keep the back of the chair as consistent as possible in the ritual area, otherwise it might look messy.   Cotton and linen logo seat back decoration   Wedding chair back decoration pictures   Wedding chair back decoration picture - cotton and linen logo back decoration   Chair wrapped him in cloth, and then write in burlap "Mrs" and "Mr", clearly distinguish the gender of the guests, is a very novel design, also can let the guests feel the couple takes good care of. The thick linen design has left some ribbon under it, and the back of this chair is a romantic wedding in a very Mediterranean style.   The back of the cane heart chair is decorated   Wedding chair back decoration picture - rattan heart - shaped chair back decoration   Must be in the wedding ceremony, white chair use coarse wire hanging a heart made of cane, the collocation of the heart-shaped cane and red rose, and next to the green branches, the collocation of such small and pure and fresh, let a person shine at the moment of feeling. Perfect for a romantic outdoor lawn wedding.   The back of the ball chair is decorated   Wedding chair back decoration picture - ball back decoration   Green purple gradient embroidery made into a red, in the bottom of the attached green ribbon, looks very small and pure and fresh, in decorated with white roses, next to the yellow butterfly orchid show at the top of the spirit, look is also a very rural style decorate the back of the chair.   Read more at:purple bridesmaid dresses uk | pink bridesmaid dresses uk

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