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Lawn wedding decorations and food

  (2) venue layout   1) welcome card: use the long foot vertical welcome card, affixed with ivy and white feathers wrapped with pearl-white or greenish-green satin ribbon, to make a cascading style of sagging, the material needs to be plump.   The greeting card features a beautiful photo - "we got married in 2009!" The names of the bride and groom are attached.   2) reception desk: 2 rectangular tables with red tablecloth and exquisite table flowers; Two new red guest book, two pens. New transparent glass long vertical container 1-2 (for red envelopes), the lower part of the container is golden wide ribbon. Put a guest list card (cream white). When guests arrive to sign in, they follow the usher to their seats with a card bearing their name. If still have redundant space, can put 1-2 dish happy candy, happy smoke.   3) the banquet hall is covered with red carpet. Starting from the entrance, two or three elegant silk flower arches are arranged at intervals, forming a passage that extends to the central stage. (the passenger usher should be careful not to touch the damaged silk flowers in the arch.)   4) use rice white or green tablecloths for the table, and use the same rice white chair cover for the sitting chair (if any). On the back of each seat cover is a Persian or purple silk flower. Use white cutlery (chopstick is black wood style), rice white napkin (lie across after folded, do not stand up), above sprinkle on red rose petal to make an ornament. In addition, each table is placed with a table flower, and the guest list card placed on the four sides of the table flower is written clearly on the guest list arranged at each table. Guest list card in milk white.   5) place 2 packs of happy cigarettes and 2 lighters on each table; One bottle of Sprite cola, two bottles of beer, with golden satin ribbon around the neck; 1 to 2 boxes of candy on each seat (two lighters are provided at each table of the hotel, and other items are handled by the guests themselves; If the budget allows, you can design your own sugar box, preferably cream white.   6) stage style. The background is decorated with wide red, white and purple ribbons that hang from above and drag onto the stage. Interspersed with silver threads of white feathers and coloured beads, they hang from above, long or short, wide or narrow. At the top of the stage, a shelf is built, with ivy wrapped around it, with colorful ribbons and feathered pearl curtains hanging down. Around the stage, golden or white artistic pillars are placed. The couple can stand on the eaves of the stage in the background of their homemade wedding photo display.   7) there are projectors and projection screens on the upper side of the stage and audio equipment on the other side, and 2-3 wireless microphones will be provided by the venue.   8) large flower baskets are placed in all four corners of the venue.   Read more at:one shoulder bridesmaid dresses | plus size bridesmaid dresses

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