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Sanya tourism wedding photo strategies for their own happy memories

 Travel photography many newcomers will choose beautiful sanya, but go to sanya tourism picture taken a lot of new people is the first time, don't know how to prepare, how to choose to leave happy memories for himself. So let's take a look at sanya tourism wedding photos guide.   Sanya tourism wedding photo guide time selection   New people who have known about sanya tourism know that sanya wedding photography, as well as tourism, is also divided into low season and high season.   April - July 1, this paragraph of time slot in the off-season, the couple is less, so the price of this paragraph of time slot is relatively lower, but the quarter was also warmer sanya, if couples choose this period of time to go, be sure to make efforts to comprehensively prevent bask in.   From September to February is the peak season for wedding photography in sanya, especially September is the best time to take wedding photos. Relative prices are slightly higher than in the off-season, and newcomers have to budget.   Sanya tourism wedding photo guide wedding photo location selection   1. Sanya bay -- the most classic shooting scenes in sanya: sunshine, beach, coast, coconut forest, tribulus, grassland and hot plants.   Features: sun, tropical, sea view, color, sanya bay is known as 18 km of singing coast.   2. Dadonghai -- sanya 5A level scenic spot shooting: around the sea reefs, big rocks, sunset, waves.   Features: rocks, waves, sunset, atmosphere. Sanya reef coast style of the coastline.   3. West island -- sanya is the most cost-effective choice for tourism: rich scene, rosy clouds, sunset, pure, with a strong southern style.   Features of scenic spots: a pearl in the south of sanya, eating, drinking, playing and photographing are not wrong. There are many scenes and themes, which are suitable for honeymoon, sightseeing and wedding photos.   4. Dongtian in size -- the first scenic spot of qiongya: the first scenic spot of the sea and sky line, fishing platform, sea and mountain spectacle, xianren foot, jianfeng trial, sea view, mountain view and stone scenery are beautiful and incomparable.   Features of the scenic spot: the scene of the first line of heaven and sea is deeply loved by new people. It is beautiful, beautiful, fresh and pure.   5. Wuzhizhou island -- the best choice for honeymoon vacation: lovers bridge, sunwatching rock, sea view corridor, sea quality clear.   Scenic spot features: valentine's bridge is one of the most beautiful scenic spots in sanya, the most beautiful, the most pure, the most romantic.   6. Theme attractions -- personalized shooting theme with rich shooting horizon: underwater, sports car, yacht, racecourse, helicopter.   Features: luxury, theme, personality, features, seascape. The bride and groom must choose wedding dress shooting theme.   Read more at:cadbury purple bridesmaid dresses |dusky pink bridesmaid dresses

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