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What kind of underwear do you wear for a wedding photo

What kind of underwear is good for taking wedding photos? Many would-be bride don't know what picture taken to wear underwear, underwear right can improve the body shape and at the same time make better effect when wearing a wedding dress, so the bride-to-be in photography must according to the wedding dress ready style underwear.   What kind of underwear is good for taking wedding photos? 1. Avoid underwear with shoulder straps   The design of bridal gown is to wipe breast commonly or v-neck, even if tall collar is also thin lace material, put on the underwear that has shoulder belt, can show shoulder belt, influence beautiful. At the same time, wearing underwear with shoulder straps will have a crease, and if the dress is a little tight, the cut will be obvious, which will also affect the appearance and show fat.   2. Choose wedding dress and color underwear as much as possible   When choosing underwear, it is best to choose underwear of the same color as wedding dress. If you can, choose incarnadine underwear is the safest, because marriage gauze and dress are relatively thin, if wear colored underwear in the light and the sun, is very easy to cause the color too. In the meantime, still should avoid the underwear of complex decorative pattern design, because this can affect the fabric of bridal dress itself and show line badly.   What kind of underwear do you wear for your wedding pictures? 3   Many brides wear smaller sizes to show off their more perfect bodies, thinking they can look better in tight underwear. However, the wedding day is very busy, some brides will not eat too much in order to look good in the mirror. If the underwear is too tight at this time, it is easy to cause hypoxia.   What kind of underwear should I wear for wedding photos? 4   Different wedding dress style is different to the requirement of underwear, for v-neck wedding dress, if you want to achieve the best effect, will choose type 3/4 cup bra, it can be your arms, back and abdomen fat concentration in the chest. For a strapless dress, you'll need strapless underwear and multi-purpose body shaping underwear to help you adjust and hold up the dress.   What kind of underwear do you wear for your wedding photos? 5   The bride has to work hard all day, whether taking wedding photos or at the wedding, so the size of the underwear must be appropriate. Too tight underwear not only makes the chest appear smaller, but also causes anoxic discomfort. And if the underwear is too loose, it is easy to go naked and does not show the shape of the bride. Generally speaking, the bride with small breasts can choose one half or three quarters of the cup, which will have a good effect on the bride's breasts and make them look fuller.   It is said that the bride's underwear is the soul of the wedding dress, but many times the bride spends her time choosing the wedding dress, often neglecting to take wedding photos and wear the best underwear. Take the wedding photo above to wear which kind of underwear is good, must have a good look, let you show glamour all the time.   Read more at:coral bridesmaid dresses uk | pastel bridesmaid dresses

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