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 What a congratulatory message is written by a friend:

 1. The red plum turns on the snow, and Lang rides the bamboo. Happy wine banquet guests, Rui snow greets the new. The suona blows the joy and the firecrackers are auspicious. Knock on the head, heaven and earth and high hall. The winter cold cave is warm, the love is bitter after the sweet. Wish you a happy new marriage!   2, you are born of a pair, create a pair of land, and now join together, in the future need more tolerance, care for each other, bless you!   3, in this happy season, may God guide your marriage, such as the river flow into the sea, become one, no longer is two, and rushing, endless!   4, the petals fly, the butterfly chasing, the jubilant celebrations in the waving; blue sky blue, white white clouds, thousand purple million red dream with each other; Yan whispering, sea European singing, a new pair of new people forever health; spring light, gentle breeze beauty, thousand li fragrance around around.   5, I wish you two love, love, love, love and love.   Read more at:peach bridesmaid dresses | cadbury purple bridesmaid dresses


 Romance is the most attractive

1, the most common in China's wedding is the bride of the simple natural twist design, of course, will be stained wine red hair fashion points go in fashionable design, delicate and crisp dish hair styling with a delicate crown make hair more add very noble temperament.   2, very romantic temperament wind industry a new summer bride hairstyle design, use the same relaxed without bang modelling design, best fit this delicate half a firm type bride hairstyle design and the top of the head also show the bride's romantic temperament most delicate hair wind.   3, a noble temperament type bride hairstyle pictures, wind in this hot season choose such a relaxed and show the bride twist of temperament also is pretty good oh, towering twist design combined with noble crown shape more add grace your QiGan bride.   4, if you interested in go is not to look at this simple random temperamental bride hairstyle pictures, simply will be fashionable side hair modelling design, combined with the fashion of the big volume design and delicate hair perm collar modelling, romantic aesthetic the eyes.   5, very retro style of a bride modelling design, want to go national wind type wedding brides can see oh, using the points and modelling design is fashionable, coupled with the simple natural brown hair color with red tassels eardrop more add very elegant wind restoring ancient ways.   6. The bride-to-be who irons wavy hair can try to do a bouffant hair style of the bride. The slightly messy hair of the bride-to-be is very voluminous.   7, this kind of spread the twist is very suitable for the bride-to-be do a pure and fresh and the bride's hair style restoring ancient ways of spring and summer, gradient pick to dye highlights the administrative levels of hairstyle, fine weave formidable match wreath around, is a goddess.   8. A style of long hair style of the bride with full sennvue style, with side parting of long hair tied in a casual low bun, with long oblique bangs and thin face, and fluffy hair tie-in and hair decoration fresh and sweet.   9. First of all, the hair style of a Chinese bride with a temperament is designed. The whole style is mainly made of Chinese red.   10, the bride that has Europe type wedding quite designs relaxed hairdo without bang hairdo design appears matchless vogue below the ornament that braid hair, the eyebrow heart of silvery white drops in the middle is very elegant charm.   Read more at:silver bridesmaid dresses | dusky pink bridesmaid dresses


The picture of the bride with short hair is sweet and spontaneous

 1. The wavy hair moves naturally along the cheeks, covering the excess meat on both sides. The full flower wreath is slanted on the forehead, presenting the casual sweetness.   2. The short hair is designed with small curls to create a fluffy and fashionable look. As long as the hair is matched with white veil, it is a fashionable bridal hair style.   3. Side parting and short shoulder-length hair will curl the hair tail back and match with the simple white bridal hair decoration, so as to complete a simple and generous bride hair style with short Korean hair.   4. The oblique bangs and eyes have excellent decorative effect. The perm has obvious layers and is very fashionable. Cover with white gauze to become the most beautiful Korean style short hair bride hairstyle.   5. Side parting short curly hair on the side with white flowers, creating an asymmetric beauty, appears very beautiful.   6. The short hair with side parting has a strong sense of asymmetry and looks very fashionable.   7. The short hair with inner and outer curls creates a unique layer. The beautiful radian makes people intoxicated.   8, compared with the traditional long veil, as shown in figure of the light and the veil is more suitable for short hair the bride, in the cheek, let the bride looks a hazy beauty, hair notoginseng points, on one side of the hair amount less don't again a big peony flower, let the bride is very beautiful.   9, this hairstyle head is generating a large volume of texture, tie-in highlights hair color, hair will itself administrative levels were so, forehead bang before processing let the bride show smooth forehead, give a person a kind of natural and graceful beauty.   10. The bride with short hair will make her bangs wavy, perfectly highlighting the side lines of the bride's face. The asymmetrical design and the hair decoration with thin lines make the bride look sweet and delicate.   Read more at:one shoulder bridesmaid dresses | dusky pink bridesmaid dresses


 Powder cake drying method

 Use a moisturizing primer and moisturizing foundation before applying makeup. Such on powdery cake can make makeup look lasting, achieve facial skin moisture oil balance, do not take off makeup easily.   1. First, dip the powder into the right amount with the powder puff, about one third of the powder puff, and apply pressure to the powder.   2. Apply the powder from the inside of the cheek to the outside. Dip the powder in step 1 once. Rub the smile muscle first.   3. Dip the powder in the same way, wipe the upper eyelid first, wipe it with a light tap, do not exert too much force, and then extend it to the temple. Do not need to dip again in the corner of the inner eye powder, eyelid is thin, wipe with the remaining powder will be more natural.   4, each to wipe out an area to dip in powder, from double brow wipe up, from the bottom to wipe the forehead, pay particular attention to Bob position, can't wipe massiness, avoid and scalp color color difference is obvious.   5. Wipe from the center of your brow to your nose from the top down to cover the pores on your nose. For the nose, mouth and other small places, we can fold the powder puff in half, dip in the appropriate amount of powder cake, and gently press in these areas.   6. When wiping the lower part of the lips, the powder should be folded and rubbed in half after dipping into the powder. The powder will not be so thick when applying makeup, because the skin around the lips is darker and the powder is too thick, which makes it look obvious. When applying the powder at the top of the cheeks, it should extend to the neck and ears to achieve overall skin tone coordination.   7. The color of the neck neck should be consistent with the color of the face, otherwise the color difference will be embarrassing. In the neck position besmear powdery cake, use clean powdery puff next gently push even, downy, let powdery bottom more tie service, perfect immaculate makeup look finished.   Read more at:one shoulder bridesmaid dresses uk | plus size bridesmaid dresses uk


 Precautions for taking wedding photos of Chinese traditional costume

  The popularity of more and more Chinese wedding photos makes the style of Chinese wedding photos become more and more diversified. Many bride and groom can choose Chinese style ancient costume wedding gauze photograph, that new people ancient costume modelling shoots marriage gauze photograph what need to notice, how can ability shoot good result? Might as well come to know the attention that takes wedding gauze of ancient costume.   Matters needing attention for wedding photos of Chinese ancient costume: choose suitable clothes   As we all know, ancient costume is quite complicated. If you like simple new people, you can choose cheongsam. If you're a petite girl, it's best to go for a simple style and a lightweight, old-fashioned look, or you'll get a bit of a drag. After the dress is selected, try not to do too ostentatious actions, and try your best to highlight your own beauty, not the beauty of clothing, because we want to shoot people, not clothing advertising.   Matters needing attention of wedding gauze of Chinese style ancient costume: integral modelling   Shoot old outfit wedding gauze photograph makeup had better be light, do not be too enchanting, hairstyle also should cooperate integral modelling style. Generally speaking makeup stylist knows the makeup look of ancient costume is appropriate pink is tender not enchanting, unless your integral modelling wants enchanting. The hair style of the bride and groom is very important in the wedding photos of ancient costume. It is also the center of the whole style. If the hair style is not good, it will seriously affect the overall effect of wedding photos.   Matters needing attention for wedding photos of Chinese ancient costume: communicate well in advance   New people must remember, it is not a person for their wedding photos, wedding photos of newcomers in ancient costume, but also need to communicate with the photographer, let the photographer to fully understand your need, can according to your style made good effect.   Note for Chinese costume wedding photos: be involved in the role   As a modern people, we will put on the costume for their wedding photos, there will be a feeling on the stage singing opera, so new people must throw contemporary feeling, dug up his classical beautiful side, otherwise not make a good effect. Ancient women are very gentle and reserved, if you want to be sexy, you must grasp the scale.   Some matters needing attention of above is taken photos of Chinese ancient costume, heart again when shooting new people nervous of avoid by all means, to relax the mood, adjust their own state, then you can clap a satisfactory wedding photos.   Read more at:dusky pink bridesmaid dresses | cadbury purple bridesmaid dresses


Bridesmaid dress what color is generally good

1, gray system   Gray colors rarely appear in Chinese weddings, but if new people dare to boldly try new things and their parents are less involved in weddings, try using gray as the bridesmaid's dress colors. The gray dress is very suitable for outdoor lawn weddings. It only needs a little treatment on the fabrics and details of the dresses. It will sweep away the grey dullness and oldness, but it will also highlight the temperament.   2, the green system   Green symbolizes freshness and vitality. It can bring hope, good luck and vitality to people. It is a very fresh and natural color. White-skinned bridesmaids wear white gowns even more, but if the bridesmaid's skin is yellowish or dark, it is best to avoid choosing this color. In addition, wedding customs are different everywhere, it is best to understand in advance the evasion of marriage customs to avoid misunderstandings.   3, purple   Purple is a noble color, but also a very bright color, purple bridesmaid dress is very suitable for the wedding held in autumn and winter. When choosing the purple line as the bridesmaid dress, it is advisable to use everything from simple styles and details, otherwise it will give people a heavy feeling. Yellow-skinned bridesmaids are not suitable for purple dresses. 4, pink, rose red   Read more at:short bridesmaid dresses uk | bridesmaid dresses uk


Shoot romantic wedding photos

 How to choose wedding dress 1: how many sets of clothes   The couple determines the number and style of wedding dresses, dresses, ancient clothes and casual clothes according to the set number of wedding photos. When ordering wedding photos, the store will typically specify the number of suits for both the exterior and the interior. Therefore, when choosing clothes, it is doomed not to seek perfection, need to choose. This is about to beg new people before booking wedding photos, is a general outline, know you probably want to take a few clothes, and then select the corresponding package, in order to avoid when choosing clothes, in a quandary.   How to choose wedding dress for the bride   The wedding dress is the most important when taking photos, so the bride should carefully choose the style of the wedding dress. And the wedding dress inside and outside should be different. For example, if you choose white yarn with large trailing, you can choose small trailing yarn indoors. Choose to wipe chest outdoor, indoor can choose condole to take, want to reflect the style that gives different is good.   The bride chooses the right wedding dress according to the scene she chooses. What take wedding gauze photograph wants is integral effect, character and scenery are united in wedlock, ability takes aesthetic feeling. For most people, the choice is usually scene first, then clothes. When choosing where to take a photo, you need to have the right clothes. For example, in the lush woods, it is suitable to wear a small fresh wedding dress, but not for the solemn atmosphere of the main wedding dress.   How does the bride choose her wedding dress   Generally speaking, white gauze all won't be very contracted, after all is the marriage gauze photograph of serious matter. But it is necessary to accentuate the curves of the waist and chest. If you are not sure, you can also ask the dress assistant for reference. Also, you have to try it on to see the effect. The wedding dress doesn't feel at all when it hangs there.   The bride's choice of wedding dress and dress should be combined with her appearance and body features. The same clothes on different people will show different effects. So choose clothes according to your own characteristics. For a slim bride, opt for a slimmer dress, preferably without vertical stripes. And the rich bride can choose loose and luxurious wedding dress, or the dress with a brighter color, to show the rich and the rich.   Read more at:black bridesmaid dresses online | gold bridesmaid dresses uk


 How does bridal veil wear the collocation that shows temperament gauze is very important

 Perfect bride, start from scratch! The headdress is the indispensable bright spot that bridal headdress ACTS the role of, different headdress collocation gives different temperament, so after all how does bridal veil wear ability to show the special temperament of the bride? Today small make up to send you the collocation law of hair gauze, let your bridal veil add cent to your bride's modelling!   How do you wear the bridal veil   How does bridal veil wear: the integral collocation of gauze and bridal gown   It is very important to match the beauty of the veil with the wedding dress as a whole, which is also the key step of how the veil is worn. When choosing a veil, you should pay attention to the overall matching with the wedding dress. Pure white wedding dress, and silver series of the veil will match; And not pure white wedding dress, had better match the gauze of aureate series. Because pure white gauze matchs pure white wedding dress, when put together can produce subtle change, look can produce inconsistent pure white degree.   Short gauze -- the short gauze of lightsome and comfortable, suit the marriage gauze of unconventional classic design very much, if close-fitting cut, fishtail model marriage gauze, can add nifty and lovely feeling. Short hair the bride also more choose single short veil, can deserve to go up is lightsome lace, dynamic falbala, glittering and translucent diamond bead piece, elegant feathers, careful silk flowers, match a charming and mysterious feeling.   Medium gauze - refers to the hair gauze that reaches the elbow length, the variety is various, wear convenient, suit to match the marriage gauze of most design, elegant and not conventional.   Mop tulle - is the most classic and popular style. Long mop the design although exaggerated, and inconvenient do, but only this kind of gauze can express the holy feeling of marriage completely. High modelling suits to match a variety of wedding dress, from lovely bubble skirt to the close-fitting skirt of fit, mop gauze can be competent.   Read more at::blue bridesmaid dresses uk | grey bridesmaid dresses


How do short brides take fashion wedding photos

  1: try not to choose too long wedding dresses. If choose the short dress with knee above, can appear leg more slender, perhaps more add clever. The wedding dress that short person suits includes to wipe bosom, curve to wipe bosom, tall waist, fishtail type, with gauze, satin face material is given priority to, with bowknot allele adornment, this kind of marriage gauze can lengthen the body of bride; Or A dress with A bodice, high waist and a-line, made of satin, lace, embroidery and beads. It is also a good choice to apply the breasts with thin gauze, embroidery and printing. It can not only lengthen the height of a short bride, but also make the upper body look slender.   2: the color of wedding dress chooses light color to fasten as far as possible, light color has enlarge the visual effect of the area, can add your length from the vision, avoid everybody to cast the eye to your person.   3: shoes should be measured, after all, short is not a sin, but the way you walk affects a person's temperament.   4: the design of bridal dress chooses to fit relatively as far as possible, solemn and elongate line.   The tall bride takes wedding photos   1. Wedding dress selection   Tall bride wedding dresses, I will pay special attention to the choice, although because of the reason may be what to wear good-looking, but relatively tight and fishtail wedding dress the effect will be better, so the bride can be slender body to the limit. And the wedding dress that resembles princess skirt or big skirt place had better not choose, because such meeting produces the visual effect of bulk too big, affect the aesthetic feeling of marriage gauze photograph.   2. Hair accessories   Generally speaking, tall brides should not make their hair too high, and keeping it down is a common technique used by hairstylists. Only the perfect combination of hair and clothes can make a tall bride look less obtrusive but more beautiful. The choice of shoes should be comfortable, so that they can be photographed in the best condition. In addition, taller brides are more likely to choose larger handfuls that match their height to make them look more glamorous.   3. Shooting style   For tall brides, it is important to choose the right style for wedding photos. So which style is best for tall brides? Small make up recommend is Korean style wedding photos to you, because of Korean wedding photography pursuit of style is diverse, and whether it is a beautiful, classical or fashion, personality, style, such as to be able to present a couple between the nature and state of happiness.   4. Taking photos   Pictures of posture is also important, the bride and groom in common shot, nestled in the arms of the bridegroom, it can not only highlight the sweet happiness, effect will be more natural. Tall bride photography had better choose held high or a standing photo a sitting posture, of course, if is single wedding photos taken the bride that can fully display your perfect curve. The slender leg is tall weapon, choose a skirt to reveal your beautiful leg, can make your wedding photo more outstanding.   Read more at:white bridesmaid dresses |orange bridesmaid dresses uk


 First time to see your parents: listen

 After the small talk, listen to the other person's parents and listen to them carefully. Then, tell the other parent about yourself. Before that, you can "rehearse" with your male (female) friends how to talk to their elders.   The first time you see a parent: don't count who you are   Elders met with each other, your male (female) friend most likely to become the main topic, but in front of the other parents, don't dig your object some private story, usually play the joke between lovers in front of their parents. Your partner's parents expect to be comfortable talking about their child, and that's a sign of respect for your male or female friends.   Don't be a know-it-all.   About your male (female) friends of clothing color and food taste preferences, such as you might know it all, this is good, but if the endlessly in front of the other parents said, it's not good, want to know who knows his own child far more than you, you know every family has a strong sense of self-protection, meet for the first time you are not into each other's family.   First time to see your parents: avoid intimacy   When sitting with a man, avoid touching, hugging and kissing. Of course, the other parents know that you are in love, but, in front of the elders, you should keep elegant and decent, do not "big show" intimacy.   Note to parents for the first time: don't worry too much about ex-boyfriend/girlfriend topics   Don't take it too seriously when talking about your ex's ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. It's his or her past. Simply change the subject and your partner and parents will like you more for your generosity.   Read more at: After the small talk, listen to the other person's parents and listen to them carefully. Then, tell the other parent about yourself. Before that, you can "rehearse" with your male (female) friends how to talk to their elders.   The first time you see a parent: don't count who you are   Elders met with each other, your male (female) friend most likely to become the main topic, but in front of the other parents, don't dig your object some private story, usually play the joke between lovers in front of their parents. Your partner's parents expect to be comfortable talking about their child, and that's a sign of respect for your male or female friends.   Don't be a know-it-all.   About your male (female) friends of clothing color and food taste preferences, such as you might know it all, this is good, but if the endlessly in front of the other parents said, it's not good, want to know who knows his own child far more than you, you know every family has a strong sense of self-protection, meet for the first time you are not into each other's family.   First time to see your parents: avoid intimacy   When sitting with a man, avoid touching, hugging and kissing. Of course, the other parents know that you are in love, but, in front of the elders, you should keep elegant and decent, do not "big show" intimacy.   Note to parents for the first time: don't worry too much about ex-boyfriend/girlfriend topics   Don't take it too seriously when talking about your ex's ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. It's his or her past. Simply change the subject and your partner and parents will like you more for your generosity.   Read more at:gold bridesmaid dresses | yellow bridesmaid dresses uk


In June 2018, how does the newest bride-to-be massage leg can thin leg, massage crus

  Sent 10 yuan coin size of essential oils massage oil or thin leg as for palm, then around the palm overlap each other, the palm rub hot, and then use both hands by slide push right calf legs from down to up front, side and back, make hand massage oil or thin leg oil smear evenly on the calf. Only from the leg near the ankle while slide push up gently knead crus, bottom-up can slide push gently knead crus 10 times, with his hands in turn thumbs up from the base of the calf press crus inside about 10 times, this method can improve the phenomenon of lower leg edema, thin leg essential oil can also help better skinny legs.   First, pour out the massage oil or leg oil about 10 yuan, rub the palm into the palm and apply to the skin on the right thigh. Then put his hands into a fist, at both sides of the right thigh root, after the use of his fists on the knuckles from the thigh root, slide by slide push to the location of the thigh near the knee, and then use the fist down the leg, the skin to make a fist knuckles and knuckles appressed thighs, back and forth several times. The left thigh is massaged in the same way as the right thigh. This massage will not only slim down your legs, but also help reduce soreness.   Every night after bath, after bath while the leg blood circulation to speed up, the daub on the leg with baby oil or olive oil lubrication, then use the back scrapping plate, wooden comb, or sleek spoons etc, adopt the method of scrapping, hard to shave the legs, first from the ankle has been up to the thigh, each leg at least 50, can promote the blood circulation, to the role of edema, thin leg. Use lean leg oil instead of baby oil or olive oil.   Read more at:white bridesmaid dresses |orange bridesmaid dresses


 Share wedding chair back decoration

 The back of the chair is the key point that cannot be ignored in the wedding scene arrangement. The design of the back of the chair has the effect of making the finishing point to the whole wedding theme. So be sure to pay attention to small details. This article has brought the wedding chair back decoration pictures for your reference, and the back decoration matching skills to share with you.   Colorful striped back decoration   Wedding chair back matching skills   Wedding chair back matching skills -- echo the theme   Since it is the wedding site layout, it must echo with the wedding theme, so that the perfect combination with the theme. If choose flowers back decoration, you can according to the size of the wedding banquet scene environment to determine the size of the material, if the wedding chairs before haven't decorate to have the design feeling very much, that is about to ask professional floral designers to special design, otherwise likely redundant texture gild the lily. The most important thing is to agree on the theme of the wedding regardless of the color or scale.   Ribbon the back of the chair   Wedding chair back matching skills -- the addition of romantic elements   The wedding itself is a very romantic banquet, so the wedding site layout is also not romantic elements added. Attention should also be paid to this detail in the decoration of the back of the chair. For example, some ribbons, ribbons, feathers or beads are small accessories, the right combination is likely to be a stunning effect. It also highlights the romantic atmosphere of the wedding.   Colorful ribbon chair back decoration   Wedding chair back matching skills - a variety of floral decoration   Many people think that if they choose one kind of flower material, they cannot choose another kind of flower material. In fact, this idea is wrong. As long as appropriate collocation is ok, unless too complex collocation. The layout of the wedding, the couple, if the condition allows, can each table back to decorate different flowers, such seating, guests can also according to the types of flowers to find their own position. But try to keep the back of the chair as consistent as possible in the ritual area, otherwise it might look messy.   Cotton and linen logo seat back decoration   Wedding chair back decoration pictures   Wedding chair back decoration picture - cotton and linen logo back decoration   Chair wrapped him in cloth, and then write in burlap "Mrs" and "Mr", clearly distinguish the gender of the guests, is a very novel design, also can let the guests feel the couple takes good care of. The thick linen design has left some ribbon under it, and the back of this chair is a romantic wedding in a very Mediterranean style.   The back of the cane heart chair is decorated   Wedding chair back decoration picture - rattan heart - shaped chair back decoration   Must be in the wedding ceremony, white chair use coarse wire hanging a heart made of cane, the collocation of the heart-shaped cane and red rose, and next to the green branches, the collocation of such small and pure and fresh, let a person shine at the moment of feeling. Perfect for a romantic outdoor lawn wedding.   The back of the ball chair is decorated   Wedding chair back decoration picture - ball back decoration   Green purple gradient embroidery made into a red, in the bottom of the attached green ribbon, looks very small and pure and fresh, in decorated with white roses, next to the yellow butterfly orchid show at the top of the spirit, look is also a very rural style decorate the back of the chair.   Read more at:purple bridesmaid dresses uk | pink bridesmaid dresses uk


Lawn wedding decorations and food

  (2) venue layout   1) welcome card: use the long foot vertical welcome card, affixed with ivy and white feathers wrapped with pearl-white or greenish-green satin ribbon, to make a cascading style of sagging, the material needs to be plump.   The greeting card features a beautiful photo - "we got married in 2009!" The names of the bride and groom are attached.   2) reception desk: 2 rectangular tables with red tablecloth and exquisite table flowers; Two new red guest book, two pens. New transparent glass long vertical container 1-2 (for red envelopes), the lower part of the container is golden wide ribbon. Put a guest list card (cream white). When guests arrive to sign in, they follow the usher to their seats with a card bearing their name. If still have redundant space, can put 1-2 dish happy candy, happy smoke.   3) the banquet hall is covered with red carpet. Starting from the entrance, two or three elegant silk flower arches are arranged at intervals, forming a passage that extends to the central stage. (the passenger usher should be careful not to touch the damaged silk flowers in the arch.)   4) use rice white or green tablecloths for the table, and use the same rice white chair cover for the sitting chair (if any). On the back of each seat cover is a Persian or purple silk flower. Use white cutlery (chopstick is black wood style), rice white napkin (lie across after folded, do not stand up), above sprinkle on red rose petal to make an ornament. In addition, each table is placed with a table flower, and the guest list card placed on the four sides of the table flower is written clearly on the guest list arranged at each table. Guest list card in milk white.   5) place 2 packs of happy cigarettes and 2 lighters on each table; One bottle of Sprite cola, two bottles of beer, with golden satin ribbon around the neck; 1 to 2 boxes of candy on each seat (two lighters are provided at each table of the hotel, and other items are handled by the guests themselves; If the budget allows, you can design your own sugar box, preferably cream white.   6) stage style. The background is decorated with wide red, white and purple ribbons that hang from above and drag onto the stage. Interspersed with silver threads of white feathers and coloured beads, they hang from above, long or short, wide or narrow. At the top of the stage, a shelf is built, with ivy wrapped around it, with colorful ribbons and feathered pearl curtains hanging down. Around the stage, golden or white artistic pillars are placed. The couple can stand on the eaves of the stage in the background of their homemade wedding photo display.   7) there are projectors and projection screens on the upper side of the stage and audio equipment on the other side, and 2-3 wireless microphones will be provided by the venue.   8) large flower baskets are placed in all four corners of the venue.   Read more at:one shoulder bridesmaid dresses | plus size bridesmaid dresses


Sanya tourism wedding photo strategies for their own happy memories

 Travel photography many newcomers will choose beautiful sanya, but go to sanya tourism picture taken a lot of new people is the first time, don't know how to prepare, how to choose to leave happy memories for himself. So let's take a look at sanya tourism wedding photos guide.   Sanya tourism wedding photo guide time selection   New people who have known about sanya tourism know that sanya wedding photography, as well as tourism, is also divided into low season and high season.   April - July 1, this paragraph of time slot in the off-season, the couple is less, so the price of this paragraph of time slot is relatively lower, but the quarter was also warmer sanya, if couples choose this period of time to go, be sure to make efforts to comprehensively prevent bask in.   From September to February is the peak season for wedding photography in sanya, especially September is the best time to take wedding photos. Relative prices are slightly higher than in the off-season, and newcomers have to budget.   Sanya tourism wedding photo guide wedding photo location selection   1. Sanya bay -- the most classic shooting scenes in sanya: sunshine, beach, coast, coconut forest, tribulus, grassland and hot plants.   Features: sun, tropical, sea view, color, sanya bay is known as 18 km of singing coast.   2. Dadonghai -- sanya 5A level scenic spot shooting: around the sea reefs, big rocks, sunset, waves.   Features: rocks, waves, sunset, atmosphere. Sanya reef coast style of the coastline.   3. West island -- sanya is the most cost-effective choice for tourism: rich scene, rosy clouds, sunset, pure, with a strong southern style.   Features of scenic spots: a pearl in the south of sanya, eating, drinking, playing and photographing are not wrong. There are many scenes and themes, which are suitable for honeymoon, sightseeing and wedding photos.   4. Dongtian in size -- the first scenic spot of qiongya: the first scenic spot of the sea and sky line, fishing platform, sea and mountain spectacle, xianren foot, jianfeng trial, sea view, mountain view and stone scenery are beautiful and incomparable.   Features of the scenic spot: the scene of the first line of heaven and sea is deeply loved by new people. It is beautiful, beautiful, fresh and pure.   5. Wuzhizhou island -- the best choice for honeymoon vacation: lovers bridge, sunwatching rock, sea view corridor, sea quality clear.   Scenic spot features: valentine's bridge is one of the most beautiful scenic spots in sanya, the most beautiful, the most pure, the most romantic.   6. Theme attractions -- personalized shooting theme with rich shooting horizon: underwater, sports car, yacht, racecourse, helicopter.   Features: luxury, theme, personality, features, seascape. The bride and groom must choose wedding dress shooting theme.   Read more at:cadbury purple bridesmaid dresses |dusky pink bridesmaid dresses


What kind of underwear do you wear for a wedding photo

What kind of underwear is good for taking wedding photos? Many would-be bride don't know what picture taken to wear underwear, underwear right can improve the body shape and at the same time make better effect when wearing a wedding dress, so the bride-to-be in photography must according to the wedding dress ready style underwear.   What kind of underwear is good for taking wedding photos? 1. Avoid underwear with shoulder straps   The design of bridal gown is to wipe breast commonly or v-neck, even if tall collar is also thin lace material, put on the underwear that has shoulder belt, can show shoulder belt, influence beautiful. At the same time, wearing underwear with shoulder straps will have a crease, and if the dress is a little tight, the cut will be obvious, which will also affect the appearance and show fat.   2. Choose wedding dress and color underwear as much as possible   When choosing underwear, it is best to choose underwear of the same color as wedding dress. If you can, choose incarnadine underwear is the safest, because marriage gauze and dress are relatively thin, if wear colored underwear in the light and the sun, is very easy to cause the color too. In the meantime, still should avoid the underwear of complex decorative pattern design, because this can affect the fabric of bridal dress itself and show line badly.   What kind of underwear do you wear for your wedding pictures? 3   Many brides wear smaller sizes to show off their more perfect bodies, thinking they can look better in tight underwear. However, the wedding day is very busy, some brides will not eat too much in order to look good in the mirror. If the underwear is too tight at this time, it is easy to cause hypoxia.   What kind of underwear should I wear for wedding photos? 4   Different wedding dress style is different to the requirement of underwear, for v-neck wedding dress, if you want to achieve the best effect, will choose type 3/4 cup bra, it can be your arms, back and abdomen fat concentration in the chest. For a strapless dress, you'll need strapless underwear and multi-purpose body shaping underwear to help you adjust and hold up the dress.   What kind of underwear do you wear for your wedding photos? 5   The bride has to work hard all day, whether taking wedding photos or at the wedding, so the size of the underwear must be appropriate. Too tight underwear not only makes the chest appear smaller, but also causes anoxic discomfort. And if the underwear is too loose, it is easy to go naked and does not show the shape of the bride. Generally speaking, the bride with small breasts can choose one half or three quarters of the cup, which will have a good effect on the bride's breasts and make them look fuller.   It is said that the bride's underwear is the soul of the wedding dress, but many times the bride spends her time choosing the wedding dress, often neglecting to take wedding photos and wear the best underwear. Take the wedding photo above to wear which kind of underwear is good, must have a good look, let you show glamour all the time.   Read more at:coral bridesmaid dresses uk | pastel bridesmaid dresses

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