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Wedding bedding elements of choice

(a) from the Angle of environment design, home textile products for living environment, is the major point to the overall harmony, coordination and room environment must be considered and the particularity of room function, attention should be paid to household environment local adornment and the unity of the whole style.   From the perspective of health care, studies have shown that one third of people's life is in the state of sleep, and whether the body can get enough rest during sleep largely determines the health of the body. Advocating the health and environmental protection of household products, we have developed a series of health care products, such as cotton and linen series, chrysanthemum pillow, wheat stone pillow, latex pillow and neck pillow.   (2) for the purpose of purchase   If the gift should be given to the person who gave it, the bride should be happy. When sending a new friend to a new place of residence, consider the new environment. If make for daily use, concise, convenient, practical single piece combination is a kind of very good choice, you can change colour and lustre frequently with seasonal change and individual need, build different atmosphere.   (3) from the perspective of seasonal change   The choice of bedding should change according to seasonal change and change, if chun xia can choose pure and fresh, bouncing colour builds vivid atmosphere, winter can choose warm tonal, the vision effect that foil warmth. Quilt series summer with 3 jins or so is appropriate, spring autumn 4-5 jins or winter 6-8 jins or so. It also depends on personal habits and the local climate.   3. Fabric selection of wedding bedding   (1) polyester cotton   The brand products of polyester and cotton are generally made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Terylene terylene plain thin surface, good strength and abrasion resistance, small shrinkage, the product appearance is not easy to go out of sample, and affordable price, good durability, but not as comfortable as pure cotton. In addition, because polyester is not easy to dye, so polyester fabrics for light, light tone, more suitable for spring and summer use. Twill polyester cotton is usually denser than plain weave, so it looks dense and thick.   Yarn-dyed pure cotton   Yarn-dyed pure cotton is a kind of pure cotton fabric, which is made of warp and weft of different colors. As a result of dyeing before weaving, the dye permeability is strong, the color fastness is good, and the three-dimensional sense of different colored yarn fabric is strong, the style is unique, the bedclothes are mostly in striped pattern. It has the characteristics of pure cotton fabric, but usually has a higher shrinkage.   Pure silk fabric   The appearance of pure silk fabrics is gorgeous, rich, have natural soft light and scintillation effect, feel comfortable, intensity is high, flexibility and moisture absorption is better than cotton, but easy dirty, heat resistance to intense sunlight is poorer than cotton. The cross-section of the fiber is a unique triangle, and the reflection of light changes after partial moisture absorption, which is easy to form water stains and difficult to eliminate, so the silk fabric should be covered with white cloth when ironing.   (4) high-count high-density jacquard fabrics   High density cotton jacquard fabric warp/weft density of fabric is particularly big, rich texture changes, so the fabrics feel thick, durable performance is good, cloth finish high, much as light grey flower, very chic, are made of pure cotton fabric in one of the more advanced.   (5) pure cotton   Pure cotton feels good, use comfortable, easy to dye, variety of design change is rich, soft warmth, moisture absorption is strong, endure washing, take static electricity is little, it is the material that bedding USES extensively; However, it is easy to wrinkle, shrink, poor elasticity, acid resistance and alkali resistance. It is not suitable for long time treatment at temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius. If there are conditions, use a steam iron to iron the product after each use, the effect will be better.   Read more at:purple bridesmaid dresses uk | dusky pink bridesmaid dresses

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