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It is important to pay attention to the quality of wedding

Joyful acted an important role in the wedding, a symbol of the new people you happy life after marriage, can not be so careless when buy, so this article bring you the joyful wedding strategy of choose and buy, people in need can come to see oh.   I. name brand effect.   Can buy a joyful candy brand on the xafs has nearly hundred kinds, in a wide variety of joyful to pick out a price quality are more appropriate is very difficult (impossible to each tasted), if you don't have a friend working in confectioners, please select the famous big companies and joyful. For name brand style and joyful, after all, as long as through formal channels must assure the quality of the purchased, and packaging of famous brand and joyful and luxuriant, the price is very cheap, most retail at $1.5.   Pay attention to the expiration date.   Buy food to see shelf life, believe everybody already has this kind of habit, here needless to say. The only thing that reminds you is that candy is too "fresh" to be careful. General candy process from production to sales has a time, in two or three months is very normal, if you get is just two days before the date of production, don't believe the wedding company to tell you how much this sugar fresh, in fact, is likely to be their last night just after the "processing" knock up the shelf life of myself.   3. Do not choose "secondary packaging sugar"   So-called secondary packing sugar, refers to some wedding companies from the informal channels without packaging batch purchase "3 without" candy, then use a prepared packaging packaging, and then to the xafs price to sell to customers. Some wedding companies don't have candy processing licenses, so pay special attention.   Four, pay attention to kind collocation.   Although it is not so important to say that the candy itself is not so important, it is not easy to choose the candy from the unknown small factory, which is more likely to affect the health due to the quality of the candy. At present, the most popular candy in the xafs is mainly chocolate, and the traditional candy, milk candy and fruit sugar are also popular with some new people.   5. The amount of sugar needed.   There are two places to use the candy: the wedding scene and the delivery. At the wedding ceremony, each table should be set with a dish of happy sugar, a dish of about 1 jin. You plan to have a few tables and you'll know how much sugar you need. Send a person, send relatives and friends to press one person a small package (around three or four or so) candy send, send the colleague of the unit to press roughly an office a big bag (1 jin of left and right sides) happy candy send. Look at how many people you're sending, and then add the sugar to the wedding scene, and the extra punch is the amount of sugar you need to buy. Usually at least 30 jin.   6. Consider the guests' age structure.   When selecting a joyful must pay attention to the many varieties, jelly, hard candy, chocolate, honey, lollipops can consider, can consider several more at the beginning, then slowly filter, keep candy for young and old.   The proportion of species and quantity.   Different kinds of sugar are allocated according to their price, variety and different habits of eating sugar. For example, there are more young girls and children in the wedding, so chocolate can be more prepared, and a certain number of matches with lollipop will be very popular.   8. The packaging color should be exquisite.   The color of wedding candy should choose warm color to pack as far as possible, add festive atmosphere. It's best not to opt for blue, black or other cold - colored candy wrappers. Since the impression left to the guests is first and foremost the outer package, so the small details can not be spared.   Read more at:one shoulder bridesmaid dresses |one shoulder bridesmaid dresses

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