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Gratitude session.

 Again bless you, today you get married, formed the belong to your family, but don't forget, there is a belong to your family, extended family has your leadership colleagues, have your elder friends, and your mom and dad, first of all to the guests here a deep bow bow, thank you, and please two couple walked off stage, came to the guest, came to the front of mom and dad, take a closer look at --   I do not know when, the parents of the two sides of the hair of a silk hair; I do not know when, the eyes of the parents are a lot of wrinkles... That is to work for you, come on, the couple, tightly embrace together with their parents, heart with heart grateful to tell you, at this moment, I again remind of such words, is all the parents poor heart, is trusted all parent.   Friends, extend your warm hands, applause to all parents health, longevity!   Western-style wedding process moderator 2, champagne.   The bride and groom, together hand in hand, open your happiness of champagne, irrigate happiness champagne tower, glittering and translucent get rid of the champagne glass pyramid, is true love castle, you heart is solid. But at this moment, slowly down champagne wine, is also the source of your true love, slowly flowing, flowing slowly, with a calm, with a calm, into the couple's love garden, moistens the flower of love, filled with the fragrance of love,   Love is a lamp that grows brighter. Love is a river that grows longer. Love is a flower that grows more beautiful. Love is a wine that grows old. Friends let us bless the two new people in the ordinary life, can deduce the extraordinary wonderful.   Read more at:purple bridesmaid dresses uk | dusky pink bridesmaid dresses

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