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The wedding theme is designed to make the wedding name romantic and beautiful.

 The couple meticulously planned a perfect wedding for themselves, of course, a romantic and beautiful wedding theme, not only to make the wedding appear unique, but also to leave unforgettable memories for the new couple. So how should new people design their wedding theme? Let's take a look at it. This article also provides the wedding theme name recommendation for new people, let the new people do a reference, hope to be helpful to everyone.   The wedding theme is designed to make the wedding name romantic and beautiful.   Wedding theme name design - several ways to determine the name of a wedding theme.   Take a theme name for your wedding, print it on the invitation, decorate it at the wedding venue, and make your wedding special and unique to you. There are many types of wedding theme names and see if they give you any inspiration!   First, new name group words.   The name of the bride and groom is a good word, and the name of the wedding theme is the most common, and many celebrities' wedding names are in this form. It should be noted that the meaning of words must be beautiful, preferably related to weddings, love and happiness.   E.g. Zhang jie & sheena - na is married. Jia nailiang & li xiaolu -- the lu in the heart; Gao yunxiang & dong xuan - yun xinxuan.   The letter combination of the couple's name.   This kind of wedding theme is mostly used in English celebrity wedding, Taiwan or Hong Kong stars prefer to use. The name introduction and foreign gas, also more and more the mainland new person's liking.   Example: wang xiaofei & big S -- WS.   3. Named after the wedding theme.   Name it according to the type of wedding you want. Lawn weddings can be called "spring blossoms", hot air balloon weddings can be named "love of the city" and so on.   Four, according to two love story named.   Each pair of new people get married will have a fun or passion or romance or moving or love story, this kind of wedding theme name of learning from your love story will be used to translate, for example you met in the winter of pure, can be called "winter sonata", or a fellow literature lovers, named after the ancient Chinese poems, or because of a foreign language, preferable to a chic foreign language subject. This kind of theme is not only practical, but also can add a unique romantic atmosphere to the wedding, also can leave a lifetime of fond memories.   5. Named after their professional characteristics.   From two professional, home or hobby interest level to the title or the theme of the wedding, can be "love harbour," flight "happiness" (if is aviation department), "white love song" () in the medical industry, "delicious love" (in the chef industry), Chinese style wedding can burn "chicken", "recent", such as such train of thought to lead to some new people with new ideas. Or there are two songs that people like, you can see if there is a suitable song name for the wedding theme, suggest two new couples to think together to see what style they like. The wedding theme is all about the memories of your life.   Wedding theme name design -- recommendation of the theme of the wedding.   1-15   Blue love journey.   The love ship.   The fall convention.   Let love come tonight.   The rose island, the flowers tell the rain.   Love is eternal -- soldier.   You are my sun.   The moon boat that floats on the Seine.   Beautiful myth.   10. Snow angel   A lifetime is a lifetime.   The love of Hokkaido.   13. "blue and white porcelain" themed wedding ceremony.   The love of the north star.   I'll wait for you in the moonlight.   16-30   Hold hands in the moonlight.   The love on the railroad tracks.   Love is a gift.   19. Romantic infinity   The old legend of paper airplanes.   21. Love the Aegean sea.   Go to the end of love.   23. A love letter   24. The edge of the sea.   Hand in hand this spring love sublimates.   26. "spring" - children's play style for boys and girls.   It's you.   The moonlight stands for my heart.   Always in love   I love me very much   31-45   Happiness is like a flower.   Years are like songs   33. Dragon and phoenix chengxiang   34. Fate sky   I am the wife of a soldier.   36. Strong feelings of autumn, hand in hand tea garden.   Cupid's arrow of love.   "Fish water love" theme wedding.   A wanted wedding - two newlyweds have been put on the wedding aisle for their sweet and excessive guilt.   The mermaid wedding.   The love of lilacs.   42. Target assault   The wedding on the train.   Spanish wedding.   45. Fruit theme   46-60   Text messaging.   47. This life is destiny.   Wear crystal shoes.   The tree bears witness to happiness.   50. Light happiness.   Want to love forever.   Apollo and daphne.   The rose princess fairy tale.   The love of the peacock.   55. The adventures of five-petal lilacs.   A lifetime of love.   57. Heart to heart.   Angels are in the world.   The paradise of love   The mermaid love.   61-75   The pursuit of love - love is a Slam Dunk.   You have all the way   63. Realization of aspirations   The attribution of love.   65. The spring   The wizard of oz fairy tale wedding.   67. Seven flap of snow   Hot air balloon wedding.   The five colors rose.   Traveling through time and space.   Love travels thousands of miles.   The lion king's creative romantic theme.   The love of the century   74. There is nothing in the world.   I want to talk to you all my life.   Read more at:forever yours bridesmaid dresses | plus size bridesmaid dresses

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