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Wedding bedding has a selection of bedding tips and tricks.

The most important of bridal chamber is the arrangement of bridal bed, before arranging marriage bed, the new person should choose to choose the goods of bridal bed. So do new people know what's on the wedding bed? How to buy bedding? Here are some of the things you can do with your wedding bed.   What's on the wedding bed.   A, bedspread   The bedspread is an important ornament on the bed. Is it into the bedroom at first glance, it is the tone of the bedding, because of the bedspread is not close to the person's skin, not necessarily cotton products, can choose dacron or poplin, these material is crisp, not wrinkle easily. The style of bedspread is better want to be in harmony with the color of room furniture, style. Because it is newly married, you might as well choose some warm and cheerful colors.   Second, the quilt   The quilt on the xafs now has all kinds of material, their difference is: the advantage of duvet is to have good heat preservation, and have good hygroscopicity, permeability; Silk is made of mulberry silk, because the silkworm is not able to touch pesticide and other chemicals during the growth process. Silk is considered as the most environmentally friendly quilt. The insulation of wool (cashmere) is not in doubt, and has a good drape, so it is very good to be intimate and comfortable. The price of fiber is moderate, but according to four holes, seven holes, nine holes and other specifications, the price will be different. The more fiber holes, the better the insulation, elasticity and permeability.   Third, the sheets   The bed sheet had better choose the natural cotton product with good hygroscopic sex, fiber cotton is also good choice. Such sheets are soft and comfortable. The moisture absorption of polyester and cotton blends is poor, which is easy to produce static electricity and dust, and the choice of polyester is lower. The sheet should not be too thick and thick, because dust is easily deposited on the mattress by the holes of the sheets.   Four, the pillowcase   The fabric of pillowcase is gentle, so choose pure cotton products. The pillowcase feels better, and you will feel uncomfortable when you lie on your side with your face pressed against the pillow. In detail, the zipper should be covered with extra fabric so that the sheet will not be hung. When choosing a pillowcase separately, it is better to take the pillow with you. When the interview is done, it is necessary to prevent the purchase of the pillowcase. The size can also be biased.   Five, the pillow core   Pillow as bedding, also more and more attention, and expensive pillow core is everywhere. Like the new memory pillow, not only the pillow is comfortable, but also can play a relaxing role on the shoulders. The common pillow core in the xafs is: nine hole pillow, fiber pillow, silk pillow, memory pillow, feather pillow, silkworm sand pillow and so on. Pillow texture should be soft, air permeability is good, unfavorable too excessively low, with 8 ~ 15 centimeters tall is appropriate. Make a suggestion to go to the physical store to test first, see which pillow is comfortable, then go online to buy. It is very depressing to sleep with an uncomfortable pillow.   Read more at:blue bridesmaid dresses | grey bridesmaid dresses

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