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The British style bride makeup features simple but beautiful.

  1. Stylish retro.   East London is a brought together a large number of artists and a place for old factory, the independent studio, there are full of strong flavor of literature and art, all kinds of shops and restoring ancient ways vintage blocks constitute the modern retro style of east London.   Makeup features:   Flawless white bottom makeup, pure black eyeliner outline the deep eye makeup, fine brushwork the eyebrows and the signature red lips, the use of heavy ink color to the extreme.   Exquisite and elegant.   Fashion capital London how little the delicate and elegant impression, such as the red carpet in star, bead piece dress, nude lipstick, exquisite fabrics and accessories, a series of the details of the created a noble aura. The ladies and ladies of west London are whirling in the elegant circles of high society, and each one of them is bound to possess the goddess temperament of the atmosphere.   Makeup features:   The imposing manner of the full house is not necessarily the strong contrast of heavy makeup, elegant makeup face, clear feeling of bottom makeup, let the famous yuan of fog all appear elegant and easy. Bead light pastel eye shadow, the collocation of delicate nude lip is applied, let the bride more show the eye clear show.   3. Showy hip-hop.   On the streets of south London, all sorts of metope graffiti, hip-hop black people, are full of restlessness and passion. Those passionate, free-spirited colors are blooming on your makeup, a passion that is everywhere, regardless of age, as long as you are brave enough to show it.   Makeup features:   The main theme of hip hop is bold color, fluorescent eye shadow, cherry pink lip makeup, thick black eyeliner, and a young, Bohemia face.   Punk rock.   The north of punk rock London is not only the birthplace of British rock, but also the beginning of the career of Vivienne Weastwood. There you will find a lot of Mohawk, the signature girls with red lips and smoky eyes, their punks or sexy or sweet, giving people a cool feeling of "being away".   Makeup features:   Thick smoke makeup is the soul and essence of punk makeup, the first choice black system makes deep look. Tie-in dark red lips, thick black eyelashes, heavy ink to create the metal punk sense of the little devil.   Read more at:one shoulder bridesmaid dresses |short bridesmaid dresses uk

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