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Wedding bedding elements of choice

(a) from the Angle of environment design, home textile products for living environment, is the major point to the overall harmony, coordination and room environment must be considered and the particularity of room function, attention should be paid to household environment local adornment and the unity of the whole style.   From the perspective of health care, studies have shown that one third of people's life is in the state of sleep, and whether the body can get enough rest during sleep largely determines the health of the body. Advocating the health and environmental protection of household products, we have developed a series of health care products, such as cotton and linen series, chrysanthemum pillow, wheat stone pillow, latex pillow and neck pillow.   (2) for the purpose of purchase   If the gift should be given to the person who gave it, the bride should be happy. When sending a new friend to a new place of residence, consider the new environment. If make for daily use, concise, convenient, practical single piece combination is a kind of very good choice, you can change colour and lustre frequently with seasonal change and individual need, build different atmosphere.   (3) from the perspective of seasonal change   The choice of bedding should change according to seasonal change and change, if chun xia can choose pure and fresh, bouncing colour builds vivid atmosphere, winter can choose warm tonal, the vision effect that foil warmth. Quilt series summer with 3 jins or so is appropriate, spring autumn 4-5 jins or winter 6-8 jins or so. It also depends on personal habits and the local climate.   3. Fabric selection of wedding bedding   (1) polyester cotton   The brand products of polyester and cotton are generally made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Terylene terylene plain thin surface, good strength and abrasion resistance, small shrinkage, the product appearance is not easy to go out of sample, and affordable price, good durability, but not as comfortable as pure cotton. In addition, because polyester is not easy to dye, so polyester fabrics for light, light tone, more suitable for spring and summer use. Twill polyester cotton is usually denser than plain weave, so it looks dense and thick.   Yarn-dyed pure cotton   Yarn-dyed pure cotton is a kind of pure cotton fabric, which is made of warp and weft of different colors. As a result of dyeing before weaving, the dye permeability is strong, the color fastness is good, and the three-dimensional sense of different colored yarn fabric is strong, the style is unique, the bedclothes are mostly in striped pattern. It has the characteristics of pure cotton fabric, but usually has a higher shrinkage.   Pure silk fabric   The appearance of pure silk fabrics is gorgeous, rich, have natural soft light and scintillation effect, feel comfortable, intensity is high, flexibility and moisture absorption is better than cotton, but easy dirty, heat resistance to intense sunlight is poorer than cotton. The cross-section of the fiber is a unique triangle, and the reflection of light changes after partial moisture absorption, which is easy to form water stains and difficult to eliminate, so the silk fabric should be covered with white cloth when ironing.   (4) high-count high-density jacquard fabrics   High density cotton jacquard fabric warp/weft density of fabric is particularly big, rich texture changes, so the fabrics feel thick, durable performance is good, cloth finish high, much as light grey flower, very chic, are made of pure cotton fabric in one of the more advanced.   (5) pure cotton   Pure cotton feels good, use comfortable, easy to dye, variety of design change is rich, soft warmth, moisture absorption is strong, endure washing, take static electricity is little, it is the material that bedding USES extensively; However, it is easy to wrinkle, shrink, poor elasticity, acid resistance and alkali resistance. It is not suitable for long time treatment at temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius. If there are conditions, use a steam iron to iron the product after each use, the effect will be better.   Read more at:purple bridesmaid dresses uk | dusky pink bridesmaid dresses


A month to prepare for a wedding: a trusted friend

 Whether the music is good or not, whether the speech is appropriate or the venue is chosen, the advice of a trusted friend can be a valuable resource. If you like your friend's recent wedding, why not spend some time asking her about it?   Planning your wedding in a month: legalize everything   No matter how eager you are to get it all done, don't overlook one essential detail (aside from a groom) and a marriage certificate.   Prepare a wedding for a month: consider an evening wedding   Because people usually go to work, the wedding date is usually set on weekends, and may is the traditional wedding peak. So why not consider a wedding in the evening? Friday night, for example, is a great way to make sure everyone can come to your wedding after work. If you plan it properly, you can make all the guests have a good time. Another key point is that an evening wedding is not only relaxing and romantic, but also less expensive than a day.   One month to prepare for a wedding: a romantic outdoor wedding   Due to time constraints and general stress, an outdoor wedding may be the advice of a professional. It's a good idea to have your wedding in the courtyard or at a club in the suburbs. With more and more people owning cars, you can still invite your best friends and relatives to your wedding.   Prepare your wedding for a month: take the details seriously   Although the wedding preparation period is short, it should not be a reason for the loss of quality. You know, the perfect things are in the details. If your time is limited, the standard service work to the other, the best is to do a wedding planning company, tell them your budget and your ideas, and then let go, you just need to communicate regularly check their implementation schedule is ok.   After all, marriage is a major event in life. So keep in mind your reasons for choosing a bouquet, dress and music -- because you're marrying the best man in the world -- and you'll be spending the rest of your life together.   Read more at:.vintage bridesmaid dresses uk | bridesmaids dresses uk


 Travel to take wedding photos how to choose appropriate clothing and clothing travel more perfect

Wedding photos are an essential part of wedding photography. Nowadays, many couples prefer to take wedding photos while traveling. Do you know how to choose clothes for wedding photos? How can you choose the right wedding dress? Check it out with the editor.   How to choose the dress for wedding photos in tourism -- bridal gown   1. Bride's wedding dress selection   The bridal design of general studio and bridal studio is enough bridal chooses, so this problem is not big. Mainly some special size bride, because of the particularity of size, choose marriage gauze is difficult, if you order a is, however, best can in case one thousand, anyway, also want to wear on wedding day, a fitted dress will be more confident, let the bride when taking pictures taken one day have a good mood.   In choosing a wedding dress, because it is good location, can choose a big tail wedding dress, also can choose short strapless gown with may, according to the characteristics of the setting to adjust the choice of the wedding dress.   2, shoes   If the height difference between the bride and the groom is large, it is more appropriate for the bride to prepare a pair of high heels or flat shoes. Tourism for their wedding photos are on location, so the bride must prepare a pair of good walking shoes, in the tourist destination is not flat cement road, tennis shoes, slippers, flat shoes, such as is right choice, marriage gauze covering the invisible, don't have to worry about taking pictures don't look good. The bride can also bring a pair of beautiful sandals or shoes, which can be changed to take pictures during some activities that require foot exposure or when wearing a short dress.   Make sure you don't wear too many clothes   Travel photography new life with more or less are taken to a group of two, newcomers can prepare some more features of lovers, or according to garment design and color is tie-in, anyway, new look match is the key.   Tie-in experience: the dress of wedding gauze of travel photograph chooses a few bright-coloured, design has echo of dress can compare go up lens. Chosen men's clothing, and then according to men's clothing styles and colors to match would be better, because the boy's clothes: why didn't the girl, so beautiful brides, don't choose yourself beautiful clothing and ignore the first man and your collocation, after all, this is a wedding photos oh.   4. Accessories selection   Girls deserve to act the role of is protean, general studio and studio will prepare a lot of deserve to act the role of commonly used in the store for new people to choose, if the bride hope can be a bit different, can also bring their beloved jewelry box, who might be more stick and the temperament of the bride. But it is important for the bride to take care of her precious accessories.   5. Clothing color   The dress of shallow color wedding dress suits to shoot exterior scene more, the bride must avoid to choose heavy, and show the dress of body fat. The bride herself should prepare removable shoulder strap underwear or invisible underwear. The color should be coordinated with the prepared coat, and the wedding dress should be light color (flesh color).   Read more at:navy bridesmaid dresses | silver bridesmaid dresses


How to make a wedding cake with a cute and delicious wedding cake?

 Wedding cupcake has to a popular trend of wedding cake, have gradually replace the traditional multi-layer cake, wedding cake made of the cupcake is more environmental protection, low carbon and personality, colorful wedding cupcake placed on her wedding cake, will become the focus of all. So how do you make wedding cupcakes? Today, I will teach you to make a red velvet wedding cupcake. It's easy. Let's study together.   How to make wedding cupcakes - red velvet cupcakes?   This paper cup cake with chocolate flavor, is a very popular a kind of cupcakes, its gorgeous color and velvety smooth and soft palate to make people have to have a crush on it. When you see the red velvet cupcakes, you can't help thinking of the word "romance" in the first place, which is very suitable for a wedding paper cup cake.   Main ingredient: strong flour, baking powder (125 g) (5 g), salt (2 g), cocoa powder (10 g), (60 g) unsalted butter, sugar powder (150 g), eggs (1), butter milk (120 ml (can use 110 ml milk, 10 ml lemon juice instead of)), vanilla (half spoon), red (20 g), white vinegar, edible pigment   Production steps:   1. Sift low gluten flour, cocoa powder, and then add baking powder and salt, and stir in a dry mixture (serving 12 cupcakes on top, stirring evenly.   Add the red food coloring to the butter milk (or 110ml milk 10ml lemon juice) and stir well.   3. Butter.   4. Add sifted powdered sugar and eggs.   5. Stir well.   6. Add half of the first step of the stirring powder into the butter and mix well.   Pour 1 1/2 of the mixture into the milk. Stir well. Repeat steps 7 and 8. Pour the remaining flour and milk into the mixture.   Pour into a paper cup and fill two-thirds.   9. Bake in a preheated oven for about 20 minutes.   10. Send 150ml cream and 40g sugar.   Cut the cake in the middle and put the cream on it.   12. Squeeze some more cream on top of the cake and sprinkle some of the cake on top.   Read more at:cadbury purple bridesmaid dresses | dusky pink bridesmaid dresses


It is important to pay attention to the quality of wedding

Joyful acted an important role in the wedding, a symbol of the new people you happy life after marriage, can not be so careless when buy, so this article bring you the joyful wedding strategy of choose and buy, people in need can come to see oh.   I. name brand effect.   Can buy a joyful candy brand on the xafs has nearly hundred kinds, in a wide variety of joyful to pick out a price quality are more appropriate is very difficult (impossible to each tasted), if you don't have a friend working in confectioners, please select the famous big companies and joyful. For name brand style and joyful, after all, as long as through formal channels must assure the quality of the purchased, and packaging of famous brand and joyful and luxuriant, the price is very cheap, most retail at $1.5.   Pay attention to the expiration date.   Buy food to see shelf life, believe everybody already has this kind of habit, here needless to say. The only thing that reminds you is that candy is too "fresh" to be careful. General candy process from production to sales has a time, in two or three months is very normal, if you get is just two days before the date of production, don't believe the wedding company to tell you how much this sugar fresh, in fact, is likely to be their last night just after the "processing" knock up the shelf life of myself.   3. Do not choose "secondary packaging sugar"   So-called secondary packing sugar, refers to some wedding companies from the informal channels without packaging batch purchase "3 without" candy, then use a prepared packaging packaging, and then to the xafs price to sell to customers. Some wedding companies don't have candy processing licenses, so pay special attention.   Four, pay attention to kind collocation.   Although it is not so important to say that the candy itself is not so important, it is not easy to choose the candy from the unknown small factory, which is more likely to affect the health due to the quality of the candy. At present, the most popular candy in the xafs is mainly chocolate, and the traditional candy, milk candy and fruit sugar are also popular with some new people.   5. The amount of sugar needed.   There are two places to use the candy: the wedding scene and the delivery. At the wedding ceremony, each table should be set with a dish of happy sugar, a dish of about 1 jin. You plan to have a few tables and you'll know how much sugar you need. Send a person, send relatives and friends to press one person a small package (around three or four or so) candy send, send the colleague of the unit to press roughly an office a big bag (1 jin of left and right sides) happy candy send. Look at how many people you're sending, and then add the sugar to the wedding scene, and the extra punch is the amount of sugar you need to buy. Usually at least 30 jin.   6. Consider the guests' age structure.   When selecting a joyful must pay attention to the many varieties, jelly, hard candy, chocolate, honey, lollipops can consider, can consider several more at the beginning, then slowly filter, keep candy for young and old.   The proportion of species and quantity.   Different kinds of sugar are allocated according to their price, variety and different habits of eating sugar. For example, there are more young girls and children in the wedding, so chocolate can be more prepared, and a certain number of matches with lollipop will be very popular.   8. The packaging color should be exquisite.   The color of wedding candy should choose warm color to pack as far as possible, add festive atmosphere. It's best not to opt for blue, black or other cold - colored candy wrappers. Since the impression left to the guests is first and foremost the outer package, so the small details can not be spared.   Read more at:one shoulder bridesmaid dresses |one shoulder bridesmaid dresses


Gratitude session.

 Again bless you, today you get married, formed the belong to your family, but don't forget, there is a belong to your family, extended family has your leadership colleagues, have your elder friends, and your mom and dad, first of all to the guests here a deep bow bow, thank you, and please two couple walked off stage, came to the guest, came to the front of mom and dad, take a closer look at --   I do not know when, the parents of the two sides of the hair of a silk hair; I do not know when, the eyes of the parents are a lot of wrinkles... That is to work for you, come on, the couple, tightly embrace together with their parents, heart with heart grateful to tell you, at this moment, I again remind of such words, is all the parents poor heart, is trusted all parent.   Friends, extend your warm hands, applause to all parents health, longevity!   Western-style wedding process moderator 2, champagne.   The bride and groom, together hand in hand, open your happiness of champagne, irrigate happiness champagne tower, glittering and translucent get rid of the champagne glass pyramid, is true love castle, you heart is solid. But at this moment, slowly down champagne wine, is also the source of your true love, slowly flowing, flowing slowly, with a calm, with a calm, into the couple's love garden, moistens the flower of love, filled with the fragrance of love,   Love is a lamp that grows brighter. Love is a river that grows longer. Love is a flower that grows more beautiful. Love is a wine that grows old. Friends let us bless the two new people in the ordinary life, can deduce the extraordinary wonderful.   Read more at:purple bridesmaid dresses uk | dusky pink bridesmaid dresses


The wedding theme is designed to make the wedding name romantic and beautiful.

 The couple meticulously planned a perfect wedding for themselves, of course, a romantic and beautiful wedding theme, not only to make the wedding appear unique, but also to leave unforgettable memories for the new couple. So how should new people design their wedding theme? Let's take a look at it. This article also provides the wedding theme name recommendation for new people, let the new people do a reference, hope to be helpful to everyone.   The wedding theme is designed to make the wedding name romantic and beautiful.   Wedding theme name design - several ways to determine the name of a wedding theme.   Take a theme name for your wedding, print it on the invitation, decorate it at the wedding venue, and make your wedding special and unique to you. There are many types of wedding theme names and see if they give you any inspiration!   First, new name group words.   The name of the bride and groom is a good word, and the name of the wedding theme is the most common, and many celebrities' wedding names are in this form. It should be noted that the meaning of words must be beautiful, preferably related to weddings, love and happiness.   E.g. Zhang jie & sheena - na is married. Jia nailiang & li xiaolu -- the lu in the heart; Gao yunxiang & dong xuan - yun xinxuan.   The letter combination of the couple's name.   This kind of wedding theme is mostly used in English celebrity wedding, Taiwan or Hong Kong stars prefer to use. The name introduction and foreign gas, also more and more the mainland new person's liking.   Example: wang xiaofei & big S -- WS.   3. Named after the wedding theme.   Name it according to the type of wedding you want. Lawn weddings can be called "spring blossoms", hot air balloon weddings can be named "love of the city" and so on.   Four, according to two love story named.   Each pair of new people get married will have a fun or passion or romance or moving or love story, this kind of wedding theme name of learning from your love story will be used to translate, for example you met in the winter of pure, can be called "winter sonata", or a fellow literature lovers, named after the ancient Chinese poems, or because of a foreign language, preferable to a chic foreign language subject. This kind of theme is not only practical, but also can add a unique romantic atmosphere to the wedding, also can leave a lifetime of fond memories.   5. Named after their professional characteristics.   From two professional, home or hobby interest level to the title or the theme of the wedding, can be "love harbour," flight "happiness" (if is aviation department), "white love song" () in the medical industry, "delicious love" (in the chef industry), Chinese style wedding can burn "chicken", "recent", such as such train of thought to lead to some new people with new ideas. Or there are two songs that people like, you can see if there is a suitable song name for the wedding theme, suggest two new couples to think together to see what style they like. The wedding theme is all about the memories of your life.   Wedding theme name design -- recommendation of the theme of the wedding.   1-15   Blue love journey.   The love ship.   The fall convention.   Let love come tonight.   The rose island, the flowers tell the rain.   Love is eternal -- soldier.   You are my sun.   The moon boat that floats on the Seine.   Beautiful myth.   10. Snow angel   A lifetime is a lifetime.   The love of Hokkaido.   13. "blue and white porcelain" themed wedding ceremony.   The love of the north star.   I'll wait for you in the moonlight.   16-30   Hold hands in the moonlight.   The love on the railroad tracks.   Love is a gift.   19. Romantic infinity   The old legend of paper airplanes.   21. Love the Aegean sea.   Go to the end of love.   23. A love letter   24. The edge of the sea.   Hand in hand this spring love sublimates.   26. "spring" - children's play style for boys and girls.   It's you.   The moonlight stands for my heart.   Always in love   I love me very much   31-45   Happiness is like a flower.   Years are like songs   33. Dragon and phoenix chengxiang   34. Fate sky   I am the wife of a soldier.   36. Strong feelings of autumn, hand in hand tea garden.   Cupid's arrow of love.   "Fish water love" theme wedding.   A wanted wedding - two newlyweds have been put on the wedding aisle for their sweet and excessive guilt.   The mermaid wedding.   The love of lilacs.   42. Target assault   The wedding on the train.   Spanish wedding.   45. Fruit theme   46-60   Text messaging.   47. This life is destiny.   Wear crystal shoes.   The tree bears witness to happiness.   50. Light happiness.   Want to love forever.   Apollo and daphne.   The rose princess fairy tale.   The love of the peacock.   55. The adventures of five-petal lilacs.   A lifetime of love.   57. Heart to heart.   Angels are in the world.   The paradise of love   The mermaid love.   61-75   The pursuit of love - love is a Slam Dunk.   You have all the way   63. Realization of aspirations   The attribution of love.   65. The spring   The wizard of oz fairy tale wedding.   67. Seven flap of snow   Hot air balloon wedding.   The five colors rose.   Traveling through time and space.   Love travels thousands of miles.   The lion king's creative romantic theme.   The love of the century   74. There is nothing in the world.   I want to talk to you all my life.   Read more at:forever yours bridesmaid dresses | plus size bridesmaid dresses


Wedding bedding has a selection of bedding tips and tricks.

The most important of bridal chamber is the arrangement of bridal bed, before arranging marriage bed, the new person should choose to choose the goods of bridal bed. So do new people know what's on the wedding bed? How to buy bedding? Here are some of the things you can do with your wedding bed.   What's on the wedding bed.   A, bedspread   The bedspread is an important ornament on the bed. Is it into the bedroom at first glance, it is the tone of the bedding, because of the bedspread is not close to the person's skin, not necessarily cotton products, can choose dacron or poplin, these material is crisp, not wrinkle easily. The style of bedspread is better want to be in harmony with the color of room furniture, style. Because it is newly married, you might as well choose some warm and cheerful colors.   Second, the quilt   The quilt on the xafs now has all kinds of material, their difference is: the advantage of duvet is to have good heat preservation, and have good hygroscopicity, permeability; Silk is made of mulberry silk, because the silkworm is not able to touch pesticide and other chemicals during the growth process. Silk is considered as the most environmentally friendly quilt. The insulation of wool (cashmere) is not in doubt, and has a good drape, so it is very good to be intimate and comfortable. The price of fiber is moderate, but according to four holes, seven holes, nine holes and other specifications, the price will be different. The more fiber holes, the better the insulation, elasticity and permeability.   Third, the sheets   The bed sheet had better choose the natural cotton product with good hygroscopic sex, fiber cotton is also good choice. Such sheets are soft and comfortable. The moisture absorption of polyester and cotton blends is poor, which is easy to produce static electricity and dust, and the choice of polyester is lower. The sheet should not be too thick and thick, because dust is easily deposited on the mattress by the holes of the sheets.   Four, the pillowcase   The fabric of pillowcase is gentle, so choose pure cotton products. The pillowcase feels better, and you will feel uncomfortable when you lie on your side with your face pressed against the pillow. In detail, the zipper should be covered with extra fabric so that the sheet will not be hung. When choosing a pillowcase separately, it is better to take the pillow with you. When the interview is done, it is necessary to prevent the purchase of the pillowcase. The size can also be biased.   Five, the pillow core   Pillow as bedding, also more and more attention, and expensive pillow core is everywhere. Like the new memory pillow, not only the pillow is comfortable, but also can play a relaxing role on the shoulders. The common pillow core in the xafs is: nine hole pillow, fiber pillow, silk pillow, memory pillow, feather pillow, silkworm sand pillow and so on. Pillow texture should be soft, air permeability is good, unfavorable too excessively low, with 8 ~ 15 centimeters tall is appropriate. Make a suggestion to go to the physical store to test first, see which pillow is comfortable, then go online to buy. It is very depressing to sleep with an uncomfortable pillow.   Read more at:blue bridesmaid dresses | grey bridesmaid dresses


The classic western wedding vows are for each other's life.

 The wedding vows make the whole wedding even more solemn and solemn. The vows are the promise of the other's future, and the witness of their love, and the direction of each other's efforts. It also means that two people will never change for good or bad, and will always be loyal to each other. So how do you say marriage poetry? Take a look at these classic western wedding vows.   The classic western wedding vows are for each other's life.   Classic western wedding vows.   Priest: "will you marry this woman? Love her and be loyal to her, whether she is poor, sick or disabled, until she dies. Doyou(would you)?   Groom: "Ido!"   Priest: "will you marry this man? Love him and be loyal to him, whether he is poor, sick or disabled, until he dies. Doyou(would you)?   Bride: "Ido!"   Classic western wedding vows 2.   Father: Mr. XXX, regardless of poverty, disease, hardship, pain, wealth, health, happiness and happiness, you are willing to never abandon miss XXX, cherish her all the time?   The groom answer: I will.   Father: miss XXX, regardless of poverty, sickness, pain, wealth, health, happiness, happiness, you are willing to never abandon Mr. XXX, cherish him all the time?   The bride: I do.   Father: now, in the name of god, I declare you to be a couple, and now you can exchange rings.   This version is new version use most in China, introduction and lively expression is conform to the reading habits of the Chinese people, in the case of no real grasp, or select the version is better, the couple just say three words "I do".   Classic western wedding vows 3.   The priest asked (male) : will you admit that you are your wife?   (male) answer: I will.   The priest asks (male) : you should take care of your wife with gentle patience, love her, only live with her. Respect her family for your family, and do your part for the rest of your life. No longer having feelings with other people, and being chaste? Did you promise to do this in front of the crowd?   (male) answer: I will. I am willing to accept the acceptance of my wife and live with her. No matter what the environment, she is willing to keep her for life, cherish her, comfort her, respect her and protect her. Don't have feelings for other people.   The priest asked (female) : do you want to admit that he is your husband?   (female) answer: I will.   The priest asked (woman) : you are willing to marry him at the right age, when he is always gentle and demure, to obey the man, to love him, to help him, to live alone with him. To respect his family for his own family, to be filial, to do your wife's part for life, and to keep him chaste? Are you willing to do this in public?   (female) answer: I will. I was willing to marry him at the right age, to be my husband and to live with him.   Priest: the bride and groom exchange tokens.   This version is the full version of the English oath translation, with more content.   Classic western wedding vows 4.   Father: Mr. XXX, regardless of poverty, disease, hardship, pain, wealth, health, happiness and happiness, you are willing to never abandon miss XXX, cherish her all the time?   The groom answer: I will.   Father: miss XXX, regardless of poverty, sickness, pain, wealth, health, happiness, happiness, you are willing to never abandon Mr. XXX, cherish him all the time?   The bride: I do.   Father: now, in the name of god, I declare you to be a couple, and now you can exchange rings.   Classic western wedding vows 5.   "(the groom), are you willing to marry (bride), according to the bible lesson dwell with him, in the sight of god and blends into her, love her, comfort her, respect her, protect her, like you love yourself. Whether she is ill or healthy, rich or poor, stay true to her until she leaves the world?   "(the bride), are you willing to marry (groom) for his wife, according to the bible lesson dwell with him, being one in front of god and his life, love him, comfort him, respect him, protect him, like you love yourself. Whether he is ill or healthy, rich or poor, stay true to him until he leaves the world?   Classic western wedding vows 6.   The blue sky is the medium, the sea witness. I, XXX, choose you, XXX, to be my husband, friend, lover and father of our children. I belong to you, whether rich or poor, healthy or ill, successful or unsuccessful. I will cherish you, respect you, comfort you, encourage you, life will be enriched by our love -- simple life is a sound life.   The bishop who officiated at the wedding asked, "are you determined to love each other, to respect each other, and to live forever?" "Yes, we are determined." The couple clench their hands together, and the vows are clear and firm. "I, XXX, declare you XXX to be my wife, maintain you for the whole life, vow to be true to you, rich and poor, regardless of disease, health, lifelong." Bride: "one day my prince XXX will come. It was a wonderful and poetic experience, and we felt deeply in the fairytale scene that we were a pair. The couple then exchanged wedding rings.   Classic western wedding vows 7.   The groom   I will marry you and be my wife. I would like to promise you that from today on, whether in prosperity or adversity, wealth or poverty, health or disease, I will always love you and cherish you till the end of time. I promise I will be faithful to you forever.   The bride   I, _____, will marry you... to be my husband. I would like to promise you that from today on, whether in prosperity or adversity, wealth or poverty, health or disease, I will always love you and cherish you till the end of time. I promise I will be faithful to you forever.   Classic western wedding vows 8.   The groom   I love you, ______, I thank god, in his love, in the fellowship of marriage, our hearts, our lives are linked together. In this life, I will always love you, honor you and cherish you. When we are together in the relationship between the world's most sacred rights and joy, and began to build a Christian family, I will become the head of the family Jesus Christ, as I see him as the head of the church. From now on, through the grace of god, whether in prosperity or in adversity, in prosperity or in poverty, in health or in sickness, in sorrow or in joy, I will love you and be faithful to you till the end of time.   The bride   I love you, ______, I thank god, in his love, in the fellowship of marriage, our hearts, our lives are linked together. In this life, I will always love you, honor you and cherish you. When we are together in the relationship between the world's most sacred rights and joy, and began to build a Christian family, I will see you as head of our family, just like I see Christ as the head of the church. From now on, through the grace of god, whether in prosperity or in adversity, in prosperity or in poverty, in health or in sickness, in sorrow or in joy, I will love you and be faithful to you till the end of time.   Read more at:blue bridesmaid dresses | grey bridesmaid dresses


The British style bride makeup features simple but beautiful.

  1. Stylish retro.   East London is a brought together a large number of artists and a place for old factory, the independent studio, there are full of strong flavor of literature and art, all kinds of shops and restoring ancient ways vintage blocks constitute the modern retro style of east London.   Makeup features:   Flawless white bottom makeup, pure black eyeliner outline the deep eye makeup, fine brushwork the eyebrows and the signature red lips, the use of heavy ink color to the extreme.   Exquisite and elegant.   Fashion capital London how little the delicate and elegant impression, such as the red carpet in star, bead piece dress, nude lipstick, exquisite fabrics and accessories, a series of the details of the created a noble aura. The ladies and ladies of west London are whirling in the elegant circles of high society, and each one of them is bound to possess the goddess temperament of the atmosphere.   Makeup features:   The imposing manner of the full house is not necessarily the strong contrast of heavy makeup, elegant makeup face, clear feeling of bottom makeup, let the famous yuan of fog all appear elegant and easy. Bead light pastel eye shadow, the collocation of delicate nude lip is applied, let the bride more show the eye clear show.   3. Showy hip-hop.   On the streets of south London, all sorts of metope graffiti, hip-hop black people, are full of restlessness and passion. Those passionate, free-spirited colors are blooming on your makeup, a passion that is everywhere, regardless of age, as long as you are brave enough to show it.   Makeup features:   The main theme of hip hop is bold color, fluorescent eye shadow, cherry pink lip makeup, thick black eyeliner, and a young, Bohemia face.   Punk rock.   The north of punk rock London is not only the birthplace of British rock, but also the beginning of the career of Vivienne Weastwood. There you will find a lot of Mohawk, the signature girls with red lips and smoky eyes, their punks or sexy or sweet, giving people a cool feeling of "being away".   Makeup features:   Thick smoke makeup is the soul and essence of punk makeup, the first choice black system makes deep look. Tie-in dark red lips, thick black eyelashes, heavy ink to create the metal punk sense of the little devil.   Read more at:one shoulder bridesmaid dresses |short bridesmaid dresses uk


the dream of the wrong

All expectations are settled at this moment,   All the dreams are blooming.   Hello, eighteen years, please advise,   Hello, this twin dream, please collect well.   -- inner room --   The inner room highlights a kind of extreme brilliance. It is a kind of mature charm, which is a kind of mature charm, which is also a gift of eighteen years.   And a dream was born, in the boundless dahlia and rose, guests counter on the pink and white more visual shock, also more let people immersed in the pure and fresh and mellow feeling gorgeous. Such a dream, let the theme of twin dreams once again get the perfect curtain.   I wish you the best of the roses.   Read more at:gold bridesmaid dresses uk | yellow bridesmaid dresses uk


Two. A beach wedding

Beach wedding is very popular this summer. New people are enjoying the sea breeze, listening to the blessing of the waves, and looking forward to their future loving life. Such a wedding ceremony must be super enjoyment and unforgettable for life. If you are near the seaside, the wedding ceremony on the beach is also very pleasant. Under the wind of the sea, the bride will be more charming. Like this kind of wedding ceremony, you can choose the evening at the evening, look at the sunset at the sunset, walk on the soft beach, listen to the tide of the sea, the seagull is singing, everything is so poetic. At night, a bonfire of love is set up for the newcomers, so that everyone can enjoy a good meal and dance around the bonfire. A good day, you must also want to have it.   Hint: the site of a beach wedding needs to consult with the manager about the safety of the fire. It is necessary to pay attention to the tide of the wedding day and not give you enough space.   Read more at:white bridesmaid dresses uk | chiffon bridesmaid dresses

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