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Release the usual tension to make the wedding more exciting

This article brings three examples of marriage certificate of leader of alternative unit. At ordinary times, led the overall with a face, is strict, if the leadership in witness your wedding presided the ceremony in a funny or humorous tone, can let you "overwhelmed"?

Marriage certificate of unit leader

Leading the marriage certificate

Distinguished guests, friends and family,

Good evening! I am very happy and honored to be the wedding witness between Mr. A and miss B. You have experienced the romance of the preceding moon and the whirling green shadows. Also experienced the rapid wind and rain, the road rough test. Finally, a couple walked into the wedding hall. Today you stand here, face more a happy and sweet, also more a calm and calm.

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But you know what? In the future, you will face the ordinary life, even the trivial matter of firewood, rice, oil and salt. You must also take the responsibility of respecting each other's parents and nurturing their children. We should also face social communication and work pressure. You have to remember a phase. That is: at the beginning of marriage, love each other, after marriage as a matter of honor, have children to teach children, old age to help each other. You also need to remember the word heart. That is: you should love each other, treat the old people with filial piety, treat work with enthusiasm, treat friends with sincerity.

I believe you will stand shoulder to shoulder, support each other, share the same heart, and help each other. Go on steadily. Together we reach the shore of happiness. Many years from now, we shall see an old couple with white hair supporting each other along the shady lane. They were old, but their faces were full of happy smiles. They were no longer young, but their eyes met with the spark of their first love. That's our bridegroom and bride today.

In the end, I wish a new couple a bright future in their work and life.

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Better weight loss is known

Bride weight loss mistake: eat more fruit to lose weight and health

Eating more fruit to lose weight is a way many people will choose. The composition of general fruit is given priority to with "water", quantity of heat is not very high, also contain a lot of rich vitamin, it is very good "dessert substitute" during reducing weight, eat more also have no relation. But please don't forget: the fruit of "fructose", will be converted to a neutral fat in the liver, to pile up in the fat cells, so the fruit to eat too much, maybe is easy to fat than eat a small amount of dessert. In addition, the protein that contains in fruit also does not have vegetable high content, when reducing weight can never use fruit "replace" vegetable.

Bride weight loss myth: spicy food can lose weight

Statistics show that there are few obese people in places like Thailand and India, so it is inferred that they like spicy food. Because eat hot very easy to sweat, and eat hot can drink a lot of water, eat a little to have full feeling, so have the effect that reduce weight. But, eat spicy to reduce weight for a long time if, such go down can affect gastric function, can have stomach ache even the risk of gastric bleeding. And eating too much stimulating food over a long period of time can also make skin rough, more serious will appear dark sore, for the bride-to-be absolutely not worth the loss!

Bride weight loss myth: no exercise on an empty stomach

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Brides may be worried that fasting exercise, such as dizziness, fatigue and panic attacks, is bad for health due to the high consumption of glycogen stored in the body. But Dallas bodybuilding center stack palmer doctoral research thinks, 1 to 2 hours before meals (i.e., on an empty stomach) for moderate exercise, such as walking, dancing, jogging, biking, etc., is helpful to reducing weight. This is because the body does not have new fatty acid to enter adipose cell at this time, burn redundant adipose more easily, reduce weight effect avoids after meal motion is better a lot. In addition, due to the amount of exercise is appropriate, not a lot of heat energy consumption, the energy stored in the body enough to use, so it won't affect health, MM people the bride may be appropriately choose this way to lose weight.

The bride loses weight mistake: eating vegetable oil won't fat

What is healthy weight loss? It is generally believed that corn oil and rapeseed oil from plants are lower in calories than animal oil such as pork oil and beef oil, and are suitable for cooking oil during weight loss. In fact, this view is not comprehensive. From the point of view of a dietitian, the same amount of calories are the same animal fat and vegetable oil, 100 grams of animal fat and vegetable oil contains more calories quantity of heat, the same difference between the cholesterol content of the vegetable oil is relatively low, health benefits. However, Fried food with vegetable oil can also make high-calorie food, so the key is not what oil to eat, but how to eat it, with the right recipe.

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How to use dry and wet powder cake to teach you to build flawless beauty muscle

The advantage of powdery cake lies in slippery, tactility is lightsome, still can improve the condition that the skin gives oil effectively, in summer, it is best to make perfect invalid makeup look with powdery cake. Without further ado, I'd like to teach you how to use them now.

Choose according to the color of your skin

Choose a powdery cake that suits oneself color of skin, it is to decide according to individual color of skin commonly, the powdery cake that chooses shallower than oneself color of skin a color number.

Yellow complexion: soft ivory

Soft ivory color will not be too white, can make whole skin color natural whiten, have the effect that adjusts skin color, skin can natural white. If you use pure ivory color directly, the color contrast on the face will become larger and the skin color will not be natural.

2. Pale skin color: natural color or pink color

Natural color and pink color can neutralize white skin color, make skin color looks have color, won't die white. Cannot choose ivory color, because ivory itself is more slant white, can let color of skin color have no blood color, as wearing a mask general, can make the color difference with neck increases.

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3. Dark and hoarse skin color: yellow

Yellow pastries are pale and soft, which can brighten the dark and dumb skin, cover the mark of spots, and present the natural white skin. Do not use natural color, natural color easy to lead to flower makeup, can aggravate the skin dark mute degree.

Choose according to skin type

1. Dry skin or sensitive skin, dry and wet cake should be selected.

2. For oily skin, choose powder cake with oil control effect.

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The Chinese oath is written as a solemn pledge

The couple completed their vows under the officiating of the master of ceremonies

Chinese wedding vows are relatively simple, usually read by the master of ceremonies, and the bride and groom make the most solemn commitment to complete the ceremony. Oath of Chinese and western on the time and the content is big, normally western oath will read time control in 15-20 minutes, and Chinese style wedding emcee in her oath generally net time can't more than five minutes, in the west in the oath of read often took place in the church and more serious, and Chinese style with a lively atmosphere. The way they do it is very different. See which oath fits you better.

Chinese wedding vows:

The groom

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I, _____, marry you, ______, be my wife. I greet thee with the truest joy into my life, that we may be one and one. I will be a loving and faithful husband to you. Help you. I promise to take care of you with the deepest make love, with the most complete heart, and take care of you with the gentlest attitude. I promise that your place in my life is the most important. I promise that I will lead our life into a life of faith, hope and love. No matter in front of the peace and prosperity or threats and obstacles, let us grow old together. On this holy day of marriage, in the presence of all, I promise you that I will always be a loving and faithful husband to you.

The bride

I..., marry you..., be my husband. With the most sincere joy I share with you in a new life. Just as you promised me your life and all your love, I am also glad to give you my life and I will trust you. Therefore, I would like to say to you that... I will love you, obey you, take care of you and make you happy. I will help you, comfort you and encourage you. Therefore, no matter what happens in our life, I am willing to promise you that I will be your obedient and faithful wife.

Small make up carefully arrange for everyone today about the difference between the marriage oath and writing, can want to be married new people have certain help, vowed to silent promise with you all my life.

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How does the groom choose his clothes for wedding photos

How does groom take wedding gauze photograph to choose dress to match bridal outfit perfectly

How does the groom choose his wedding clothes? How to better match the bride's dress, do a good foil to the bride's beautiful green leaves, take a perfect wedding picture? Follow the editor.

How does the groom choose clothes for wedding photos? 1

The groom's clothes are relatively simple and are usually matched according to the bride's choice of clothes. When it comes to what the groom wears, the responsible photographer will give you honest advice and even help you choose your outfit. For grooms who are not in the standard shape, such as getting fat, you can choose a waistcoat, which can open the button of your coat and avoid tension.

How does the groom choose his clothes for wedding photos

Generally speaking, one or two pure color long sleeve shirt is need, to shoot some more dignified elegance, such as white, light pink, light blue will be partial to young vigor, black, brown, navy, etc will be relatively mature, cultivate one's morality in better.

Location is advised to choose a colorful and lively shirt, such as yellow, blue, green, red, etc., style can be a stripe, grid, or some patchwork have small details, can take a few more lively natural or style of fashion and personality.

How does groom take wedding picture to choose dress 3, suit choice

Classic suit most suitable for indoor or on the background of building scenes deliberately wear suits to stand outside, actually very uncomfortable, good location, can try to wear some leisure suits, such as some paragraph cultivate one's morality, short, han edition, etc., or look at other dress collocation.

How does groom take wedding picture to choose dress 4, pants choice

For some demure and elegant shots, a dark pair of trousers or casual pants is a must. You're not used to wearing them, and you need to prepare at least one pair of dark jeans. The exterior scene is more at will, jeans, casual pants, trousers, suit shorts and so on are OK, relaxed and casual.

How does the groom choose the dress when taking wedding photos

Dress shoe or recreational shoe or recreational ball shoe to wait for a general speaking black and white can better match, other color should see according to the dress specifically.

How does groom take wedding picture to choose dress 6, deserve to act the role of

Men don't is the supporting role in the wedding photos or props rich props and deserve to act the role of the man will make a single modelling changeable, such as various tie, tie, glasses, hats, etc., generally every shop will prepare some for new people, but, if you want to shoot effect can be more special, you can prepare some when shooting.

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How does the groom choose the clothes for wedding photos

Wedding photo usually includes photo of the couple, which requires new people to prepare their life clothes. It can be something special for a couple of couples, or it can be a combination of style and color. Experience shows, outside the choice of bright colors, styles have echoes of clothing will be more mirror.

How does lang take wedding photos to choose clothes

Modern wedding photography is no longer like the traditional wedding dress photo must shirt pants suit three-piece suit, in addition to these basic, there are also a lot of dress of dress, they make the collocation of modelling more highlights individuation, make the picture more diversified, such as costume, vest, shorts, wool vests, t-shirts, knitwear and so on.

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The painting method of Chinese style bridal makeup makes classical elegant bride

Along with the popularity of the wind restoring ancient ways, Chinese style bridal makeup is also deeply loved, you can discover Chinese style bridal makeup suits Chinese female more actually, can show Chinese female gentle beauty and grace more. Below small make up to recommend a Chinese style bridal makeup, and attach the picture diagram of bridal makeup.

Chinese style bridal makeup painting the first step: bottom makeup

In this Chinese style bridal makeup in the first step, we first use BB cream as the bottom makeup, to brighten the skin. Apply BB cream evenly to your face to make your skin look more even and natural.

The painting method of Chinese style bridal makeup the 2nd step: draw eye makeup

1. Apply pink eye shadow to cover the eyelids;

2. Then apply brown eye shadow to the lower right corner of the eye tail;

3. Use dark brown eye shadow in the upper right corner of the eye, and deepen the dizziness in the tail and eyelashes;

4. Finally, fill the eyelash gap with the black eyeliner.

The left eye procedure is the same as having an eye

Because beautiful eye makeup concerns the fineness of the whole makeup look, the detailed diagram is carried out in the figure above. You can follow the steps shown in the picture.

Chinese style bridal makeup painting method step 3: draw eyeliner

When drawing eyeliner, want to notice not appropriate too strong, eye ministry line should maintain at the same time thin, fluent.

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Chinese style bride makeup painting step 4: mascara

Although such as wear false eyelashes is very popular today, but the effect of wear out are not so natural, so here recommend use eyelash creams, gently brush, make eyelash more natural, very pretty.

Step 5: sweep the blush and apply lipstick

The last step is to sweep the apple muscle on the face on cheek red, besmear lipstick again next, whole attention is natural, need not be exaggerated too can.

A few simple steps, elegant and beautiful Chinese bridal makeup so complete!

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The way and kind of the bride's veil makes her the perfect bride

1. Wearing the "universal position" of the veil

This is the basic golden rule for wearing a veil over the top of a ponytail. On the front. The height of the veil is just behind the top of the head, and because of the height of the hair, the veil stands upright gracefully, and this way of wearing makes it difficult to cover the bride's face.

The back of the head

This will make the bride look more dignified. Grace. Feminine, suggest might as well give up the lovely hair ornament such as small crown, choose the deserve to act the role of having more qualitative character such as pearl. However, wearing the veil at the back of the head visually reduces the height of the bride, so petite brides are advised not to wear it.

3. Head front

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Wear the veil directly in front of your head, so that the drooping veil slightly covers both sides of your cheeks. If still have a flower echo to wear in the top of the head, that can give a person more with young vigor, lovely impression. But, do not suit to have especially bright eye design in the shoulder part of the wedding dress, otherwise you will feel unable to grasp the key, too tedious.

Types of bridal veil:

1. Small church style

If your wedding is formal, you're more focused on the choice of a veil. It's best to choose a 2.5-yard length headdress so that it can be covered with your dress by your drag. It's very formal and very elegant. At the same time, the length of the veil can also increase the length of the skirt, so that your wedding dress looks more beautiful and more delicate, very suitable for elegant style bride.

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Bride wedding shoes selection strategies to create a perfect temperament bride

A suitable wedding shoe is not only to make the bride comfortable and comfortable on the wedding, but also to set off the bride's temperament and the bride's overall shape of the finishing touch. So how do you choose bridal shoes? In fact, the bride's choice of wedding shoes is not difficult, as long as the bride has mastered the selection skills of wedding shoes, brides can quickly choose a pair of comfortable wedding shoes suitable for their own wedding. Bridal shoe selection guide will take you to a pair of satisfactory wedding shoes, so that the bride-to-be on the wedding to become the most perfect bride.

Bride wedding shoes selection strategies to create a perfect temperament bride

Bridal shoe chooses strategy 1, marriage gauze fabrics decides marriage shoe fabrics

When choosing bridal shoes, the first thing is to confirm your wedding dress. After all, bridal shoes should be matched with wedding dress. Today's wedding dress fabrics of the most common are: satin, silk, embroidery, the velvet and lace fabrics, so choose the wedding shoes is important to note the bride overall modelling, suggested that wedding shoe selection and dress the same fabric.

Bride wedding shoes selection strategy ii, wedding shoes color

The bride's wedding shoes cannot be changed in three or four pairs like a wedding dress, so the color of the bride's wedding shoes is very important. It is suggested that the bride can decide the color of her wedding shoes by the color of her wedding dress. For example, red bridal shoes can be worn not only with white wedding dresses, but also with red traditional cheongsam. White wedding shoes is also a good choice, tie-in white wedding dress and a white lily flowers in hand, pure and simple and beautiful, will make you a wedding scenery line, but suggest not to use the white shoes with red cheongsam oh, will be very not harmonious. In addition, silvery, rice white, pearl color such as light color fastens a color to also can match a variety of color wedding dress.

Bride wedding shoes selection strategy 3, bride wedding shoes must be comfortable

The bride and groom are busy all day at the wedding, so you can't kick off the wedding shoes at the end of the wedding, so a comfortable pair of wedding shoes is especially important for the bride. Therefore, the comfort of wedding shoes is more important than appearance and style. If you're not used to wear high heels, then you can choose a low heel shoes, if you are normally accustomed to wear casual shoes, so you can choose to flats, in general the first is the comfort shoes.

Bridal shoe chooses strategy 4, wedding shoe should suit wedding venue

Another factor to consider when choosing bridal shoes is your wedding venue. If you are a beach wedding or rural wedding, so suggest the bride not to wear high heels, think about wearing high heels, you how can walk on the beach or lawn grace, is it not right?

Bride wedding shoes select the fifth strategy, wedding shoes design

The design of bride's wedding shoes should not be too complex as far as possible. If you choose a complicated wedding shoes, but your wedding dress is more simple and generous, will it not be coordinated?

Bride's wedding shoes selection strategy 6, the height of high heels

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The bride if choose high-heeled shoes as a wedding shoe, it is important to note that the height of the heel, because it is closely related with the groom's height, otherwise may lead to the bride and groom looks not so suitable. If the bride is not accustomed to wearing high heels at ordinary times, it is advisable not to force her way. People who are not accustomed to wearing high heels will walk unnaturally and may even twist their feet.

Bride's wedding shoes selection guide seven, heel thickness

Bridal shoes can set off the bride's temperament, but it is also closely related to the heel thickness. Stiletto shoe is the sex appeal that can give a woman to love a bride most enchanting, the body that can show the bride is natural ah tall and straight, the line of crus also is more beautiful. High-heeled shoes with high-heeled shoes can make the bride instantly taller and more feminine, and they are more comfortable and stable than stilettos.

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Creative sentence of proposal

Love your heart, stand the test of time, stand the monotony of life, stand your flaws and temper. Because in my heart, as long as I can be with you is the best, the happiest. Will you marry me? Will you be the only one for me? I will give you happiness!

18, this year, do everything as early as possible. For fear of being stuck in the road, get out early. If you are afraid of missing the CPI, you should manage your money as soon as possible. Of course, we should get married early, otherwise we will delay the children's soy sauce. Honey, marry me quickly.

If someone tells you that he loves you, I don't know how you will answer him. But I hope you will, because that's me. If the person wants the rest of your life to go to him, don't hesitate. Because, I am true!

20, let the sun into my tender feelings, caring about you every day, let the wind into my arms, hug you, my heart just for you, marry me, I want to take my affection and love to accompany you through every tomorrow full of happiness!

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In the face of bread and love, I choose bread. In the face of water and love, I choose water. I want you to live a happy life around me. I don't want to be full of love.

22, I met you is "fate", love is "separation". So what if we get to the end and get married? What's that called? Interested to know? Promise me, marry me, and I'll give you a perfect answer!

Fate let us meet, acquaintance let us love, time let us know each other, secular let us keep each other, for our next generation, we combine!

I don't know how to take care of my family. I don't know how to cook for my family. But I know how to learn and give me a chance. I will go to study, and then let me take care of you, give you the best, the happiest!


How does prospective bride massage leg can thin leg

Approaching the wedding date, the bride-to-be must want to perform perfectly at her wedding, but the thick lines of her legs are really annoying. Many bride-to-be will adopt various methods, hoping to create a perfect leg line. Today small make up recommend to bride-to-be thin leg clever method is leg massage, so how does bride-to-be massage leg can thin leg? Let's see.

How does bride-to-be massage leg can thin leg 1, flap leg

Bring your hands together to create a hollow palm, starting at the ankles with your hands beating your legs rhythmically from the bottom up. Do the same with your left and right legs. Massage along the lymphatic glands of the legs. It allows the leg to circulate blood more smoothly, and also allows the lymph glands in the legs to help drain water from the legs. The massage that humidity flaps, can eliminate the heavy feeling of retreat service and dropsy phenomenon, achieve the goal of thin leg.

How does prospective bride massage leg can thin leg 2, massage leg lymphatic

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Massage the lymph nodes to promote metabolism, achieve the effect of draining and burning fat. Can use both hands to ham direction, from the ankle to the inside leg massage action, repeat 5 times, until you feel the leg feel fever, then hand fingers open, hands on thighs containing lymphatic massage at places.

How does bride-to-be massage leg can thin leg 3, acupoint massage

After bathing every night, sit on the bed, bend your knees, hold the ankle with one hand first, massage the three Yin and Yang fu points. Three Yin intersect is located inside crus side foot inside ankleolar tip top 3 inches, and Yang fu acupoint is located in external malleolar tip top 4 inches, massage these two acupoints gently slow, until ankle and its upper part become red. Two acupoints promote blood circulation and hormone secretion.

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