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Kim Kardashian West and Lala Anthony Perfect the Glamorous Friend Date

Call it the most glamorous friend date. Last night, after leaving her husband Kanye West’s concert in Los Angeles, Kim Kardashian West stepped out with Lala Anthony in a pair of paparazzi-stopping looks. West donned a black body-con dress with chocolate brown cuissardes boots. For additional oomph, she threw on a shearling leather coat, the same one that she wore in New York City a few weeks back. (Yes, Kardashian West is also an outfit-repeater, just like you and me!) As for Lala? She took a cue from the Latex-loving Kardashian West and wore a full Latex peach-hued body suit. To break up the body-skimming silhouette, Anthony added a generously proportioned MM6 Maison Margiela lavender and white coat.

Yet Kardashian West and Anthony were not the only sources of fashion power in this scene. There was also a rogue, creamsicle-colored crocodile Hermès Birkin bag held by a large bodyguard — or personal bag carrier? (Was it too heavy for the women? Was there a bowling ball in there? A child?)

It’s not the first time that one of the members of the Kardashian-Jenner entourage has been seen with a sticker shock-inducing bag. Just last week, Kendall Jenner was seen lugging a toddler-size Birkin. But leave it to Kardashian West to find a way to outsource her arm candy.Read more at:short bridesmaid dresses | purple bridesmaid dresses uk


Toddington nail technician reaches finals of National Hair and Beauty Awards

Suzanne Clayton, of Souz Nails and Beauty, visited Leicester’s Athena banqueting hall on October 27, as she was nominated for National Nail Artist of the Year.

The talented businesswoman has had her designs featured as part of London Fashion Week, most recently taking part in September with her team Nails by Souz and Co.

Speaking about having her work recognised by the National Hair and Beauty Awards, Suzanne said: “I finished as a runner-up, and it was amazing just to be nominated and reach the final.

“I was up against nail techs from all over the country and some amazing competition.

“There was a champagne reception so we could network, and lots of prosecco flowing. There was even a girl with a prosecco dress.”

Suzanne was nominated by her family and friends, and the judges then went through her social media profiles, also looking for any press or charity work she had done.

She was also up against her team mate, Sheniene Lebond and the pair went along to support each other.

Suzanne said: “The judges chose the finalists who were then put to a public vote, and the public vote with the judges’ opinion were combined together.

“Thank you to my husband, my dad and boys who always support me in my crazy adventures, picking me up and dropping me off, often at unsocial times and all over the place.

“Thank you also to my Souz and Co nail team, who I couldn’t do shows without, and to my inner circle of nail techs, who believe in me.

“But most of all, thank you to my mum who I lost three years ago after a nine-year battle with cancer. She believed in me and made me believe in myself, that I could achieve anything I put my mind to.

“She was a massive part of my salon.”Read more at:yellow bridesmaid dresses uk | orange bridesmaid dresses uk


How to dress like a grown up with Shane Watson

Not long now until we're weighing up our options for the Christmas party season. Though 'season' is a bit optimistic in my case; these days we're talking a maximum of three parties, one with dancing.

Still, parties there will be, and parties require extra effort. There are just certain expectations: even the low-key dressers among us feel the draw of rich fabrics in plummy colours, which is why, eight times out of ten, we turn to velvet.

There's nothing like it for transforming navy into deep, starry-night blue. Come December 5, a serious chunk of the female population, myself included, head for the spare room cupboard and break out the velvets left languishing there since last January.

It's not rocket science. We know it's a one-stop solution to making us look our glamorous, luxurious best.

So, now we get to the point. What if it didn't have to be this way? What if velvet for day, everyday, nine to five, or all weekend long, was as normal as velvet for Christmas?

What if, instead of saving velvet for special nights, we pulled it on in the morning with trainers and a warm coat and never looked back?

To put it another way, if velvet makes us look good at Christmas, then why not make a lot more of it?

Easier said than done, you're thinking; I don't lead the sort of life where I can swank around on a Monday in a claret, velvet trouser-suit.

But what if (more what-ifs) we were talking not about sharp, rock 'n' roll suiting or slash-fronted dresses, but easy, everyday clothes that just happen to be made from velvet?

Maybe a floppy jumpsuit in silk velvet? Or a slip-over, no-buttons velvet shirt to tuck into your regular trousers? Or a bias-cut skirt to sling on with a polo-neck and some ankle boots? Would there be a problem then? Probably not.

And that's what we're talking about: a velvet revolution. Velvet instead of cord, or cotton or silk. Velvet you can wash on a cool cycle and wear as casually as denim.

It happened with cashmere after all — once the wear-twice-a-year-and-keep-it-in-tissue-paper option, and now look at it: cashmere track pants, hoodies, big cardigans . . . That's where we're going with velvet — and beyond.

A good place to start if you can't quite visualise this new approach to velvet is NRBY, the label started earlier this year by Jo Hooper, former womenswear director at Debenhams and John Lewis, who wants to make the clothes that work for us in our daily lives work harder.

Jo's theory is that you can make an ordinary, sloppy sweatshirt special simply by adding a bit of cashmere and making it sorbet pink. And her real passion is velvet — 15 per cent silk, 82 per cent viscose, easy care — to wear everywhere but the Christmas party.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses uk | cheap bridesmaid dresses online


Marriage and abstinence

Marriage and abstinence

First, the source of marriage and abstinence:

Thumb: According to ancient Roman literature, wearing the ring here can help you achieve your wish and move toward success.

Index finger: the finger indicating the direction, wear the ring here means that personality will become cheerful and independent, most suitable for people in the free industry to wear.

The middle finger: Next to the ring finger is the finger that is most suitable for wearing a wedding ring. The ring is the most able to create a free and refreshing atmosphere on it. It can make you inspired and become more attractive and heterosexual.

The ring finger: Since ancient Roman times, it has been customary to wear a wedding ring on it. According to legend, this finger is connected to the heart and is best suited to make sacred vows. There are important acupuncture points on the ring finger, and the ring can be moderately pressed on the muscle, which has the effect of calming emotions.

Little finger: The little finger conveys a sexy message, and the ring will have unexpected things happen on it. It is especially recommended for intuitive and fashion related workers.

Second, the significance of marriage to abstinence:

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Now, the popular saying in China is that the left hand represents "marriage" and the right hand represents "love". Therefore, the newcomers currently married are wearing rings on the left ring finger.

Index finger: Left hand-unmarried(has a lover, intends to get married) Right hand-in love(not considering marriage)

Middle finger: left hand-engagement(famous flower has owner, has been engaged) right hand-love(heart has belongs)

Ring finger: Left hand-newlywed(end of love) Right hand-single(not yet in love)

Little finger: Left hand-not married(can love) right hand-singles(not love)

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Attention to underwater wedding photography

Attention to underwater wedding photography

Points to Note Before Shooting

1. You must eat before shooting. Underwater shooting is very exhausting. Newcomers must supplement their energy during shooting to ensure that the shooting is normal. The same can not be eaten too full. This will cause physical discomfort after launching., produce vomiting, Chest tightness can be a symptom.

2. The wedding dress will become heavy after it is under water. When choosing a wedding dress, you must select a wedding dress that is not transparent after soaking in water and cutting important parts. Remember to select a wedding dress with a loose skirt. In the water, excess weight will increase the body burden. The layers of the skirt will float in the water and lose the original beauty.

3. Makeup choice to choose waterproof, so as not to take off makeup during the shooting process, not only delay the shooting process but also consume physical strength.

4. Communicate with the photographer about the desired effect. What is difficult to avoid in the water is to produce a large number of bubbles. If you want to create a dreamy effect, there is no problem with bubbles. However, if you like high-definition products, you must avoid bubbles. Therefore, you must communicate with the photographer in advance., Let the photographer understand the desired effect.

5. In the absence of Daiwajing, people in the water can say that their eyes are tighter than anything, so they want to take photos of natural open eyes in the water. It is necessary to pay attention to their own physical limitations and the persistence of their eyes in the water(it can also be said to be willpower). Before performing the shooting, the newcomer can be advised to practice at the washing table at home for a while.

6. Prepare eyedrops to prevent dry eyes and avoid wearing contact lenses.

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Points to Note in Shooting

1. Both new people must be able to swim, and they must practice natural posture in the water. The limbs can be stretched as much as possible.

2. How to show your love in front of the camera. This can be seen in the elegant mermaid swimming posture or a dedicated kiss. Of course, the shooting process should show a happy expression of enjoying everything.

3. In the shooting, you can consider taking some alternative and novel props to increase the interest of the shooting process and the richness of the work!

4. When the newcomer is shooting in the water, he must relax his body. The limbs must be stretched out as much as possible. His eyes must be opened. Special attention must be paid to watching the lens. Otherwise, he can not shoot the face for half a day. It's a waste of energy.

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Autumn bridesmaid dress

Autumn bridesmaid dress

How do you wear the bridesmaids 'dresses for the fall?

Early autumn, the weather is no longer sultry, many girls also began to consider their wedding date, especially closer to October Golden Week. The autumn bride, you and your girlfriends must be happily talking about what kind of dress they wear, to be your maid of honor. Style variety, girls are definitely the most difficult question for bridesmaids to choose a dress, everyone has their own ideas. This article is for you to find the most suitable maid of honor dress in the simplest way.

One: Bohemian style

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The Bohemian style on the wedding dress is always full of personality, whether it is fine lace, or lovely flower patterns, all have beautiful beauty. The Bohemian style is diverse in color and casual in style matching, making it more suitable for the different girls of the bridesmaids.

Two: Same style, different styles.

In order to ensure the tidiness and visual beauty of the bridesmaids, you can choose the same style of dress. If you want to avoid monotony, you can change the style, such as different necklines, color changes, etc..

Three: Printed dresses

The girl and the flower are always the most attractive, and the maid of honor dress choice with different patterns of dress, will make the maid of honor look cute and elegant, in the overall modeling effect will be varied and colorful.

Four: Golden sequins

Gold is definitely the color of the fall, wedding arrangements or wedding gowns are perfect for adding gold elements, and on the bridesmaids 'gowns, those who like to shine, luxury and dignity are satisfied. Of course, the golden dress is also suitable for a more retro wedding.

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Summer best man costume

Summer best man costume

Summer best man costume 1

The white-textured shirt is an eternal best man suit. It is full of your son's breath with an exquisite wristwatch. It is wearing casual beige trousers and dark blue suede shoes. The mixed style is quite colorful and makes people feel very approachable.

Summer best man costume II

The light blue shirt is full of lazy holiday beach style, the decoration of the printed butterfly tie with Playboy humor, with khaki simple trousers decorated with long legs, the small design of folding trousers is full of taste.

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Summer best man costume 3

The blue best man shirt highlights the distinctive taste of clothing, the exquisite print design at the neckline adds more luxury, and the black trousers reflect the gentleman and high-end, brown carved leather shoes match the texture of the styling to the extreme.

Summer best man costume 4

The pink best man shirt is very romantic and beautiful atmosphere of the wedding. The design of the milk color wave pattern is fresh and elegant, showing clean temperament, with blue-blue polka dot trousers and silver shoes. The styling is full of fashion highlights.

Summer best man costume 5

The combination of white and blue plaid shirts not only has a great role in modifying the figure of boys, but also has got rid of the traditional shackles of white shirts and developed another fashion path for the best man's fashion. Even with khaki casual pants, such costumes are still fresh and beautiful.

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Choice of a bridesmaid's dress

The bridesmaid's dress is also a beautiful scenery! But remember not too much around the eyes, stole the bride's limelight Oh! Here's how to choose a bridesmaid's dress!

Wine red is a very feminine color, not only makes the bridesmaid temperament outstanding, but also with the atmosphere of the solemn wedding atmosphere. Bridesmaids in burnished gowns will bring more romance to your wedding; Light blue is a calm and elegant color. Combined with white wedding dresses, the bride will look more elegant and quiet. The blue bridesmaids 'dresses are perfect for weddings in spring and summer.

Green is undoubtedly the best endorsement of spring, and its fresh and elegant tone is also very suitable for the selection of dresses. The lightweight light green is more widely used in the rest of the land, and is also very suitable for large-scale applications; Purple bridesmaid dress elegant with gentle, yet romantic, can be a very good wedding scene, create more romantic atmosphere.

The different bridesmaid dresses with different shades of gray make the bridesmaid dresses and the bride's wedding dresses match each other, and they have a sense of hierarchy. Pink is bright and eye-catching, and the effects of different shades of brightness will also vary greatly. At weddings, it should be noted that the area of pink should be inversely proportional to its brightness and brightness

First, about the length. If the wedding is indoors, for more grand occasions(such as churches), when the bride chooses a tuxedo wedding dress, the bridesmaid must also wear a more formal dress.

The specific requirements are: The skirt is long to the top of the shoe, but the skirt can not be too large than the bride, otherwise the host will also affect the walk.

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If it's an outdoor wedding(such as a lawn), the maid of honor can choose a short dress to create a romantic atmosphere. It's best to cover the knee slightly. Because there are many things to help the bridesmaid on the wedding day, so, the dress must be convenient to walk. It is best not to choose a one-step skirt or a skirt that is dragged to the heel, because it is inconvenient for such a skirt to walk. A little over the knee is the length of the action that will not be affected.

The bridesmaid's dress style is between the evening dress and the casual dress. Don't choose the long money to mop the floor. This is too grand and can focus on the tuxedo. In order to avoid clothing too Orthodox or too casual, you can add fashion elements to the details. If you wear a suit jacket with fashionable lace lace, the coat is equipped with an alternative small Suspender, bright, with beads, colorful Splice, sexy chest can be.

Then it's about the seasons and the weather. Traditional bridesmaid dresses are usually short dresses. But if the bridesmaids wear those short summer dresses in winter, they 'll freeze. Because the bride can stay in the air-conditioning room all the time, but the maid of honor needs to walk around and go outside to help the bride prepare something. Therefore, it is recommended that if the winter wedding, you can consider preparing that kind of sweater for the bridesmaids. Or a shawl!

Well, have you learned?

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Wedding photo selection process

Wedding photo selection process

TAB has been a lot of new headaches, took many photos, but the real into the books and take home the actual amount is limited, looking at pictures about the same, large amount of also don't know how to choose, choose too much to worry about whether budget exceeds bid again, small make up knew all of these problems are very trouble, combined with a number of Suggestions and remind, brides are to organize a selected piece of process is introduced, and convenient and can be used as a reference in the future ~ we couple

I. preparation before film selection

1, budget,

You must first think of the final total budget is how much, try to control their budget bottom line, so as to avoid the total expenditure of the late wedding budget overspending

2, the candidates

Generally speaking, 2-4 people are recommended in the process of film selection. Generally, couples are sure to go together, and then you can take your best friend or brother with you

3, time,

Prepare enough time in advance to choose a picture, don't hurry to choose, so may not choose a good picture, generally choose a picture to 3-4 hours, slowly careful screen out the most suitable for your wedding use and memories of the photos

4, items,

Prepare a small notebook, and then take a few pens, in the choice of their own division, which photos are used to do layout and posters, and distinguish the number of photos of different types of style, try to ensure that each style is good photo selection, convenient record and accounting

Second, the process of film selection

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1. Quickly view all photos

2. Choose the photos you like

3. Determine the final photo

4, personal control

Iii. Communication after film selection

TAB, determine all the pictures you want, if you have beyond part, you're ready to talk to sales price, don't they say how much the price you pay, must strive for the discount, wedding, after all, there are many places are need to spend money, as far as possible the beyond part of the price down, really can't see studio can give something else, and then determine which photos need them how to make good can

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The meaning of Chinese wedding

Chinese wedding is the essence of our traditional culture, Chinese people have a lot of traditional ideas, so a lot of people like Chinese wedding. Actually, every prop in Chinese style wedding, every flow, the culture breath that refracts a kind of long absence.

It is said that the earliest marriage relationship and wedding ceremony in China started from fu xi's marriage and nu wa's matchmaking. In the "tongjian wai ji" records, "the ancient men and women do not have, too hao began to marry, to li PI for the ceremony. After that, the "couple skin" mentioned in the article gradually became one of the classic betrothal gifts. Coincidentally, the couple described as "couple" is also this word, but whether related, but did not check the relevant information. History last week is the era of Chinese etiquette epitomized, many rules, principles have been handed down since then, the complete wedding ceremony is about then began to take shape.

At that time, the wedding ceremony was called "hun li", and the word "hun" was used because people married at dusk. At dusk, the sun will set and the moon will rise. It is one of the five rites and is a milestone in one's life. The previous milestone ceremony should be considered as men's hair-pinning ceremony or women's hair-pinning ceremony.

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Faint ritual more attention to the meaning of "marriage" this matter, feel represents a couple of righteousness, loving life, so the process is simple, quiet, and most of all is a couple of things: "eat to total prison, GeJin and 酳", and then hand in hand into the bridal chamber. At that time, this set of etiquette was relatively serious, and there was not much noise. The bride's house stayed lit for three days to express her missing for her daughter, and her husband's house stayed quiet for three days to comfort the bride who had just left home. It is said that the "hun fu" used in the hunli is the "black color", which represents the color of heaven in the thought of the five elements and is quite sacred. Then on the second or third day after the wedding, she would go to visit her uncle and aunt and report to the family temple.

Chinese wedding is the essence of Chinese traditional culture, red sedan chair, phoenix coronet and rank of rank, worship the heaven and earth, lift the lid... Every prop and every process reflects a long-lost cultural atmosphere.

Chinese wedding is one of the quintessence of traditional Chinese culture, blooming in the long history of a dazzling style, it is a kind of inheritance, but also a kind of development. Marriage can wait, the wedding can not play. In China, which pays more attention to the development of culture, and in the new generation that pursues individuality and creativity, "pursuing the cultural root and paying attention to traditional folk customs" has become the new "fashion" of modern people.

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