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Six principles of seating arrangement should be followed

Wedding banquets are a joyous event, and the seating arrangement of the banquet plays an important role in taking care of every guest. So what are the rules for wedding seating? Let's take a look!

I. seating arrangement for wedding reception

1. The location of guests and guests in the wedding banquet is the central location facing the front door.

2. The closer the table and seat are to the host, the closer the relationship between the guest and the host will be.

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3. During the wedding reception, the parents of the couple shall have separate seats, which shall be close to each other and arranged on both sides of the red carpet.

4. Parents of the new couple generally do not sit next to each other, and guests are seated in the order of age and youth by the right hand side of both parents.

5. In the seating arrangement, elders and brothers and sisters can be arranged at the same table or in adjacent areas.

6. Guests with the host should try to stay between the guests so that they can talk with them.

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Romantic bridal hairstyle flower and hair the modelling of integral

Flowers are the most natural and changeable decoration, usually the

bridal flower modelling that we see on the wedding is the Bohemian style

modelling that takes garlands mostly, today small make up want to teach

everybody to make is the romantic bridal hairstyle that lets flower and hair

be an organic whole. Looking forward to it?

1. Braid + tray + flower

You can

plait your hair with the flower first, next dish up ok. To make the look

softer, hang one or two strands of hair down on either side of your face, or

pull the braid a bit.

Colorful flowers

If you want to make your look more eye-

catching, try a combination of light and dark flowers. Colorful flowers are

always the most attractive.

Fish tail + flowers

Yellow and white wildflowers

are the best ornament. These little flowers are perfect for summer looks and

add a touch of cheer to the wedding.

4. Fishtail braid + flowers

This kind of

tail braid must be loose and loose, not too tight. Secure large flowers at

the beginning of the braid, then slowly extend to the middle, so that they

look detailed.

Double fish tail + flowers

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Using the above method to braid the

flowers and braids together is nice, but you can also try to braid the braids

well first, and then pin the flowers on the braids. Of course, other things

can be used instead, such as ribbon, metal hair accessories, and so on.



White flowers and lots of green leaves make the bride look like a

spirit coming out of the forest.

Bohemian braids

Add a few florets to your

hairstyle, as shown in the picture, and remember to pull the braids loose so

that it looks more natural and natural.

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At his son's wedding, he wished them a long life together

The son is married, as a parent is sure to send a blessing, so the son's wedding blessing should say how? Here is a look at the parents in the wedding speech, bless them happy marriage, happy!

His son's wedding blessing:

Hello, distinguished guests!

I am very glad that everyone can attend the wedding of son XXX and daughter-in-law XXX and get the blessing of so many relatives and friends. We are gathered in this warm wedding hall to witness the happy combination of the couple. Being a mother is the greatest happiness and satisfaction in our life.

On this joyous occasion, our family is filled with happiness and gratitude. First of all, we would like to thank every good guest for coming

I am grateful to you for your hard work. Thank you for a long time, in the work and study life support care for our students unit leadership colleagues relatives and friends, you in his busy schedule to come to entertain, this is we often come to often flies the communication of information, contact is the friendly relations between our nearest and dearest relatives, common is to know the feelings of condensation, is the enjoyment of happiness. Sincere and valuable, friendship is priceless. Today's scene is the best memory of our lives, and it will be our home forever! On behalf of my family, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all of you for coming here.

I walked out of the mountains and lived through the many obstacles and difficulties and support I have been grateful to today the birth of his son, he lets us experience the joy of motherhood and happiness, in China there is an old saying "godson in public, behind to teach his wife," we all love couples son, I as a mother, at this critical moment, to his son a advice: marriage means you're on a family, it is a sign of a mature, a responsibility as a husband and father. You need to be tolerant and considerate towards each other. As time goes by, your fervent love in the past turns into family affection, you can still remember today's words of support, and accompany each other forever!

I also sincerely wish all distinguished guests, in the coming days, to further enhance understanding, develop friendship, and achieve the best of everything.

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Let us raise our glasses and drink together, and let us rejoice, harmony, prosperity, and joy be with us.

My son's wedding blessing two:

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today is my son's wedding day with miss xx, thank you for coming from afar!

My son and miss xx have been married for a hundred years. From now on, I hope they can respect each other, love each other, understand each other, and help each other to create a beautiful future with their own wisdom and hardworking hands. Not only that, but also to honor your parents, as a lyric goes: "come home often!"

Finally, I wish them a happy and happy marriage.

I also wish you good health and good luck in everything. Thank you!

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Black wedding dress meaning is what color wedding dress meaning analysis

When it comes to wedding dresses, the first thing that comes to mind is the flawless white wedding dress. But now the color of the wedding dress is not confined to white, a variety of colors of the wedding dress, and the implication is very different. Here's what black wedding dress means.

What is the implied meaning of black wedding dress

In Spain, black wedding dress stands for loyalty, meaning the bride's love for the groom will never die.

The most noble - black wedding dress

Black, which gives a feeling of calm, seclusion, mystery, while in the fashion world, black represents a stable, solemn style. Black wedding dress is sending out attractive high grade noble breath, have contemporary feeling extremely. This kind of wedding photos will be put in where will be full of personality!

Although mention marriage gauze photograph, you can reflex of association of western white marriage gauze and Chinese style gules marriage dress, get married is a festival of affair, more favour is on tonal on happy color, however the mass-tone that takes black element as marriage yarn photograph is done not appear frequently. Most of the time, we are exposed to the information of black wedding photos in the media, but few people can directly feel the black wedding photos in real life. Under the influence of traditional wedding customs and Chinese traditional culture, the bride who marries for good luck and is a maverick still needs great courage to take a series of black wedding photos.

Actually otherwise, black and white ash belongs to neuter color, do not have absolutely the idea of cold and warm, very convenient can match with other colour and proper, not extreme not cold. Therefore, black is praised as a versatile color, and in our wardrobe, there are always a few black items available for emergency use.

Color wedding dress meaning

1. Yellow wedding dress -- noble and elegant

Warm and bright yellow wedding dress can better show the bride's youth and confidence. And abroad, yellow is the symbol of status and status, is the color that represents royal noble, yellow marriage gauze can better show the noble and elegant temperament of bride. When choosing yellow marriage gauze, want to consider his temperament and connotation adequately, and had better choose abroad marriage gauze design.

Orange wedding dresses -- passion and energy

Orange is a kind of enthusiastic color that is permeated with life, can bring a feeling that is full of passion and vigor to the person, orange bridal veil, can show bright-coloured health side of bride heart adequately, also symbolize the beautiful happiness of married life at the same time.

Purple wedding dress -- mysterious dream

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Purple is a kind of color that is full of mysterious feeling, if the bride hopes to better show his outward temperament, so purple wedding dress is a good choice. The collocation of bud lace and big flower, can make purple marriage gauze produces a kind of dreamy feeling. In addition, silver jewelry and purple wedding dress collocation will also produce an unexpected effect.

White wedding dresses -- pure and soft

White all the time since is pure pronoun, it is quiet and gentle indicative, to temperament is downy, charming gentle bride, choose white marriage gauze very appropriate. White wedding dress differs according to tonal difference, can divide again pure white and milk white two kinds, and pure white is the ivory white that we say commonly, can divide again according to depth different color of deep ivory and shallow ivory. And milk white is the champagne color that we say at ordinary times, with ivory white same, champagne color also can differ according to depth is deep champagne color and shallow champagne color. White wedding dress is tie-in pink butterfly and flower design, can reveal the aesthetic temperament of bride more.

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What's the best way to buy a wedding bed

We all know that couples need to buy some wedding supplies before getting married, and the wedding bed is one of them. But what's a good wedding bed to buy? How to choose a marriage bed? Below let us see small make up for everybody brings perfect marriage bed to buy skill!

What's a good wedding bed to get married?

One, the mattress that suits oneself most

Providing sleep is a top priority for the bed. To make the bed more comfortable and comfortable, mattresses of different materials have been developed and xafsed, including spring, independent bag spring, latex, space material, sponge, wool, horse tail hair and many other filling ingredients.

We can experience the soft and hard degree of the mattress from the head, neck, waist, hip, calf, heel and other parts of the mattress. If there is sufficient sense of support, this mattress is more suitable for us. In addition, if you care more about the sleep effect of a double bed, you can also choose two separate and interrelated single mattresses to combine. The elegant separate mattresses also have their own independent support system and lift system. As for the mattresses filled with water and with constant temperature in all seasons, we can feel the richness of categories.

Buy marital bed option

2. Matching of pillow and quilt

At different ages, the requirements for pillows and quilts vary. Will tell commonly, the thickness that should have after the pillow is pressed, want the shoulder height that lies on the side is same. But according to pillow material different, bearing capacity and softness also differ. So we need to look at the overall feeling of pillow height and softness. As for quilt, we should first make sure that the filling is healthy and tasteless. Second, we should choose light and good insulation. So, when we buy a bed, want to notice the cooperation of pillow and quilt, otherwise the bed is again good, the quality of sleep also wants big discount.

Third, the charm of wood and soft package

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Choose which kind of bed, more main depend on the bedroom environment of the bed. Below most circumstance, the design of the bed should be mixed closely the wall that the head of a bed depends on is united in wedlock, with the bed of appropriate environment can give the amenity of the bed adds cent, otherwise even if be a good bed, also let a person heart afflictive. The design of the bed is very much, integrated rise cent is woodiness and soft bag two kinds. Woodiness bed pays attention to modelling, the change of the head of a bed is very much, some reflect the mu wen of bedplate and spell a flower, some reflect delicate sculpture, still have those who reflect board modelling. And although soft bag bed is similar, rely on with comfortable head however, warm visual feeling wins the love of a lot of people. Additional, the thickness of soft bag head of a bed is different, height is different, color and fabrics are different, very convenient we will choose or order according to the environment.

A lot of newlyweds buy a wedding bed in a panic when buying, the bride-to-be must know oneself most need thing, pay attention to understand a few reasonable problems.

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How to make a wedding different 8 tips to make it better

Wedding is a grand life ceremony, most of the wedding is the same, vows, parties, wedding reception... So have you ever thought about making your wedding special? What makes a wedding special? Let's take a look. What makes a wedding special Limit a theme color to your bridesmaids or guests At the wedding, the guests were dressed in a variety of costumes, and it was a bit out of place to take a group photo. If you think it's a little too difficult to get your guests custom theme colors, you might as well give the bridesmaids and flower girls a uniform hue! The wedding photos are the most harmonious. 2. Carefully prepare a bunch of flowers There are so many things a bride should consider before marriage. From wedding dress to wedding shoes to wedding decoration, it seems that the bride would worry about. With so many complicated and delicate things, it is easier for the bride to overlook some small details, such as holding flowers. In fact, holding the flowers is also an important part of the wedding, many brides are keen to choose the meat style, in addition to the wild flavor of the forest color match is also excellent. How to make a wedding special 3-5 Prepare some retro elements Having a vintage car or carriage or vintage motorcycle for your wedding can make all the difference. Especially for wedding photos, are these elements bigger? Integrate ethnic culture into the wedding For Chinese brides, the most important part of a Chinese wedding is preparing a Chinese wedding dress. For many southern brides, Chinese wedding dress is the wedding theme, they will wear a variety of gold jewelry. It would also be a pity for minorities not to integrate their culture into the wedding. Get yourself a hairstyle for your face As the saying goes, a good haircut is half the success of your wedding. Many brides will love a variety of fairy hair or curly hair, but I have to tell you, is it really as good as a bird's nest at a wedding? It's important to keep your hair as fresh as possible. Read more at:chiffon bridesmaid dresses | white bridesmaid dresses


How does red lip makeup look, the way red lip makeup is painted

Red lip makeup is a favorite of many actresses in the fashion industry. A lot of beautiful eyebrow are puzzled how to be able to draw the effect like star, small make up teach everybody below a red lip makeup, let you relaxed easily harness, cent minute change into goddess model! Red lip makeup is not only the exclusive makeup for red carpet stars, but in daily life a lot of red lips makeup is difficult to control, but the ability to control the beauty of the eyebrows will give you integral bonus points, not only elegant but also sexy. But master the painting method of bad red lip makeup can let beautiful eyebrow people labial ministry looks very grandiose, how can you draw good red lip makeup? Learn with us! Specific steps Step1: choose a bright red lipstick and dip a lip brush into a proper amount of lipstick (try to avoid choosing those with pearlescent on the selection of lipstick, no pearlescent will make the makeup look more elegant) Step2: use the lower lip brush to gently outline the position to be painted Step3: apply the lip brush from the inside to the outside to make the lips look plump and full (a thin eyebrow on the lips can properly exceed the lip line) Step4: use the lip brush to adjust the lips properly to make sure the lipstick is evenly applied Step5: draw the outline of the upper lip with a lip brush, and make sure to draw clear and clear when applying the lip peak Step6: apply appropriate amount of foundation to the lip edge with a flat brush to make the lip line look clearer. Read more at:navy bridesmaid dresses |coral bridesmaid dresses uk


How many bride price bai people to marry white customs and customs

Bai people call their engagement "red Posting" and "water gift". In the past, bai youth were free to fall in love, but their marriage was arranged by their parents. How many colorful gifts does it take to marry a bai girl? Under the How many colorful gifts it takes to marry a bai girl Bai people call their engagement "red Posting" and "water gift". In the past, bai youth were free to fall in love, but their marriage was arranged by their parents. Today, there are young men and women who are free to fall in love and then get engaged by their parents. The betrothal ceremony was relatively simple. First, the man asked the matchmaker to come to the woman's birthday. If the two parties do not agree with each other, the woman's family also agreed, then the birthday of the woman written on red paper Cambodia, the man received, for the marriage contract. After the bai people get engaged, they can break off the engagement, but they should be condemned by the public. If the man proposes to retire, the woman may not return the gift, if the woman proposes to retire, the gift must be returned. Some netizens said: This question is very complicated, it depends on your feelings with the girl and the girl's family, the girl's family's attitude, acquaintance, etc. High place wants 100,000, normal Dali city area won't exceed 30 thousand commonly. But if all kinds of conditions, you, the girl's family you take the good words, in turn, the girl's family's dowry money, and so on, will give you more, the girl's family brought over tens of thousands of things is also common. Notice I'm talking about rural areas. Urban areas are more complex, perhaps simpler. The bai people's love and marriage process Fall in love Bai youth are relatively free in love activities. They usually use the opportunity of labor, xafs, festival activities and temple fair to talk about love, and try to explore each other through folk songs to express their feelings and find the right person. spoken Bai people generally practice monogamy, and their marriage can be divided into three forms: marriage of a woman, recruitment of a grandmaster and "bookkeeping". When a live-in son-in-law marries, he or she changes his or her name. If the woman is the oldest, the younger brother will return to the family home on the seventh day of the marriage with her husband and carry the quilt and the receipt, and bear the responsibility of supporting the old and taking care of the younger brother. The bai nationality has the habit of early marriage. After the two parties get engaged, one year before the wedding, the man must ask a matchmaker to the woman's family to give the woman time to prepare her dowry. In addition to the preparation of various thick and thin collar hanging, all spread the cover, a single pair of shoes must be done dozens to hundreds of pairs, so as to be ready to marry when the delivery of parents-in-law, sister-in-law, brother and sister-in-law, their children, their nieces and so on for meeting ceremony and after marriage self-wear. The engagement Bai people call their engagement "red Posting" and "water gift". In the past, bai youth were free to fall in love, but their marriage was arranged by their parents. Today, there are young men and women who are free to fall in love and then get engaged by their parents. The betrothal ceremony was relatively simple. First, the man asked the matchmaker to come to the woman's birthday. If the two parties do not agree with each other, the woman's family also agreed, then the birthday of the woman written on red paper Cambodia, the man received, for the marriage contract. After the bai people get engaged, they can break off the engagement, but they should be condemned by the public. If the man proposes to retire, the woman may not return the gift, if the woman proposes to retire, the gift must be returned. The wedding Bai weddings used to be four days long. The first day to set up colorful shed, welcome god, evening congratulations to the new. At that time, the bridegroom will worship "xi bian", the parents take the word, the number for the happy name, after marriage general. To congratulate the bride, all the little sisters and the bride sat under the shed, with pine beds and red candles, eating sweets and candies, and congratulating the bride. On the second day, the groom will take a sedan to the woman's house. There are ten people who will greet the bride and the best man, plus more than ten children who will ride the horse and the closest relatives who will come to the bride's family. After the women's home, the door closed, such as suuranchihuo three times to show sincerity, only opened the door into the reception, the bridegroom on the seat, a single reception. Under the west red sun, after the matchmaker repeatedly urged, the bride cried by the elder brother to carry on the sedan chair, covered with "open blush", the groom by the woman's father to mount the horse cup, and in his left arm tied a large brocade red flower "fade red". After arriving at the man's house, a set of animal liquors was placed in front of the door, including bucket, ruler, scale, scissors, incense, wax, paper and candle etc. When the village year round many sick people can take the trouble to stretch hand on the bride's body, the hand, on the leg disorderly choke, to stick happy air, remove the sickness. After the new couple enters the bridal chamber, avoids other people, by the matchmaker holds the drink, then goes out the room to entertain guests. The evening still holds noisy bridal chamber, common saying says "bridal chamber does not have size", all can be casual. Return on the third day. The bride gets up early in the morning, "tucks her head" with help, wears her hair in a high bun as a sign of adulthood, and is escorted by the groom to her home. At that time, the groom took a brocade flower in his hand, went to the bride's house to thank the red flower, and the husband's closest relative to relatives also went to do a private guest, the female family set banquet. On the fourth day, we paid the guests, gave the lottery and entertained the help guests. Read more at:chiffon bridesmaid dresses uk


Can take wedding photos can not wear glasses take wedding photos will not smile how to do

Taking wedding photos is a must-do for many couples. In order to record the most beautiful moments, can't they wear glasses? What if you don't laugh at your wedding? Take a wedding photo can not open how to do? Below small make up for everybody answer! Can not take wedding photos with glasses B: sure. Can wear glasses to clap, if want to change to wear invisible glasses, had better have a few days to adapt. In addition, there are many things to note in wedding photos: Groom's style: The fittings of men dress is various, wait like formal attire, shoe, tie, before choosing, should make clear groom wear, should cooperate the bride, if the bride wears white or cream-colored formal attire, bridegroom can wear white, black or black suit to match black patent leather to shine face leather shoes. If you want to be more luxurious and formal, you can wear a dress with tie and cravat, so elegant and graceful, it shows. Bridal style: The bride should take care to cultivate her taste in clothes, and know her features and figure. The marriage gauze company offers at present the marriage gauze dress depends on new, old degree, price has bigger difference, new person should basis oneself budget, do best choice practically. As for the style, do not set too many limits to yourself, height is not important, it is the key to find the appropriate size of the dress. Still have, besides the figure that cooperates a bride, the choice of dress, still should match each other with bridal temperament. The headdress flower of the bride, corsage, holding a flower should consider to have integral consistency with oneself figure and the style of formal dress, color, headdress is normally beautiful with flower, if use artificial flower, need to notice to use artificial flower as far as possible. Avoid by all means use the false flower that material pledges is good, lest produce abrupt move on integral modelling. The flower adornment is beautiful with delicate and compact. Bridal hold a flower general film building can prepare artificial flower bouquet, want to choose to suit oneself temperament only, with modelling whole harmonious can. If have conditional person to be able to bring flowers by oneself to hold, in order to cooperate a figure, the flower that suits at that time season is beautiful. Some details to note during wedding photography: Bride: 1. Hair -- please clean it the day before shooting. Don't apply any styling products after cleaning. 2. Makeup -- our makeup artists follow makeup all the time, and we hope that they will not make up on that day. The MM that the skin has allergic history, suggest to take powdery bottom, and active explanation to makeup girl. 3. Body hair -- before shooting, please take the body hair that may be exposed (armpit hair, back obvious hair, etc.). Remove and use a moisturizer after shaving to soothe the skin. 4. Nails -- please make them tidy before shooting. If you go to the nail salon, try to keep the color as light as possible. 5. Skin -- do not pick up acne within three days before shooting to prevent infection of wounds caused by cosmetics. Be sure to apply sunscreen to areas exposed to the sun before shooting in summer to avoid sunburn. Underwear -- wear underwear with or without straps, preferably in flesh. In the summer, wear a light-colored pair of tights (aerobics) that make it easier to change your wedding dress and make certain moves. 7. Clothes -- it is recommended to choose a simple wedding dress with short trailing tail. Bring your own matching outfit, with the same logo or matching outfit. The casual outfit that oneself takes, colour had better concise and lively, avoid design colour is multifarious. 8. Socks -- you can bring long stockings, and pay attention to color coordination with your own skin tone, not too thick or too dark. Outdoor length of stockings can protect your legs from injury as much as possible. Sometimes, though, barefoot in water works just as well. 9. Shoes -- when photographing white yarn, you can wear a pair of sneakers, which will make walking easier. Both men and women can have a pair of delicate slippers or loafers, which can be used when photographing couples' outfits. Food -- bring some chocolate to replenish your energy. Can bring a bottle of water, prevent thirsty when buying inconvenient. Groom: 1. Clothing -- it is recommended to wear a dark suit or light white suit, a long-sleeved shirt with one or two simple colors and patterns (white on pushing 2) and a new belt. Matching outfits require the same things as brides. Please do not wear the underwear of striking color, when wearing dark suit, general inside match white shirt, dark suit avoid match white socks. 2. Hair - it is recommended to have it cut a week in advance, and wash it again the night before or the morning before the wedding. 3. Facial hair -- please shave your beard on the morning of shooting. Also remember to trim the nose and ears. Nails -- just trim them. Shoes -- suits in all colors except white are recommended with black shoes, but don't go overboard with casual shoes. Casual and matching shoes are optional. Preparation: 1. Do not drink water before going to bed. Do not exercise too much in the first two days. 2. Except the wedding rings of two persons, please do not wear expensive jewelry or large amounts of money, valuables, etc., in case of loss. 3. If you have a history of car sickness, you can prepare medicine to prevent car sickness before you start. 4. The day of shooting is very hard. Please have an early rest the night before shooting. Can practice a smile to the mirror ahead of time, see is to show a tooth good, still do not show good, how many most beautiful dew words dew? 5. If the weather changes greatly, it is recommended to take a small folding umbrella. Glasses -- you can wear glasses for a beat. If you want to wear contact lenses, you'd better get used to them for a few days. Precautions during shooting: 1. Look good, it is possible to make a good picture, so you should take the initiative to cooperate with the work of the photographer and do not put too much hope on the later stage. 2. What kind of photography style do you expect? You can collect your favorite photos for the photographer in advance to make him more clear about your requirements. 3. What I want to avoid most, I can communicate with the photographer in advance, which is more effective. Be sure to keep a happy mood that day, because happiness or depression will be truly recorded in the camera lens. The groom must smile. If you are not used to it, practice in front of the mirror every day until you are very skilled. Read more at:yellow bridesmaid dresses |chiffon bridesmaid dresses


Marriage ring buys how much money to suit diamond ring commonly how to choose skill

A beautiful and romantic wedding naturally needs a shining wedding ring to decorate. Couples often wonder how much money a wedding ring should cost and how to choose a diamond ring. I'm here to introduce you. How much is the usual price for a wedding ring The wedding ring price can be decided according to your own financial situation, you should make a budget before buying first, so as to determine a general range, in the purchase will not be so easy to fall for. We know that the price of wedding rings is influenced by many factors, such as the brand, the size of the diamond, and the material of the ring holder. First of all, I must have an idea, so as to determine a general outline, such as how big a diamond ring I am going to buy, what kind of brand it is, and what kind of material it will be made of. Such as the working class would consider with 30 points of 18 k gold diamond ring as an engagement ring, the price is moderate, and everyone can accept the price, if if the condition is limited, the engagement ring can be reduced under the standard, buy a cheaper, this is no uniform standard, a little smaller is no relationship, as long as two people happy. How do you choose diamond rings 1. Understand in advance Diamond ring is not an ordinary commodity. First of all, you need to spend some time to understand some knowledge of diamond ring, such as diamond, material and Mosaic technology. Go to a jewelry store and do some research to find out the current price of diamond rings. People like to buy diamond rings. 2. Preparation time and budget It is also necessary to prepare the time, usually 2-3 months in advance, so there is plenty of time to go and have a look. If it is customized, there will be enough time. The best thing to prepare is a budget, which is the key. It's hard to make a choice without knowing what kind of diamond ring you can buy. 3. Ring design Many couples are increasingly looking to work together to design their own rings so they can choose the design, texture, color and shape of the rings. Designing your own unique diamond ring is a rare opportunity Make an ordinary diamond ring a work of art and make it more valuable. Gemstones are the essence The diamond that diamond ring enchased must have certificate, the diamond ring that does not deserve to trust certificate, had better be careful choice. Because this certificate will protect your rights and interests, make sure your diamonds are absolutely natural and prove their value. 5. Material selection The material respect and diamond of course most often match is platinum, this kind of natural white metal is thought to be the king of precious metal, match together with diamond especially bright eye. But if you want to go with other metals, choose custom and choose K gold in between. 6. Never forget the diamond ring technology All have been done, but the work of the diamond ring is poor, the technology is not in place, is also a hard injury. Some diamond rings have poor workmanship, and the shape is not beautiful enough. Serious people will deform after wearing them for a period of time, causing the diamond to fall off. Therefore, the diamond ring technology is very important. Think about the shape you want Round: the most common form of a diamond is a dead diamond cut. The round bright cut diamond has 58 sections, and the tapered design allows it to reflect more light. As you can imagine, the cut surface is round. As a single diamond design, it is obviously the most representative of all diamond ring, is also one of the most brilliant diamond ring style. Olive tip shape: the slender shape of olive tip cut is rich in noble flavor. Its two sides of the ellipse extend out and become pointed. Wearing a diamond ring of this style can modify the shape of the hand and make the fingers look longer. No matter what shape you like, the symmetrical design of an olive pointed diamond ensures its overall beauty. Princess square: the biggest advantage of princess square cut diamond ring lies in its simplicity, square line and excellent gloss. If you like a diamond ring with sharp edges and a preference for round, bright cuts, princess diamonds are your best bet. Above is the small make up of the general amount of money on wedding diamond ring, how to choose diamond ring skills related to the introduction, I hope you useful. Read more at:white bridesmaid dresses |orange bridesmaid dresses uk

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