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Create your own wedding dress

 Gemini girl: white and beautiful wedding dress style   D active Gemini is always not easy to play, to create special preference style, on the choice of wedding dress, also should be a "claim", all of this and that the princess in the swan lake auger tower image and Sweden - princess auger tower was changed into a swan devil rhode barr, in the evening to return to human form. Only when someone really loves her does the magic go away. Princess ojetta will have to rely on wisdom to win a new life in the face of many difficulties. The mystery of the angel and the nobility of the princess coexist. The Gemini bride always exudes charming elegance and welcomes a new life with everything new   Cancer girl: a pale gold dress with a trailing wedding dress   Cancer brides prefer vintage wedding dresses with a classical flair. Nostalgia is an important part of the personality of cancer, so the classic ivory wedding dress is their favorite, and the lace tulle with embroidery will make the cancer double. At the same time, the pale golden tux is the best expression of the unique temperament of the cancer bride.   Leo girl: the bold and hot wedding dress style   The Leo bride, a brand advocate, will pay an astronomical price for a designer dress, and they will spend a lot to care for every detail. This interest in taste and price is the epitome of Leo's personality and the reason why she is always attractive.   Read more at:bridesmaid dresses uk | cheap bridesmaid dresses uk


 Western wedding decoration skill details show atmosphere wedding

 A romantic western-style wedding has long been favored by new people, but the western-style wedding to the wedding arrangement requirements are very high, especially the wedding decorate on small details, become a wedding failure directly. Western wedding decorating skill is quite important to the whole wedding, these decorate skill to be able to show western wedding romance only beautiful incisively and vividly.   Western wedding decoration skills   Western-style wedding has become a dominant today's wedding, western-style wedding is a romantic only beautiful in every detail is given priority to, the west has a high requirement on the wedding arrangement, they are very pay attention to the environment and manners, and so on the details of negligence may be a whole wedding's biggest failure. In the western wedding decoration skills to be in the wedding supplies up and down full mind, with details to move the hearts of the people.   The first is the floral decoration   The decoration of western-style wedding table flower is a bright spot, but the design of table flower should not be too high, otherwise it may block the communication of line of sight when guests are talking. If circular table, put a flower to act the role of the role of the central part of the table is enough, the size of the table flower should be designed according to the scale of the table. In the center of the table besides the decoration of flowers, you can also add other decorations such as candlestick, which will not make the wedding too monotonous. Long form or the space of square table is bigger, these small elements can be used more on these two kinds of table.   Read more at:cheap bridesmaid dresses uk | bridesmaid dresses uk


Find a good day into the palace of marriage

 The marriage and fate of the people of the Dragon   Marriage: Dragons are dragons, but their dragon nature makes them always want to command their families. They are of course good intentioned conductors. They can adjust the marriage atmosphere very well, the marriage is very smooth, they can play their serious personality, and they attach great importance to their marriage concept. He runs a marriage.   Fate: the fates of the happy Dragons of marriage are not so bad. Although there may be occasional slight fluctuations, the dragons can adjust themselves very well so that they can get on the right track and have a good marriage behind them. They are very easy to succeed, but it is not to be too stubborn to listen to others. Ideas   Read more at:chiffon bridesmaid dresses | teal bridesmaid dresses


Choose earrings according to the shape of the bride'

Choose earrings according to the shape of the bride's face. Choose earrings according to your face shape to make you look smaller.   Choose earrings and long faces according to the bride's face shape: if you are confident about your body shape, opt for long earrings. If you are not confident in your body, then recommend large round earrings.   According to the shape of the bride's face, choose a round earring face: it can be matched with long earrings and pendant earrings to create a visual effect of stretching up and down, and it looks more mature and beautiful.   Choose earrings and oval faces according to the bride's face shape: oval face, the traditional standard face of Oriental women. Wearing earrings in any shape works well, but be careful that the size of your earrings matches your overall look. Since oval faces have a softer outline, it's best to choose earrings with similar contours, such as pearls, drops, circles, or eggs.   Choose earring square face according to bride face shape: appropriate chooses ellipse, flower shape, heart-shaped earring, can very well alleviate and decorate facial diamond Angle.   According to the bride's face choose earrings heart-shaped face: is the face of the chin is pointed, can choose the sort of bottom width, upper narrow earrings, is used to balance the feeling of the pointed chin, water droplets form, triangle or stud earrings are suitable.   Choose earrings and a small face according to the shape of the bride's face: the most photogenic face, hehe. Use earrings of medium size, preferably no more than 2-3 cm from earlobe.   According to the shape of the bride's face, choose earrings with a large face: do not use round earrings, it is best to wear larger earrings or triangular or drip earrings to reduce the width of the cheeks.   Read more at:white bridesmaid dresses uk | orange bridesmaid dresses


 Under the dome is the best place to go on a lung-clearing honeymoon

 It's time to get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city and take a breath of fresh air from your honeymoon. Today I'd like to share some of the best places to go on a lung-clearing honeymoon, and if you're a natural and healthy traveler, check it out.   Under the dome is the best place to go on a lung-clearing honeymoon   Shaffsavan, Morocco: psychedelic in blue mountain city   Filled with blue and white sand, like a fairy tale house, the street everywhere can see colorful spices foil the entire city, come to Morocco must not miss, because this is one of the most beautiful city in Morocco.   Under the dome is the best place to go on a lung-clearing honeymoon   Lake tahoe, California and Nevada: the largest alpine lake in North America   Touch the sky while touching the heart of lake tahoe ski resort. Lake Tahoe (Lake Tahoe) is the highest elevation of the Lake, one of the four seasons scenery transform is very attractive, very few natural wonders like Lake Tahoe is extremely rich in beautiful and linger, the blue water, golden beaches, granite peaks and tumbling waterfalls make the region a photographer's paradise.   Read more at:short bridesmaid dresses uk |cadbury purple bridesmaid dresses uk


How to make happy sugar unique creative sugar temptation

Every time I go to a colleague's wedding, I bring either ferrero or Hershey's chocolate. All is too ordinary, ideas and joyful is a part of the wedding ceremony, now more and more young people like to pursue creative alternative wedding, so how to make joyful is different? Creative candy will definitely make your wedding special and give your friends and family a warm memory. If you can arrange the style of candy according to the theme of the wedding, it will be more thoughtful!   How do you make a candy special   Strawberry flavor milk candy, pink department of small romance. The cute feeling of super pink, with a little green color, can achieve a kind of color matching romance, beautiful beyond words.   The latest fashion candy, take you to appreciate the sweet romance of the wedding. The candy of the ring modelling is full of originality, lovely modelling is very novel, and match on the wedding, it is really the best choice.   Peanut nougat candy sweet delicious snacks, the most classic taste, the mouth has chewy, sweet taste diffuse. The clever blend of milk and coffee is irresistible. A bite is full of romance.   Cotton candy, is a classic legend, has a beautiful and appropriate name, also has a variety of shapes. Heart-shaped marshmallows are ideal for the classic wedding candy. In your mouth, the melting sweetness is a special sweetness for your wedding.   Of course, different wedding should choose different sugar, the romance of sugar can always express the legend of the wedding, sweet taste permeates full of love, giving guests different surprise.   Read more at:">navy bridesmaid dresses | pastel bridesmaid dresses


 Seven important points in the spring wedding photo shoot are key

Spring is the season of the most suitable for photography, the temperature is moderate, flowers open, like in the spring so take wedding photos of the couple is not a few, here let me take a look at the spring picture taken note, share the seven important points, help you to take good photos.   1.   When taking wedding photos, try not to eat first when you are not hungry, because when you have a meal, you will want to sleep in the spring, and you will smile less naturally.   Notice for wedding photos in spring   Spring is the season of renewal, when men take wedding pictures and shave off your beards in the morning. If you have beards, please fix them. Nose and ear hair should also be trimmed.   3.   Spring is a season of easy colds, especially when brides are prone to physical problems in the spring. It is difficult to cooperate with the photographer when the situation is in bad condition. Be sure to drink a few of your plate roots a week before you shoot, and watch out for the drugs that can strengthen your body to keep you in the best position for the shoot.   Read more at:cheap bridesmaid dresses online |bridesmaid dresses uk


 What a congratulatory message is written by a friend:

 1. The red plum turns on the snow, and Lang rides the bamboo. Happy wine banquet guests, Rui snow greets the new. The suona blows the joy and the firecrackers are auspicious. Knock on the head, heaven and earth and high hall. The winter cold cave is warm, the love is bitter after the sweet. Wish you a happy new marriage!   2, you are born of a pair, create a pair of land, and now join together, in the future need more tolerance, care for each other, bless you!   3, in this happy season, may God guide your marriage, such as the river flow into the sea, become one, no longer is two, and rushing, endless!   4, the petals fly, the butterfly chasing, the jubilant celebrations in the waving; blue sky blue, white white clouds, thousand purple million red dream with each other; Yan whispering, sea European singing, a new pair of new people forever health; spring light, gentle breeze beauty, thousand li fragrance around around.   5, I wish you two love, love, love, love and love.   Read more at:peach bridesmaid dresses | cadbury purple bridesmaid dresses


 Romance is the most attractive

1, the most common in China's wedding is the bride of the simple natural twist design, of course, will be stained wine red hair fashion points go in fashionable design, delicate and crisp dish hair styling with a delicate crown make hair more add very noble temperament.   2, very romantic temperament wind industry a new summer bride hairstyle design, use the same relaxed without bang modelling design, best fit this delicate half a firm type bride hairstyle design and the top of the head also show the bride's romantic temperament most delicate hair wind.   3, a noble temperament type bride hairstyle pictures, wind in this hot season choose such a relaxed and show the bride twist of temperament also is pretty good oh, towering twist design combined with noble crown shape more add grace your QiGan bride.   4, if you interested in go is not to look at this simple random temperamental bride hairstyle pictures, simply will be fashionable side hair modelling design, combined with the fashion of the big volume design and delicate hair perm collar modelling, romantic aesthetic the eyes.   5, very retro style of a bride modelling design, want to go national wind type wedding brides can see oh, using the points and modelling design is fashionable, coupled with the simple natural brown hair color with red tassels eardrop more add very elegant wind restoring ancient ways.   6. The bride-to-be who irons wavy hair can try to do a bouffant hair style of the bride. The slightly messy hair of the bride-to-be is very voluminous.   7, this kind of spread the twist is very suitable for the bride-to-be do a pure and fresh and the bride's hair style restoring ancient ways of spring and summer, gradient pick to dye highlights the administrative levels of hairstyle, fine weave formidable match wreath around, is a goddess.   8. A style of long hair style of the bride with full sennvue style, with side parting of long hair tied in a casual low bun, with long oblique bangs and thin face, and fluffy hair tie-in and hair decoration fresh and sweet.   9. First of all, the hair style of a Chinese bride with a temperament is designed. The whole style is mainly made of Chinese red.   10, the bride that has Europe type wedding quite designs relaxed hairdo without bang hairdo design appears matchless vogue below the ornament that braid hair, the eyebrow heart of silvery white drops in the middle is very elegant charm.   Read more at:silver bridesmaid dresses | dusky pink bridesmaid dresses


The picture of the bride with short hair is sweet and spontaneous

 1. The wavy hair moves naturally along the cheeks, covering the excess meat on both sides. The full flower wreath is slanted on the forehead, presenting the casual sweetness.   2. The short hair is designed with small curls to create a fluffy and fashionable look. As long as the hair is matched with white veil, it is a fashionable bridal hair style.   3. Side parting and short shoulder-length hair will curl the hair tail back and match with the simple white bridal hair decoration, so as to complete a simple and generous bride hair style with short Korean hair.   4. The oblique bangs and eyes have excellent decorative effect. The perm has obvious layers and is very fashionable. Cover with white gauze to become the most beautiful Korean style short hair bride hairstyle.   5. Side parting short curly hair on the side with white flowers, creating an asymmetric beauty, appears very beautiful.   6. The short hair with side parting has a strong sense of asymmetry and looks very fashionable.   7. The short hair with inner and outer curls creates a unique layer. The beautiful radian makes people intoxicated.   8, compared with the traditional long veil, as shown in figure of the light and the veil is more suitable for short hair the bride, in the cheek, let the bride looks a hazy beauty, hair notoginseng points, on one side of the hair amount less don't again a big peony flower, let the bride is very beautiful.   9, this hairstyle head is generating a large volume of texture, tie-in highlights hair color, hair will itself administrative levels were so, forehead bang before processing let the bride show smooth forehead, give a person a kind of natural and graceful beauty.   10. The bride with short hair will make her bangs wavy, perfectly highlighting the side lines of the bride's face. The asymmetrical design and the hair decoration with thin lines make the bride look sweet and delicate.   Read more at:one shoulder bridesmaid dresses | dusky pink bridesmaid dresses

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